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$5,863 pledged of $23,000 goal
$5,863 pledged of $23,000 goal

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Thank you!

Well we didn't make it but I am so thankful for every ones support and pledges! I have been mostly working on this project solo and so getting feedback and brainstorming ideas with people has given me the encouragement to keep going! I wasn't sure how people would react to the fleo but soon after launching this kickstarter so many of you let me know how much you loved it and were excited to see it successful.  Now I hope to not let you down and am planning on relaunching soon!

A few things that I will be doing differently or will be adding:

The Target Goal: I have been able to network with a lot of people through this campaign and will be able to shave off a lot of the costs. I'm hoping to take the 23,000 down to 18,000. I will be going over the budget a few more times but this might be the bare minimum.

Prizes: I have a more specific prize lineup for the next campaign that I think will help energize people knowing that they will be getting a part of this specific project. ALSO, If you have any ideas of things you wish were in the prize line up please let me know and they might make it to the next campaign! I will be revealing some of the prizes on the facebook page facebook.com/fleonalu

Video and Sound: This is something that I think will help a lot of people get excited about the fleonalu. I will have a good recording of a few full songs for the next campaign that way everyone will know what to expect. 

Shaka Bow: I've got a prototype made and will be revealing it as soon as I can. I think it is a great addition to the Fleonalu.

To keep up with the Fleonalu and be the first to support on the next campaign check out the facebook page and "like" it. I have some picture of the building process of the prototype up now. facebook.com/fleonalu

Thank you again every one for all of your support!

It's getting there!


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Take a look! New Cello peg rewards available!

Hi everyone!

So we got a letter asking if we were able to make Cello sized pegs as a reward. We checked into the cost of buying the extra tool needed and decided we could fit it into the budget! Take a peek all our Cello friends out there!