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28mm Wargaming Model Conversion Parts In Resin
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The Sci-Fi Tank Turret Project: 

The goal of this project is to secure funding that enables us to get a set of resin tank turrets produced. The funding will be used for the 3D printing of the master models, casting materials, production and shipping of the rewards. The 3D design files are fully finished and ready to be printed as soon as the project is funded. 

Rewards will begin shipping out Mid December 2018, tracking information will be emailed to you once the items are on the way. Please make sure to provide correct & current contact information and mailing address so that we can get your reward to you. Make sure the email address you provide is current and monitored, we need it for sending your pledge survey and tracking info. We promise we won't spam you or share it elsewhere.

There are 5 different turret options: 

  • Heavy cannon turret
  •  Laser turret
  •  Missile turret
  • Blaster turret
  • Railgun turret

The basic reward options get you one turret design of your choice. You may add any number of additional turrets onto your pledge for $25 each. The initial pledge includes the shipping. 


If you are in the US and want one turret of each type you would want to pledge a total of $80   ( $30 for the basic pledge +$25 +$25 for the two additional turrets)

If you are in the UK/France/Germany and want one turret of each type you would want to pledge a total of $90   ( $40 for the basic pledge +$25 +$25 for the two additional turrets) 

Heavy Cannon Turret

Actual resin cast of Heavy Cannon Turret 

(more images in the update section)

Laser Turret

 Missile Turret 

Railgun Turret

Blaster Turret

The turrets will be made from a high quality resin and measure approximately 62mm long and 58mm wide at the widest point. The heavy cannon and laser guns are approximately 77mm long. 

Each turret is comprised of 3 pieces: 1 turret hull & 2 weapons. Each weapon is on a joint that can be mounted pointed straight forward or with an upward tilt range of 35-40 degrees.

Some minor clean up and assembly will be required. This is not a toy and should not be allowed around small children under the age of 12. There are small parts that could be harmful or be a choking hazard if swallowed.

In order to assemble the model you will need to use super glue also known as CA glue. We suggest Krazy Glue, Zap Cap or Gorilla Glue brands since they are widely available. (Regular model glue intended for plastics like Testors will not work on resin) These parts are intended for experienced modelers. 

Red Dog Minis 

Is a small wargaming model company that my friends and I started due to a combined love of converting wargaming miniatures and doing 3D CAD modelling. Our parts are designed in a 3D program then printed on a very high end 3D printer in order to make a master model for use with resin casting. Once the part is molded in silicone, the production pieces are then made with resin. 

Why use cast resin instead of just 3D printing every model? 

The main reason is that it allow for a much higher quality product at a significantly lower price. While 3D printing has advanced considerably over the last few years most home printers or on demand printing services like Shapeways still produce items with visible build lines and require you to spend time cleaning off support material and sanding surfaces to get a smooth finished model.

Our process allows us to get a very high resolution print made that's normally not a cost effective option. Resin casting then allows us to make exact copies of the original model in high quality resin at a much more affordable price. (it also has better durability & working properties) By offering our model parts in resin we're able to offer the same level of quality at a fraction of the cost of doing a high end print for every order. It's also significantly faster to produce resin models than trying to 3D print batches of parts. 

Why is this project on Kickstarter? 

It's due to the start up costs for the project. Typically we do releases of smaller sized parts and self fund the printing costs. However the tank turrets are much larger than our normal items which drives up the cost of the master prints rather significantly.  By doing this as a Kickstarter project it allows us to make sure that we have enough interest in place before committing to the 3d printing. 

It also has added benefits of allowing us to consolidate all of the ordering and production into one block of time. In addition to being able to calculate in advance the volumes of materials we'll need to purchase for production. 

In short, doing this on Kickstarter allows us to release a larger model than we'd normally do and also offer something unique for the backers as it will be a limited run item and won't be something we produce on a regular basis. 

How are rewards sent?

We mail all of our rewards by USPS first class mail. When your pledge ships we will email you a tracking number that you can use on their website to track the status of your order. Packages sent within the US typically arrive within a week. International deliveries average 2-4 weeks depending on how long it takes to go through customs.

Because we will be shipping items out in December the holiday rush may slow the normal delivery times a bit.

What about Customs and import fees/duties?

Any customs fees or duties  are the responsibility of the backer and are not included in the pledge amount. Every country has different regulations so if you have questions or concerns about import fees you should ask in advance at your local post office. 

Items are declared as model parts and list their material value (which is generally a fairly low value) After 8 years of shipping through USPS we haven't had any complaints of customers being hit with large fees. Some countries may charge a low fee, but most don't. Again, if you have concerns it is best to ask in advance at your local Post Office. 

Why don't you ship to China or Russia?

Both countries are notorious for harboring recasters which are a direct threat to small businesses like ours. Most independent artists and small gaming companies struggle just to stay open and recasting steals from their livelyhood. If you enjoy the work of a company or artist please support them and always buy from them directly. 

Will these be available on the Red Dog Minis website?

No, these turrets are going to be a limited run item and only available on Kickstarter. If there is enough demand we might consider doing another future run on Kickstarter but they will not be available as a regular item in our store. 

Can we add other items or parts from the Red Dog Minis website to our pledge?

No, this kickstarter is only for funding the turrets. You may place a separate order on the website for items and have them shipped together with your pledge but they must be ordered separately. If you chose to do so you must notify us in advance by email so that we can adjust the shipping charge. 

Risks and challenges

Other than using crowd sourcing funding we've set things up to follow our normal process and production procedure which has been working well for several years. Production costs, materials, postage etc are all known amounts that we've been dealing with for several years so there shouldn't be any surprises. Our ability to deliver and maintain excellent quality casting is well established with our customer base. (ask around on Facebook, Reddit, or any of the 40k Tau groups)

The only real risks would be due to something entirely unforeseen and beyond our control. Potential (but unlikely) issues might be minor delays on delivery time due to postal workers going on strike or the master model gets lost in the mail and we'd be delayed waiting on a replacement print to get sent. Or if for some reason the resin equipment broke down, there might be a minor wait for repairs but nothing that would endanger the project. So far that hasn't happened in the past and it's not something we're anticipating to happen with the kickstarter.

We're intentionally keeping the project small and focused just on these three items because that way we have hard numbers on the costs and shipping all based on experience and a production level we know we can handle. This will allow us to do a very quick turn around time for the project as it's the exact same workflow and process that we normally do save for the larger upfront cost for the prints.

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