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Documenting 20 years worth of pop from the Spice Girls―group & solo!
Documenting 20 years worth of pop from the Spice Girls―group & solo!
Documenting 20 years worth of pop from the Spice Girls―group & solo!
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Record Redux: the Spice Girls



My journey with this book began May 31st, 2013. I started jotting down the sonic story of the Spice Girls as I understood it.

For a group that I'd actively followed for 17 of my 30 years, it was something I was ready to do...

The music of the Spice Girls has grown to be (slowly) respected in recent years. Yet, the magnitude of their impact remains suppressed by the rock-music hegemony that often overlooks any pop acts―especially if they held a period of ubiquity. Similar to the works of the Carpenters and ABBA, the music of the Spice Girls has proven to be rich, versatile and appreciates with each passing year. 

‘Record Redux: The Spice Girls’, which is completed, peers into the Spice Girls discography directly; previous writings on the Spice Girls focused solely on their “cultural relevance.” 

Critically, the Spice Girls’ music is erroneously not even factored into why they achieved success. My examination will draw constructive critique on both their group and solo recordings. 

The book will strike the niche audience of Spice Girls fans and pop culture enthusiasts. Additionally, it will solve the conundrum of the Spice Girls’ discography being deficient in critical support despite its continual popularity and influence. The volume also has the benefit of a foreword written by noted British music journalist David Sinclair, writer of ‘Wannabe: How the Spice Girls Reinvented Pop Fame’ (Omnibus Press, 2004). I plan to market / release ‘Record Redux: The Spice Girls’ on the Girls’ 20th anniversary of their first single “Wannabe” in July 2016.

I have been a popular music critic and examiner for nine years. My career has spanned an arts weekly paper, the internet and the CD-reissue liner notes industry. I'm ready to tackle the task of giving the musical story of the Spice Girls a chance to be told properly.

If 200 people donate $10 each, I can reach my goal to cover independent publishing costs in 30 days! Help me reset the critical narrative of the Spice Girls and their legacy!

[Kickstarter campaign art courtesy of Projekt Ludwig; video filmed & edited by Michael McAllister.]

Risks and challenges

One of my hurdles was finding backing for my project. After wrapping its creation in early 2014, I immediately started searching for representation. Acquiring an agent would have led me to a publishing house. I learned a lot in the year I queried a host of agents and how the publishing market responds to music history projects like mine.

After carefully weighing my options, I decided to independently publish.

My second hurdle was crafting something to appeal to longtime fans and the curious. Further, if I was privileged enough to have my book find its way to the Spice Girls themselves, I wanted them to enjoy it too. Putting emphasis on content versus flash, this volume will cover all the bases.

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