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Creature miniatures inspired by HP Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos and first step in a new sci-fi and horror based tabletop war game.
Creature miniatures inspired by HP Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos and first step in a new sci-fi and horror based tabletop war game.
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Weapons of Cthulhu’s Army - Advanced

Posted by Reclusive Phoenix (fka Warchild40k) (Creator)

The weapons used by Cthulhu’s host range from the mundane to the esoteric. Many of the most powerful are based on advanced technologies that harness various forms of energy. Following are some of the most common weapon types:  

Gas Compression  

Weapons based on gas compression are very similar in principle to how a human paintball gun works. It uses a compressed gas to propel a projectile down a barrel and then out towards its target. These weapons deliver small needle like projectiles with enough velocity to pierce armor. While these types of weapons are relatively low tech, they are still capable of inflicting significant damage and delivering all manner of toxins.


 A favored tactic of the enemy is to deploy electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons during battle to disrupt sensitive electronic equipment. While most human systems have a high level of protection from EMP attacks they are not completely immune. In addition to manufactured weapons, some creatures such as the Pirig Utag have a natural ability to generate EMP pulses.  


Some of the most devastating weapons used by the enemy are based on the principles of nuclear fusion a fission. While distinctly different in design the resulting energy release is very similar. Both produce superheated beams of energy that can melt through almost any material given enough time.  


Plasma weapons fire balls of plasma contained inside magnetic field bubbles. How this is accomplished is unknown but the devastation they unleash is well documented. Upon impacting the target, the magnetic field bursts and unleashes a rapidly expanding ball of plasma that can consume unprotected targets and turn armor plates into molten metal. 


Molecular disintegration weapons are a form of miniaturized particle accelerator that fires subatomic particles at its target. Smaller versions are quite capable of severing limbs or punching holes in armor. The larger, more powerful weapons are able to superheat a target almost instantaneously and deliver a massive kinetic shock that effectively turns the victim or target into a burst of plasma vapor. 


 Psychic powers and weaponry are relatively new to human science and not well understood. While there are humans with psychic capabilities it is not known how this power can be imbued into mechanical devices. The enemy have the ability to create psychic devices that they use to either power their weapons or increase a natural psychics abilities.


There are even more esoteric weapons that defy all human understanding. Such weapons include the Dimensional Warp gun that seems to have the ability to create short lived vortices into another dimension which pull anything close by into them. Another example is the Shadow Generator which can envelop a target in a type of sticky shadow which then proceeds to consume the target in a slow and agonizing manner.

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