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The Bike Valet -  Art, meet Function...'s video poster

Beautiful, sculptural, different, elegant bike & gear storage. Right now we make these one order at a time. Help us think a lot bigger! Read more

Sacramento, CA Design
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This project was successfully funded on February 8, 2012.

Beautiful, sculptural, different, elegant bike & gear storage. Right now we make these one order at a time. Help us think a lot bigger!

Sacramento, CA Design
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About this project

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The Bike Valet by Reclamation Art + Furniture

is the brain child of Steven Tiller, Stephanie Birch and baby Bennett. We are a young family and small boutique maker of hand-made goods for your home. We started the company in April of 2011, just eight weeks before Bennett was born. I have been developing The Bike Valet through a series of prototypes for the last few months, and diligently working on our Kickstarter video for several weeks (around our regular work load and new schedule). We were nearly finished and then the unthinkable happened, we took a hit, a big one. The recent robbery that has relieved us of the majority our tooling (the ones we use to make our living) does anger me, but it does something else as well. It gives us greater incentive not to fail, not only for this project but for our others. We will not be swayed, we are Driven by the music, like the song chosen for our video, and the album bearing its name, Up Is The Only Way Out, by our friend and talented musician, Hans Eberbach. For us, up really is the only way out!

Our Goal is 100+ valets = $10,000

Right now we make The Bike Valet in batches of six to ten at a time. It is more costly for us to operate in this manner. We are shooting for 100+ pre-orders of the The Bike Valet here on KIckstarter to launch into our next level of production and manufacturing. We not only think this is possible based on sales and response to date, but we hope for many, many more. With your help, we can do it!

Future Goal

We are currently working on future designs for other frame styles like the beach cruiser, mixty frame, step through and others, so please stay tuned even after this project is funded and complete!

The Product

Storage for us, like many, is a problem. We live in a small downtown apartment, and if we happen to be dense enough to leave our bikes outside they wouldn't last more than a few days, even with the priciest lock around. We lost a beautiful, vintage, hand-made Kleine in just such a way a couple years ago. So we bring our bikes inside. Given our storage issues, this makes navigating the entry hall difficult. I personally have tripped over or snagged a pair of dress pants on an awkwardly placed bicycle more than once. The solution? The Bike Valet. It is made from 1/8" cold steel initially designed in Sketchup and later transferred to CAD. Its elegant shape is cut using a laser cutter. It is heated and bent by hand to the appropriate spec's and  then powder coated for a durable long-lasting finish in red, blue, black, cream white, pale green or grey. You have your choice of either a leather or neoprene pad to rest your bike on. We think any combo of the six colors and two pads looks pretty spectacular! 


The Bike Valet features two integrated helmet, bag and gear hooks. Weighing in at approximately 6lbs with an overall assembled height of 24". Properly mounted it protrudes 12" from the wall, this allows for handle bar widths of up to 21", enough for most road bikes and urban fixie riders.


It is fixed to the wall with the provided fasteners, large flat head hex drive 2" wall lags. Intended to be mounted on a single stud using the the included paper template for layout of the fastener locations.

Once we get into regular production, we will offer The Bike Valet in custom colors with a different price option, but for now we'll stick to the basic six. You can view more photos, information, and updates on The Bike Valet at any of the links to the right below the bio section (website, Facebook, Twitter, and Etsy).

Form and Function

I wanted to make a product with a elegant design combining both form and function. The Bike Valet integrates the bicycle, bag and helmet cradles into an arbitrary abstract shape, a mix of both art and utility. Although a simple pair of rubber hooks may suffice, there are a great deal of us that would not hang utility hooks from the hardware store in the first room people see in our homes. I wanted to provide these individuals with a graceful option, something less utilitarian.


Bike Valet was designed out of necessity, specifically geared towards the urban small space apartment dweller to relieve entryway congestion. The over under design allows you to cantilever an object (in this case a bike) by employing gravity and leverage. A simple ancient technique wielded since the dawn of mans use of tools. I have used it for years on many projects, it is not a new concept simply a different use. 

Even works on some cruiser frames

I don't believe you can be all things to all people and the design of The Bike Valet is not trying to be universal. I imagine people will either love it or not understand it. I am at peace with that. I design objects and pieces for me, that I love the form of.

Shipping Domestic USA

Standard retail is $95.00 plus shipping. For our Kickstarter backers, we are offering The Bike Valet at $75.00 plus $12 shipping in the continental US.

Shipping Cost International

Should you be purchasing outside the US we will be shipping internationally using standard/priority parcel services via USPS  & UPS. When ordering, please exclude the $12 for US shipping add the international shipping charge quoted below to your pledge. (see example)

Canada/ Puerto Rico: 

$75.00 + $35.00 shipping = PLEDGE $120.00 usd

Australia / New Zealand:

$75.00 + $75.00 shipping = PLEDGE $150.00 usd

Germany/ France/ UK/ Spain/ Italy: 

$75.00 + $65.00 shipping = PLEDGE $140.00 usd

Norway/ Sweden/ Finland/ Denmark: 

$75.00 + $65.00 shipping = PLEDGE $140.00 usd

If you would like us to inquire shipping cost to any other countries, please feel free to contact us via email for a quote. Thank you so kindly!

In Closing

Thank you so much for taking the time to view our project here on Kickstarter! We will only be successful if this project is shared, so we ask that you do just that! Even if it's not for you...wait, what? That's just silly - of course it's for you! You love it, right!? But seriously, we know you know a couple of awesome bike geeks just like us that this would be perfect for, so please share away on any social media you participate in! Even if you think The Bike Valet is sorta’ slightly cool, we would love your help...


Steven, Stephanie & Bennett


  • For shipping internationally, we have received the following quotes for standard priority shipping via USPS / UPS

    Canada: $35.00 usd

    Australia / New Zealand: $75.00usd

    Germany/ France/ UK/ Spain: $65.00 usd

    If you'd like us to inquire other countries, please feel free to contact us via email and we will get you a quote. When ordering, please add the international shipping charge we quoted you. Thank you so kindly!

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  • Thank you for your pledge and helping to make this happen! Actually, we are the one's that missed something... but there is an easy fix. When the project is funded all of the backers will receive a "Questionnaire" asking for details like shipping address color choice etc... Kickstarter does not allow us to change the wording of the pledge levels once the project has been launched so we will add this to the FAQ's

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  • Yes and no but it depends on your exact frame shape. We have been asked this question a few times... So we took a trip down to the local bike shop and asked if we could test it out the guys at Mikes Bikes were kind enough to help. We tried it out on the Cannondale and the Specialized frames and we are happy to say it worked great. They didn't have one of the more extreme frames for us try it out on. We have other designs in the works. This is just our first product launch and our first Kickstarter geared towards the urban fixed gear or any one with the classic frame. Should it be successful it will provide the the foundation to develop the other frame styles. There are still hundreds of thousands of daily riders still peddling around on the classic frame, so we are confident in their ability to sell. Cheers Steve

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  • Built by our friend Lucas Nissen for himself and his wife.

    The Red Bike:

    Ascent aluminum frame
    fsa orbit headset
    Kinesis carbon fork
    Easton flat bars w/oury grips
    AC Mini LE cranks
    tektro brakes
    17t freewheel
    Fixed/free wheelset

    The White Bike :

    Soma rush 51cm
    stronglight track cranks
    sugino BB
    thomson elite seat post
    selle san marco rolls saddle
    velocity deep v rims laced to godspeed hubs
    no name riser bars on an easton EA50 stem

    Last updated:
  • Funding on Kickstarter has ended, but do to the large number of overflow requests we will be honoring the Kickstarter whole sale pricing in our ETSY STORE until Friday, February 24th 2012.

    Post this date we unfortunately will not be able to add to this initial production run & we will be selling at the new retail price on FEB 25, 2012.

    The Etsy storefront is temporary until we can get our dedicated E-commerce site up and running here in the next couple weeks.


    Thanks You, Have a great day!

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  • Both the leather and the neoprene pads are the same thickness so choosing one over the other is a matter of esthetic and does not effect function.

    Last updated:
  • The Bike Valet weighs approximately 6lbs.

    Last updated:
  • The Bike Valet is mounted with provided fasteners (large flat head, hex drive 2" wall lags). It is intended to be mounted on a single stud using the the included paper template for fastener locations.

    Last updated:
  • Overall height of the valet when mounted is 24" and it protrudes 12" from the wall when mounted properly. This allows for handle bar widths of up to 21" enough for most road bikes and urban fixie riders.

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    Any support in any form is amazing and we are grateful for it! If you like what we have done with the Bike Valet and would like to help us be successful by even pledging a single dollar... It helps!
    How Kickstarter works is the more individual pledges to a project, the more likely it is to get featured on the front page of Kickstarter. The "front page" means hundreds of thousand of more eye's on any particular project that makes it there. More eye's means greater success! By SHARING the project and a mear dollor you support a fledgling business to get off the ground and help get a really great, original product to the market place! Pretty cool concept! Please Share & Support :) Thank You!

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    We appreciate you taking the time to 1. Watch our video and 2. Like what we are doing enough to want to contribute and be a part of our project. For that you get a personal thank you from the bottom of our hearts and a credit as contributor on the project. Even the smallest contributions towards our goal help to get us that much closer and we are grateful and appreciative for it.

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    We will get there with every little bit of help our friends, fans and followers can offer! So if that means showing your support by making a fashion stament, so be it. WE get a little closer to our goal and YOU get to proudly wear your ultra hip "valet your life" t-shirt complete with the Bike Valet logo all over town. Your peers will bask in your awe of cool, knowing that you helped a Kickstarter get off the ground! Oh... and you'll get lots of proverbial love from us truly along with a personal thank you and credit as a contributor to the project.

    Don't forget to let us know your size when you pledge. S-M-L apply.

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    Bam they're yours! along with all of the above credits of course!

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    This is the entire reason for the project. It not only helps us move into the larger scale production we looking for, it gets YOU a resounding THANK YOU a credit as a supporter and a brand new numbered and signed Bike Valet at the exciting price of $75 plus $12 dollars shipping! You will proudly be able to display that sweet fixie you have been working on for months or your hot road bike on the wall of your super cool dwelling with the most stylish, new and original bike storage units around!! Oh yes, it's happening! It's really happening!

    You of course will need to pick your color (Red, Blue, Cream, Pale Green, Grey or Black) and let us know if you would like your Bike Valet "Left Swing" (this means when the bike is mounted the handle bars are on the left hand side and the chain and crank set is towards the wall) or your Bike Valet "Right Swing" (this means handle bars to the right and the crank set faces out into the room).

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    You have more than one bike? Well then you're going to need the multi-unit pledge. All of the above color choices apply you'll just need to make note when ordering them in accordance with the number of Bike Valets you are ordering. Thank you for your support and generosity. We greatly appreciate everyone of you for your help!

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    Thats the spirit! You definitely have more than one bike? Or you would like have the Bike Valet in your brick and mortar store. Please contact us before ordering so we can provide you with a shipping rate based weight and quantity of your order. All of the above choices apply you'll just need to make them in accordance with the number of Bike Valet's you are in need of... Thank you for your support and generosity we greatly appreciate everyone of you for your help!

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