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Beautiful, sculptural, different, elegant bike & gear storage. Right now we make these one order at a time. Help us think a lot bigger!
Beautiful, sculptural, different, elegant bike & gear storage. Right now we make these one order at a time. Help us think a lot bigger!
156 backers pledged $12,958 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Zach Rodgers on February 5, 2013

      I'm still waiting....haven't heard anything back after multiple attempts (email to account listed on here and their site).

    2. Missing avatar

      Maggie on July 25, 2012

      Anybody else still waiting as of now? I e-mailed him and he said they'd be out soon, but that was weeks ago...

    3. Missing avatar

      PJ on July 12, 2012

      I'm still waiting on mine as well, I've asked for a shipping date or any kind of update and have so far been ignored. Has anyone gotten theirs yet?

    4. Elaine R. Lee on June 6, 2012

      Still waiting patiently (or not really patiently) for mine. I guess I'm one of the lucky 20 or so left without a Bike Valet.

    5. Missing avatar

      Maggie on May 30, 2012

      +1 on the shipping update! Still eagerly waiting for mine... Any news on ETA?

    6. Dave Roberts on May 28, 2012

      How about a shipping update?

    7. Missing avatar

      deleted on April 3, 2012

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    8. Missing avatar

      Jlobes on February 8, 2012

      Woohoo!! Goal made and lots of slick sleek bike racks to come. Almost didn't get mine, but alas I persevered thru computer drama. And, will be getting not one, but TWO!!! Happy day folks

    9. John Torres on February 7, 2012

      Very excited for you...and me! :-)

    10. Stephanie on February 7, 2012

      Im so glad to see you guys passed your goal!!! Job well done. You deserve it!

    11. Missing avatar

      Brian Schmitt on February 6, 2012

      Congrats on reaching your goal!!

    12. Missing avatar

      Meredith James on February 6, 2012

      You guys did it!! Well done :)

    13. Erin Kelly on February 6, 2012

      An honor to be a part of this beautiful process!

    14. Matt Vincent on January 31, 2012

      Just pledged for a Bike Valet! Can't wait for this project to make it to your goal. I absolutely love the design!

    15. Steven Tiller Creator on January 29, 2012

      Thank You Victor for your kind words and sharing our project Looking forward to delivering everyone their new Bike Valets!

    16. Missing avatar

      Victtor Lopez on January 29, 2012

      I really like the slick design, very innovative. I wish you great sucess! We are glad to be a supporter of such good project.

    17. Steven Tiller Creator on January 19, 2012

      Thank you so much for the support and awesome feedback! Glad you like!

    18. Toby Bartlett on January 18, 2012

      I REALLY hope this project makes it! Best of luck folks. :)

    19. Thomas Dodson on January 10, 2012

      rock on, amigos! such a great campaign. proud to be a supporter.