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Rebel Tumbao: recording Afro-Latin-Roots-Reggae!'s video poster

The creation of a powerful new style of music that merges Reggae and Afro-Latin style with a conscious-raising mission! Read more

New York, NY World Music
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This project was successfully funded on December 1, 2011.

The creation of a powerful new style of music that merges Reggae and Afro-Latin style with a conscious-raising mission!

New York, NY World Music
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We have reached our financial goal! Absolutely amazed! Big Big Big thanks to all of you who have contributed.But we still have more time left. See the FAQ's and a few paragraphs down to find out what we'll use any additional funds for.


REBEL TUMBAO…what’s it mean? The word “tumbao” in Spanish slang means “groove” so what we are is “Rebel Groove”!

We (the two founders of Rebel Tumbao: Matt Jenson, keyboardist/composer/arranger and Jose Claussell, percussionist/composer/arranger) came up with the idea to merge the rhythms of Afro-Cuba and the conscious-raising mission of real Roots Reggae about 8 years ago and a few years later were joined by the amazingly talented and charismatic singer Toussaint Yeshua. This kickstarter video documents our work over the last couple of years and includes footage from a concert we did at Piedmont Piano Company in Oakland, CA (with a smaller ‘unplugged’ group) and footage from our recent studio sessions starting the process of recording our debut CD.

We call this new sound AfroLatinRootsReggae.  We believe we have successfully married the soul of Afro Latin music with the consciousness of Roots Reggae and found the rhythmic veins that prove that these two musics and their extensions are first cousins, but you be the judge!

The Rebel Tumbao band in its entirety is 10 pieces strong including 3 percussionists, 2 back up singers, bass, piano, 2 trombonists and of course our inspired lead singer Toussaint Yeshua.

Here are two demo recordings of our arrangements of these Bob Marley classics. LISTEN!  Rebel Music, Stir It Up.

Our immediate goal is to finish this recording. The $10,000 we are asking for will cover the costs of mixing and mastering the recording, however, now that we are surpassing our financial goal, we'll be using these extra funds to develop our website, to complete the CD artwork and packaging and to support a myriad of other needs as we get ready for crucial first performance opportunities that will come our way in 2012. We are so grateful to all who have contributed!!

OCCUPY!!! Most people these days can feel that we are rapidly approaching a critical cross-roads in the development of human kind, or at the very least in the "devolvement" of our economic system. Many of the foundations of our society are being shaken to the core and as a result the incredible opportunity is rising to make significant and positive changes in the way things are done and the reasons why we do them. Music has always played a critical role in such times of wrenching change.  We invite you to support this project which ultimately harnesses the power to ignite transformed minds, souls and bodies!  



We’ve come up with some fun and desirable rewards for you, including things like an iPod filled with play lists from our vast personal music collections, exclusive RT t-shirts, invitations to rehearsals, free passes to concerts, private concerts…and yes, we’ll even walk your dog! Matt and Jose are also quite inspired teachers. Matt has been on the piano faculty at Berklee College of Music in Boston for 10 years and has developed a smash hit class called “The Music and Life of Bob Marley.”  As part of our array of rewards we are offering private lessons or (for non musicians), private music appreciation sessions.  Here’s what we mean:

PRIVATE LESSON/SESSION DESCRIPTIONS: Private lessons with Mattor Jose on piano or percussion in the styles of jazz, blues, rock, Afro-Cuban, reggae and world styles.

1-2 hour music appreciation session with Matt or Jose focused on the music and life of Bob Marley or on the history of Afro-Cuban music from a soul perspective.

These sessions can take place at our studios, at your home (you pay travel and lodging costs) or over the internet.


Here’s our rough T-Shirt design. The final version may vary somewhat, but it’ll be great no matter what!

The text on the back side reads like this:

Rebel\ ‘reb-el  1a: one who rebels  1b: to oppose those in authority who do not act in the best interest of humankind  

Tumbao\ túm-‘Baó (Spanish1a: slang – to play music with extreme passion  1b: to groove your ass off




*** We’d like to extend a very special thanks to Mr. Ron Wyman of ZeroGravity Films for editing our video.  He’s been with since the beginning and does absolutely amazing work.  Thanks Ron!!

*** Big ups to the amazing musicians we've been working with and who appear in the video:  Karl Perazzo, Geoff Brenan, Ruben Rodriguez, Orlando Vega, Anthony Carillo.

*** The musicians on the recording:  Anthony Carillo (percussion), Orlando Vega (percussion), Manolo Mairena (percussion, coro's), Ruben Rodriguez (bass), Catherine Russell (backing vocals), Cleveland Jones (backing vocals), Darcel Wilson (backing vocals), Herman Olivera (soneo's), Angel Subero (trombone), Squantch (trombone).


  • Orlando Vega - congas

    Ruben Rodriguez - bass

    Anthony Carillo - bongo, minor percussion

    Squantch - trombone

    Angel Subero - trombone

    Herman Olivera - soneo's

    Manolo Mairena - minor percussion, coro's

    Catherine Russell - backing vocals

    Cleveland Jones - backing vocals

    Darcel Wilson - backing vocals

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  • We will use the extra funds to:

    1) Complete the artwork and packaging for the CD, and to develop and produce press kit materials.

    2) To develop a killer website

    3) To pay our manager and videographer!

    4) Depending on how much more we receive it could be used to help support rehearsals.

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    Thank you! Every dollar counts!

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    Pledge $10 or more

    38 backers

    {REBEL} Signed thank you card, one digital download from the recording before it is released.

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    Pledge $25 or more

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    {REBEL UP!}

    Special incentive!! Give $25 and you will receive a pre-release, rough mix download of a selection that will appear on the upcoming CD!

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    Pledge $30 or more

    35 backers

    {GROOVING REBEL} Pre release download of entire recording and one signed hard copy of the recording.

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    Pledge $50 or more

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    {REBELATED} One signed hard copy, pre-release download of full recording and RT Kickstarter T-shirt.

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    Pledge $100 or more

    30 backers

    {REBEL ROUSER} Two signed hard copies, two RT T-shirts and a phone call from either Matt or Jose. You can ask all the questions you want!

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    Pledge $250 or more

    7 backers

    {REBEL WITH A CAUSE} 2 signed hard copies, 2 T-shirts and 2 pr. of José Claussell signature series drum sticks, phone call from Matt or Jose, 1 hour private lesson or (for non musicians) music appreciation session with Matt or Jose (…you pay travel and accommodation expenses, or it could be conducted over the internet. See description below.)

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    Pledge $500 or more

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    {REBEL FOR THE CAUSE} Everything at the $250 level, plus a pair of tickets and back stage passes to the RT showcase/CD release concert.

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    Pledge $1,000 or more

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    {DEEP REBEL} Everything in the $500 level, plus 4 tickets to showcase and an iPod with playlists from Matt and Jose’s music collection.

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    Pledge $2,500 or more

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    {REBELUTIONARY} Everything at the $500 level, and increase private lesson/session to 2 hours plus invitation to attend RT rehearsals.

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    Pledge $5,000 or more

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    {FREEDOM FIGHTER} $5000 or more! CUSTOM reward to be agreed upon between Rebel Tumbao and you, which can include anything from the above stated rewards and could include things like a private concert at your residence or a performance given by us for your favorite charity or cause (with a small version of the group or the full band), an arrangement by Matt and/or Jose for your recording, executive producer credits on the CD, an extended length of music lessons or private music appreciation sessions (see description to the left). What would you like from us?!

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