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Rebekah Del Rio: The singer from the movie "Mulholland Drive", needs BELIEVERS to make a new album Love Hurts ♥ Love Heals 11:11 Read more

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Rebekah Del Rio: The singer from the movie "Mulholland Drive", needs BELIEVERS to make a new album Love Hurts ♥ Love Heals 11:11

About this project

Dear Believers,

I like the sound of that, don't you? You're on this Kickstarter website because you are a BELIEVER in helping creative people get their work out to the world. That is a wonderful thing to do. So Thank You for making the first step. I hope you will back my project and Believe in me.

If you do BELIEVE in me, in my voice, or you're just discovering my music and you're inspired to BELIEVE, please help me make a very special 11 song album about LOVE.. and the duality of it this thing we call AMOR…

let me tell you my story...

I'm originally from San Diego. I came to L.A. to pursue my singing career with little more than my baby boy, a $400.00 car and a dream in my empty pockets. I am a self taught musician and I have worked very hard to achieve my goals as a Mother and a Recording Artist. I have been blessed to have shared my voice through my music on recordings, film and TV. However, I have never realized my dream of touring with my music around the world.

I paid a lot of dues to get to Nashville back in ‘95 when I was signed to Giant Records, but my record was never released due to an auto accident. I lost my window of opportunity and my dream of being a country star and supporting myself & my son, solely with my music.

I was then asked to be in the movie "Mulholland Drive" by David Lynch, to sing my signature song “Llorando”. The song is the Spanish version of Roy Orbison’s famous song “Crying”. which has opened many doors for me but it was never a radio hit nor was I ever able to build a career on one song.

The Latin Jazz album that I have out is a wonderful, easy listening record that I am so proud of. I have Mark Thompson and others to thank for making that happen. I need to give back to Mark for his generosity and his support all these years. Unfortunately, I have not been able to ‘tour’ and make a sustainable living with this beautiful record.

The only way to do this is to make a new album and 'focus' on my career.

My Message Behind My New Album...

I have not made a record for 6 years as my son was ill since 2004. Sadly, in 2009, my only child, Phillip, passed away from a long battle with cancer. He was and will always be my inspiration. We went through it all together. He grew so much spiritually during his illness. He came to truly understand love and pain like no man I've ever known. As I am trying to wrap my mind around my life without my beloved Phillip, I have decided to take his advise and continue on with my destiny. He said "Be Happy Momma" and singing is what makes me most happy. 2009 was the saddest year of my life, 2010 a year of change and the beginning of healing and 2011.. the year to share my music. 11:11

Will you help me make this very special album?

Please visit my website for the complete story of my beloved son, Phillip and the powerful angel messages behind 11:11.

Where Will The Money Go?

Every cent will go into the making of my Eleven Song Album, LOVE HURTS - LOVE HEALS. This will be used toward paying for the studio, the producers, the musicians, Engineers, the mixing, mastering, packaging and duplication of my CD. Travel to/from New York and Wait... there's also Marketing & Radio... oh boy... that's a whole other kickstarter.

Check this out....

I have had the great fortune to have written a song with the amazing multi-platinum songwriter/arranger/producer Heather Holley. ( see bio on Heather & her production partners below ) Ms. Holley and her wonderful team are on board to help me produce & record this album. They have so generously agreed to lend their time and effort with hopes that I'll receive the support from all the BELIEVERS to achieve my goal. Studios are very expensive and these producers are at the TOP of their craft, having worked with huge stars such as Christina Aguilera. The goal I'm asking will barely cover the expenses. I am blessed to have them on board but I can't even start the project without BELIEVERS. So...

I need YOUR help. Please, if you find this worthy of your time and hard earned money, please pledge. Become an 11:11 BELIEVER... This is what I NEED to do. I just can't do it alone... none of us can. We ALL need someone to believe in us. My son Phillip was my Biggest Believer. Will you join him?

Love hurts… but it really does heal. I know this by heart. I learned this from a 23 year old boy who was running out of earth time. He taught me unconditional love.

Where there is darkness, there is also Light. Where there is despair, there is always Hope. Where there is sorrow, there is Joy.

It’s all energy friends. We’re all in this together. So let's make this album together!

I have many incentives to help you decide what you can pledge and what gift you can't live without. Every little bit helps, it really does. If I received 11 dollars from 1000 people, WOW!!! That would be AMAZING!!

Please help me make this album. Become a BELIEVER.

LOVE & LIGHT 11:11

Rebekah Del Rio

The Following are the short bio's of the Production BELIEVERS for this labor of LOVE... Heather Holley: Heather Holley is a New York-based multi-platinum songwriter/arranger/producer whose credits have yielded combined sales of over 29 million, and climbing. Known most widely for her role in launching Christina Aguilera’s career, having written and produced the recordings that led to her signing with RCA, Heather has remained part of her writing and production team for over a decade. She has been profiled in television specials including VH1’s “Driven: Christina Aguilera” and two E! Entertainment Specials.

Dina Fanai: Dina Fanai has performed throughout the United States and abroad as a vocalist, pianist, original composer and as a singer with the platinum selling arena rock band Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Dina has written and produced for Universal Records USA and Columbia/Japan Records. She is the recipient of numerous grants and awards from The Songwriter’s Hall of Fame and the National Endowment for the Arts as well as leading tours and educational programs in the US, Southeast Asia and Japan.

Robert Kinkel: Bob Kinkel is a professional session keyboardist and music engineer. He attended Hamilton College and graduated with a Bachelor of arts in music with a minor in physics. His first professional music job came at Record Plant Studios in New York City, where he assisted on productions for bands such as The Who, Aerosmith, and Genesis. Soon afterwards, he began his career as a keyboardist and composed the music for many successful TV campaigns.

Dave Eggar: Dave Eggar is an American cellist, pianist and composer. Eggar was a musical prodigy as a child, beginning to play the cello and piano at age three and performing on Broadway and at the Metropolitan Opera at age seven. He trained as a classical cellist at The Juilliard School, and later graduated from Harvard University and The Juilliard School's Doctoral Program. He debuted in Carnegie Hall at 15 as the youngest winner in the history of the Artists International competition.


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    Pledge $1 or more

    5 backers

    One Dollar Believers.. THANK YOU! Every dollar counts. For your pledge, I'll add your name to the "Believers" page on my Official Website. You will also have access to all the project updates that I post. Only Believers can gain access to these posts. So C'mon, let's start Believing... in LOVE!

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    Pledge $11 or more

    20 backers

    As an $11 Believer, I love this number. You will receive a personalized thank you postcard in the mail and you'll get an autographed head shot of RDR ... and a SHOUT OUT on my facebook or twitter. Don't forget you'll be listed on my webiste page of BELIEVERS for all to see.

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    Pledge $33 or more

    22 backers

    As a $33 dollar Believer...You'll recieve one full length CD (Personalized & Autographed by me) of my "All My Life" Album. PLUS all of the above.

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    Pledge $55 or more

    19 backers

    $55 At this pledge level, You'll receive one copy of this LOVE HURTS - LOVE HEALS album. This will be yours BEFORE the record is released to the public. PLUS a limited edition signed, personlized color RDR poster. Also, you'll get EVERYTHING from the above pledge rewards.

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    Pledge $77 or more

    4 backers

    $77 - For your REWARDS, you'll not only receive ALL of the ABOVE.. You'll get your choice of 2 silkscreened One Of A Kind Rebekah Del Rio T-Shirts. We have some very cool RDR T's designed by Special K to offer you. "Llorando" (M/L) (limited amount, First come, First Serve) "Love Hurts - Love Heals" T's (M/L/XL)

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    Pledge $111 or more

    16 backers

    $111 Believers! Yay.. Love this number. Get Ready to Play with this REWARD.. You'll get a limited edition Rebekah Del Rio guitar pic. These pics were designed by Eric Skotnes and they are made by the very same company that make pics for all the famous guitar players around the world. Pearl white, med pics with RDR logo and 11:11 on back. Enjoy. These are so beautiful. AND you also receive all the Prizes above (LOVE HURTS - LOVE HEALS cd signed & personalized) YAY!

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    Pledge $222 or more

    1 backer

    At the $222 SUPER BELIEVER Level... I'll CALL you personally to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you or the person of your choice. AND how would you like TWO tickets to one of my shows? (SF Show excluded) and a BELEIVERS Shout Out from me while I'm on Stage.. Pledge 222 and YOU'RE IN like a ROCK STAR! and of course...All the SWEET Stuff from the previous pledge levels...

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    Pledge $333 or more

    1 backer All gone!

    $333 Believers will recieve exclusive updates of the "Behind the Scenes" Videos that we will be taping while we record this Very Special album and I'll include your name in the credits as Executive Believers! I will also send you Handwritten Lyrics of your favorite Rebekah Del Rio Song. And All that stuff up there!!! JUST ADDED: I have 1 8X10 Black & White Photo of Director David Lynch in action, personally autographed by the master of strange to offer to 1 lucky $333 Believer. C'mon all you Twin Peeks/Blue Velvet/Mulholland Drive... etc. fans, this is pretty sweet.

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    Pledge $444 or more

    0 backers

    $444 and more... I'll Drop your NAME with a PERSONAL Thank You on my updated BELIEVERS videos (if you're not shy) AND On top of your Birthday call... I'll RECORD your OUTGOING Voice Mail Message for you too. AND You'll go home with every little thing from all the levels before this... (that's a lot of stuff!)

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    Pledge $555 or more

    1 backer

    You FANTASY 555 BELIEVERS... Okay, I will Thank You personally in my liner notes of the new album. LOVE HURTS - LOVE HEALS. So you'll Forever be imortalized in my Album credits. OH.. AND...You and 11 of your closests friends will be on the BELIEVERS GUEST LIST at my private CD Release Party (location TBD, travel/flight/hotel not included) Plus EVERYTHING before this level. YOWZA!

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    Pledge $777 or more

    1 backer

    $777 Believers... I will make a Music Video of one of my songs using YOUR photos & Names and post this on YouTube for All the WORLD to see.. who knows, we may become the next YouTube Viral Sensation. You will also receive a Custom made Coffee Table Book of "The Making of Love Hurts - Love Heals" aaaaaaaaaaand.. All the other stuff. Wow! JUST ADDED: 2 TICKETS & Meet & Greet plus Photos with Me after the show (Valued @ over $300.00) TO THE NEW SHOW ¡CALIENTE! IN SAN FRANSISCO (runs through June 19)

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    Pledge $1,111 or more

    0 backers

    At This MEGA BELIEVER $1,111 level, My husband, Eric Skotnes, who is an AMAZING figurative painter (check out his work on has offered to do a portrait drawing for you $1,111 BELIEVERS.. (graphite on cotton paper) And above all of this. You'll receive the entire lot of goodies from the above pledge levels... ALL of it! Such a DEAL!

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    Pledge $2,222 or more

    0 backers

    Okay... You $2,222 Power BELIEVERS.. WOW!.. So check it out...In addition to ALL of the above, I will call you or skype you and Personally sing my signature song just for you. "Llorando" A Capella. (Mulholland Drive Movie) AND I will write, produce, and record a song written for you, about you... to a finished CD (Beautifully designed packaging included). You'll have this special song, especially for YOU, 4EVER!!! I'll even post it on YouTube if you'd like. I will ALSO list YOU as an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER on my Love Hurts - Love Heals Album. Thank YOU!!!

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    Pledge $5,555 or more

    1 backer

    PRO-BELIEVER Level.... Naturally you'll get EVERYTHING ABOVE.. but wait!... You and your best friend have a pass to come into the studio with me for a day to experience the making of the Love Hurts - Love Heals Album. (travel to N.Y./hotel not included) In lieu of the Drawing by Eric Skotnes, he will do an original OIL PAINTING (up to 18X24) of your choice, especially for you. NOTE: if you can't make it to one of my shows, then I'll play a PERSONAL SKYPE show just for you and 11 of your closests friends (you can certainly invite your whole town if you want to but you should know me by now.. I love the number ELEVEN!) Thank YOU so much!!!!

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