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pledged of £50,000pledged of £50,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jun 12 2019


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Amplifindr: Get local studio time with us!

As a young assistant engineer, producer and musician, I have found that many creatives are not getting the exposure they deserve for several reasons. For artists - getting studio time or equipment can be expensive, and knowing how to work it all is another issue entirely. On the other hand, many engineers and producers with setups find themselves working for free to gain clients in the earlier stages (up to 93% according to a survey we sent out), or wish to attain more experience in recording others, but many opportunities in commercial studios such as internships are not feasible. 

Amplifindr is creating a way for everyone to win. Hosts can list their home/small scale recording setups on our website and get paid when artists book time at their spaces (with or without assistance from the host as an engineer and/or producer), whilst also allowing hosts to gain more experience in recording others, build up a client base, and of course - get paid for their time. Simultaneously, we are allowing artists to access recording equipment that they may not have, meet producers and engineers that they could end up working with long term who understand their music and visions, and also have a chance to learn more about recording equipment, workflow and production in general. 

Main Features:

  •  Free to sign up - for everyone!
  •  Map on home screen showing spaces closest to you 
  •  Search for spaces by location, price, number of people allowed in, etc
  •  Featured spaces displayed on home page (become a featured host for £3 a month)
  •  In-site messaging between hosts and artists

Amplifindr is being developed with everyone in mind - we want to see young and new creatives thriving, networking, doing what they love, and getting the recognition they deserve. 

Risks and challenges

One of the largest challenges for sites like ours is ensuring user safety. We want to incorporate checks into the sign up process, such as requiring users to submit a scan or photo of valid ID to us.

Another challenge is setting up this business whilst working full time, progress may be a little slower than we'd like but we are determined to get Amplifindr up and running by working in our free time.

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