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Help me record my debut album, two years in the making!
Help me record my debut album, two years in the making!
62 backers pledged $6,530 to help bring this project to life.


With 4 days to go... WE MADE IT!!!!! WOOHOOOOO!

   Wow, what a ride! I woke up this morning to an incoming email, telling me that my dear friend had made a pledge, and that the total was now over $6,000! I did a double take, and immediately called him up to see if it was real! It was, my eyes were not playing tricks on me, the goal has been reached and I will be able to produce my album! 

   This whole thing would have been completely impossible without the tremendous support from each and every one of you. I do not have enough words in my vocabulary to express my gratitude, so I will just put my all into producing the best album that I can. I owe to you all, and I will never forget it.

   And so it starts! I ordered my little robins yesterday from Jenny, she will be sending them along to me as soon as she is finished creating them. I have an appointment with Bill at the recording studio tomorrow night to go listen through all my recordings so far and make any final changes or decisions before sending them off to be mixed and mastered! My cover art is being painted by a wonderfully talented artist... my mother, Betsy Naumchik! I am going to go collaborate with her, hopefully this weekend, on the art and liner notes. I will continue to update all my progress over the next couple months. I am unsure how long it will take to see the final result once I send the masters to Discmakers (the company I am using to produce my album), but I'm hoping the process can be expedited, and I will let y'all know when I do!

   So, please, now is the time to help me celebrate! I have a show this Saturday, April 28th, at Malelani Cafe (5205 Atlantic Ave, Ventnor City, NJ) at 7pm. I will play one set with my Company, and then help host Open Mic night starting at 8. It will be a great time, and I hope some of you can make it, and I can thank you in person and give you a great big hug! If you can't make it on Saturday, then consider this your virtual squeeze!! I really appreciate everything and this great wave of support has been one of the most incredible things I've ever experienced.

I've run out of words, and I'm breathless with gratitude, so I will simply say,

 thank you.

...and now I'll get back to work!

Love, Rebecca

P.S. ~With the goal reached, I can still receive pledges until the 1st. So if you know anyone who wants to preorder the album or make a donation, pass it along! For every hundred dollars I go over my goal, I will make a donation to another hopeful artist on Kickstarter, and I will also be devising other ways to put your pledges to good, creative use! ~r


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