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Help me record my debut album, two years in the making! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on May 1, 2012.

Help me record my debut album, two years in the making!

About this project


My name is Rebecca Nell. I am an independent singer-songwriter with an indie-folk style. I grew up alongside the great big ocean, I climb trees, collect shells and stones, and identify with birds, especially robins. I have played music since I can remember. From the age of 6 and throughout my high school years I was trained in classical piano. This laid the building blocks for my music and my life. 

For the last few years I have been teaching myself guitar, and writing my own songs. I have been playing at gigs, open mics, and other forums in that time, developing myself as a musician and performer. While I feel I am far from the standard I could one day hope to reach, I have learned so much in this short time that it staggers me. I met many great artists and musicians in these years, and made dear, life-long friends. Some are fresh to the scene, like myself, and some have been in the business for years. With all, I am able to discuss the hopes and visions, as well as the many realities of following your dream.


After the Storm is about my journey so far and the goals I've reached, in music and in life. I think that my songs speak to a lot of different people and ages. We all have stories, we all rejoice, we all have times when we get angry, or sad, or happy. I felt I was at a point where I wanted to embrace all of that experience so I could move on to the next adventure. I feel like nothing ever really ends, we just accept things as they are, and move on.  

I have four amazing musicians working with me on the album, who believe in me and this project and have given their time freely for practices and hours and hours in the studio. It creates a wonderful dynamic that I feel is captured in the sound we produce. We have been recording for a while now and most of the audio tracks are finished. I had my first studio session experience  on December 16th, and have loved every minute! We are recording at Riverbank Recording Studio in Mays Landing, NJ. ( It is a wonderfully cozy studio nestled in the beautiful scrub woods of New Jersey alongside the banks of the Egg Harbor River. 

All of the expenses for recording so far (plus extra for promoting, website, business cards) have come out-of-pocket, and I already owe money to generous family members. Sadly, I will not be able to continue to record or produce the album unless I come up with some funds.


Here's where Kickstarter comes in! Anyone (you too!) can become a patron of the arts on Kickstarter by donating to projects like this one.

Since you are reading this, you probably know how this goes, but I'll provide a brief explanation. Kickstarter works as an all-or-nothing campaign. Donors can pledge whatever dollar amount they choose, and I have a list of personalized rewards for different pledge levels. I have a goal of $6,000 to reach within 45 days. If I do not hit my goal within the specified time, then no one gets charged, and I get no funding. If we do hit the goal, however, then I will be able to cover this list of expenses...

  • Recording ~ I will be able to pay back my already accrued debts!
  • Mixing and mastering ~ done in the same studio, but more expensive per hour than recording, this step means my songs will be able to be played on any radio station.
  • Production ~ My goal includes the cost of producing a run of 1000 physical cd albums, plus availability in digital forums such as iTunes, cdbaby, amazon, and more.    
  • Promotion ~ I have already built a website and made business cards. I want my promotion to be as professional as possible, but it can get pricey! I am spreading the word as much as I can through free social media, but I will be able to make posters, order more business cards, expand my web presence, and promote individual shows on a local level, as well as start a small merchandising line (teacups and teeshirts!).
  • Distribution ~ The cost of shipping keeps going up and up! This will cover album and merchandise shipments, including the materials and gifts for this campaign!
  • Kickstarter's cut ~ While extremely reasonable, if the project is a success, then Kickstarter gets a 5% cut of the total and Amazon gets anywhere from 3 to 5%. Small, but significant.

So this is my plea, any amount you can pledge to the project would be extremely helpful. This is about a lot of people coming together for a single goal, spreading the burden, and making this dream a possibility! This is my first endeavor to truly embrace the work I love and make it my full-time job. Doing this without the initial funding is next to impossible, but I hope that this campaign can reach many wonderful people, like you, who are willing to back this dreamer, and help present this new music to the world! I thank you from the bottom of my heart, thank you for reading, thank you for taking the time to get to know me and my story. Thank you.

pax, caritas, et intellectu,

Rebecca Nell 

the robin sings.

  • If you want to find out more, please visit there you will find upcoming shows and contact information, as well as links to Facebook, Youtube, and more!


I would like to tell you a bit about the Company; the musicians I have brought into the recording studio. First and foremost is my dad, Bob Naumchik. (Nell is actually my middle name, one that has significance on my mother's side of the family.) He has played drums and percussion since he was 12 years old, and is almost always the first to hear one of my new songs. He is extremely talented, along with being the most devoted son, husband, and father to his family of any man I know. He is my biggest supporter and fan, and I always know I have someone at my back, to cheer me on and be there to help me through those "I don't know what I'm doing!" moments. I never consider a song quite complete until he has heard it, and helped me pin down the "feel" of it. We have played music together since my piano bench days, and I foresee many more creative collaborations in the future. I love you, Dad.

Also joining me are,

Bob Antosca, an amazing bassist, and also the host of Malelani Cafe open mic, in Ventnor City, NJ, the little cultural oasis that really started it all for me. Bobby also generously got my recording under way by giving me thirteen studio hours that he had accrued at the studio that eventually became "home base" for my entire recording. I can't say enough about this gentle soul with the caring heart. He operates his life on the basis of love and charity, giving freely of everything he has to everyone he knows. He has played music for over forty years in places all over the country. He has told me that he learned the most playing as many gigs as he could during a decade-long stay in NYC, but that he always felt connected to his home, and thus returned to the southern NJ shore, where he has been a quiet but enormous influence on the music scene here.

Dylan Martello, about to graduate high school, and super talented, he says he is "an endorser of the welfare and integrity of the invigorating yet serene mixture of notes and sounds that enter his brain waves with each and every setting of the sun. His guitar is the main instrument made use of in his attempt to create a tangible form of his inner feelings with no expression lost in between each note. Music has always been a staple in his family and he truly has much pleasure in sharing their common love together. He spent his time growing up to music like Hot Tuna, Pink Floyd, and the Beatles on repeat and those roots now extend into his current love for folk and independent music. His biggest influences come from the likes of Robin Pecknold, Tommy Emmanuel, M. Ward, and Radiohead. When he is not playing with fellow musicians, who are usually friends and family, he enjoys his time indulging in writing original music that he hopes will soon be heard by true lovers of music, no matter who they may be."  Dylan and I co-wrote the title track, After the Storm, when he asked for some words to go with a lovely tune he had come up with. I am very excited to present it on the album.

Tamara deMent, a multi-talented and adaptable violinist, she adds the finishing touch to the sound I was looking for. Atlantic County native and songwriter, Tamara deMent has been playing music since childhood. After studying the violin for several years she began playing in indie folk bands and other ensembles  throughout South Jersey. While she is classically trained, Tamara has long harbored an affinity for swing fiddle and is currently playing in a 1920s period band from Atlantic City, the Jersey Rhythm Devils.  She is also at the helm of her own original acoustic project, Tamara deMent and the Cold Club.  Tamara and I connected in the summer of 2011 and she has been a frequent player in the Company ever since.

Update # 1 March 31, Additions to the pledge prizes!

Hello Everyone! 

I have a couple extras to add to the smaller donation prizes, plus a little thank you for anyone who can help me spread the word...

Anyone who pledges at the $12 level will ALSO receive a digital download of the album, and the $25 dollar and up pledges will receive a link to somebonus footage from the studio. 

These updates apply to anyone who has already donated, and all future updates! 

Also, as always, please share my project with your friends, family, the person standing next to you in line... Spread the word and there will be an extra little homemade gift for you from me! Just send me a message with the name of the person who you got to donate (or the person who got you to donate!) and I will send along an ornament made from an object or two that I have found in my travels! 

Thank you for your ongoing support! 

Much love,


Update #2, April 13, Two-thirds!

  Hello, wonderful backers, and good morning from the Green Mountain state! This past week I have been in the Mad River Valley and Burlington, Vermont, hob-nobbing with the music scene up here, talking about After the Storm and hopefully spreading some interest about our endeavor in this beautiful and creative area.

  Thanks to all of your donations, I am pleased to announce that we are just over two-thirds of the way to our goal! Today the total reads at $4,056... I would say that is certainly over the hump! It feels incredible to have this kind of support surrounding me. It can be overwhelming to think of everything as a whole, but we are working step by step, and little by little, to reach the conclusion of this project. I couldn't do it without you. All gestures, large and small, have helped this grow... when you made your pledge, when you mentioned it to a friend, or when you signed me up for your open mic ;) I have been shown so much kindness, its hard to think of how to repay it.

  That's why I need this to succeed. I want to be able to put out a great album, and be able to put all of my very best effort into making something you can be proud to own, and to have helped put into being. You have given so much already, yet I wonder if I can ask just a tiny bit more. And that would be to keep the word going! Please, if you can, pass along our story... tell your friends, your neighbor, your dogs, about how you became a patron of the arts by helping me fund my album! It's been an ambitious goal from the start, but with just a few more backers like yourselves I know this will be a resounding triumph! I am looking forward to being able to take the steps to complete and package my recording the way I see it in my dreams.

  We have a little over two weeks left to make this happen (the project closes at 9 am May 1st)... see you at the finish line!!

  Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, the tops of the mountains, and the depths of the sea :) You are the Best.

Much love, peace, and joy,



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    {{Some leeway for coordinating schedules is needed, as we are still engaged at our day jobs. This reward is subject to a 100 mile radius of Atlantic City, NJ. If you would like to support at this level and claim this reward but reside a bit further away, I would be more than happy to work with you and make it happen. Please be prepared to cover travel costs, and we will be entertaining you in no time!}}

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