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After many years fronting a band called Brave the Day, and more recently joining The Mynabirds, I am finally making my solo record!!!

Howdy! I am a singer/songwriter from Harrisburg, PA. For many years, I fronted a band called Brave the Day and I learned a lot about writing songs and playing shows. Then, Brave the Day had to break up in 2008, and I wasn't sure what to do, so I moved to Los Angeles for a spell where I proceeded to get eaten alive, and consequently didn't make much music at all. I decided to get out of there, sold most of my belongings, and took the long way home all by my lonesome. I drove through California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and of course, Pennsylvania. I listened to a lot of records, did a lot of soul searching, and visited a few friends along the way.

One such friend was Miss Laura Burhenn in Nebraska, who had just started a band called The Mynabirds, and was preparing to release the first Mynabirds record. That visit in Omaha led to my joining The Mynabirds, and then touring all over the country in the spring/summer/fall of 2010. I met lots of great people, made many new musical friends, and I definitely credit Laura and The Mynabirds with helping me reconnect with my lost musical spirit.

Some of my new musical friends included a band of lovable rogues called These United States. All of my touring with The Mynabirds had inspired a new batch of songs, and I was often sending poorly recorded demos to the boys, who would occasionally play them in their van. I eventually found out that Tom Hnatow and Justin Craig, who both play various forms of guitar in These United States, were in the habit of making records with/for other artists when they weren't on the road. Turns out my amateur iPhone demos were enough to convince Tom and Justin that we kids oughta make a record together. Ain't life grand?!?

So, on November 26th we begin! I am headed to Carrboro, NC where Tom has a little studio, and between Tom, Justin, and myself we will make me a sweet sounding little record. I could sure use your help, and I promise you won't regret it. Are you in?!?!


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    Whoa! Amazing! You get it all: The albums, the love note, the merch, guest listed to the record release show, producer creds, AND I will come and play an acoustic living room show for you and your friends at your home! I will also give everyone there a bear hug.

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