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A series of five films set entirely underwater exploring our oceans like never before!!
A series of five films set entirely underwater exploring our oceans like never before!!
1,128 backers pledged $101,610 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

SUCCESS beyond belief!!

$101,610 donated from 1128 people around the globe, what a way to start the year, bring on 2012 where we will show you the The Underwater Realm and continue making history!!

Thank you each and every person who supported the project through donation or just talking about it and spreading the word. We exceeded our goal by over $41,000 due to the generosity and belief of the internet community and as a result we will be shooting the final part in 3D and screening the films in London, New York and LA... 2012 is set to be an incredible year. 

Thanks once again, you should be proud to be part of something truly incredible!! We we be in touch shortly with updates about the rewards, please continue to follow our journey at


Unbelievable!! we hit $100,000, tune in live now to see the celebrations as the team reels in shock at such an achievement and the generosity of over 1000 people!!

THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN!! Please feel proud as you are now all part of something truly incredible!

The whole team at Realm HQ wishes you a happy new year!!


We are inches away from $100,000 an incredible achievement!! So for one last time (and we really mean it this time) please share this and make this happen. You are all invited to a private screening of these films which are now being shot in 5K and the final part in 3D!!

There is an hour and half left to become part of something completely unique and truly incredible. So if you know anyone who would be interested PLEASE share this with them and let them be a part of this amazing project too!!


International Cinema Screenings for all backers!

UNBELIEVABLE!! We have smashed the $80 target for 3D!

We have been racking our brains as to how we can give something back to all our supporters. If we can hit $90k we will host private cinema screenings for each and every backer (with +1's) in London, LA and New York!

These films are EPIC, they will be shot on EPIC and even in 3D! Seeing these films in a theatre will be AMAZING!

Do we dare to dream? Can we make it happen?

Success!! But how far can we go?!


It has been an amazing Christmas for everyone here at Realm and a Boxing Day we will never forget!! Thank you all for making this project a success, it is a dream come true. As you'll have probably noticed people are still donating, an incredible testament to other people's belief in this project, so rather than sit back and relax we are pushing even harder. If we can reach $80,000 by New Years Day, at midnight GMT, we can film the final part of the series in 3D, no independent film has ever done this before!! This would very quickly make this the most unique film project currently in production and cause the world to really take notice! So for one last time we are asking for your help, to continue the support you have shown and encourage others to get involved and ensure we are all part of something truly incredible!

We are going to be live streaming the last 24 hours of the campaign so come along and tune in for the moment we make history!!

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