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The Open Greenhouse Project seeks to put small greenhouse building in the hands of literally everyone. Read more

Roswell, NM Food
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This project was successfully funded on May 25, 2011.

The Open Greenhouse Project seeks to put small greenhouse building in the hands of literally everyone.

Roswell, NM Food
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About this project

This project aims to put year round food production in reach of everyone. The materials to build this greenhouse are available almost anywhere worldwide. A single person can assemble this greenhouse by themselves. No heavy lifting required! The unique design is strong and light. Only $100 USD cost for the frame! Not many designs can even come close in terms of strength/size to materials used.

I looked for years at existing small greenhouse designs and found them lacking. Some were really costly. Many greenhouses require expensive shipping from far away locations. Others can only be built with items from garden supply wholesalers. This is fine if budget is no object....

Cheaper designs are close to disposable and have no feel of permanence or worth to them.

All that is about to change.

Enter the Open Source Greenhouse....

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I built a working prototype in November of 2009. Now I need to fully document the design so anyone can build it for themselves. Kickstarter funding will allow me to get video equipment, materials and build the final design (with improvements!). 

The project funds will buy:

2x2x8 lumber for the frame


Pro grade hot glue

Woven poly greenhouse covering

HD camcorder to document all details

A .PDF illustrated manual will result from the final build project. High resolution stills from the video and digicam will be liberally used in the manual. The manual will contain a full materials list, cut lengths, and tool guide for beginners. A full, detailed video construction guide will be uploaded to Youtube and my website.

Many people will benefit by having this information. Local food production can now be extended into the cooler months of the year cheaply. This greenhouse even has uses beyond gardening. I'll put variations in the manual and video. It could be completely screened with a shade roof for "gazebo" type use! Many possibilities.

Don't hesitate to email or ask questions. I welcome all discussion and can give much more information. Thank you!


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