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The world is full of big stories. We don't want them to go missing.
The world is full of big stories. We don't want them to go missing.
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    1. Caroline Reid on

      Oh, and Matter? I think it would be great if you could feature articles from non-journalists as guests to encourage critical thinking and journalism amongst young people. Ask people to write 500 words and post the best once a week.

    2. Caroline Reid on

      I am just pleased as Punch that some guys are getting together to rebirth quality journalism. And on the hard topics relating to science and technology. You will help evidence-based policy making if you can get the facts out in ways that are beyond the black and white, or complete crap, that goes for media attention these days. the world is a complicated place and you can help make sense of it.

    3. Matter Creator on

      Shannon - definitely.

    4. Missing avatar

      Shannon Parsons on

      Will you have journalists from outside of the USA?

    5. Matter Creator on

      Judy -- we've had another comment from a teacher who asked about using our content in lessons, so we'll definitely give the issue some thought. But I don't think we'll make any decisions until we've got a few articles under our belt. Feel free to ping us again at that point:

    6. Matter Creator on

      Normand -- good point, thanks for flagging it up. Corporate sponsors will have absolutely no influence over editorial decisions, regardless of the funding situation.

    7. Normand Legault on

      Great vision and I hope this can be brought to reality. I'm really looking forward to reading the planned stories. One thing, though: I naively but sincerely hope that the corporate sponsors will not be allowed undue influence over the selection and treatment of topics. Some time down the road, when funds get a little scarcer perhaps... That would ruin the whole experiment. In the mean time, congratulations and good luck!

    8. Missing avatar

      Nola Force on

      When the time is right matter happens. So far the only news/issue discussions I enjoy is the Lehr Report, Bill Moyers and Frontline. I hope you will be in that good company. Congratulations for having the vision and the confidence to make it happen.
      Nola Force

    9. Missing avatar

      Judy Myers on

      This is a great idea, one I'm honored to support. I'm a college English teacher in the CA community colleges. In-depth articles such as the ones you're proposing for Matter are ideal texts for our 2nd year critical thinking courses. I wonder if you've considered some kind of educational arm or option? If teachers had a just a bit of lead time in terms of the upcoming subject that month, they could prepare students for the article and then build units around the proposed topic/investigation. It would enable students (and teachers) to feel that their texts were cutting edge and very relevant to their lives and the quickly changing world around them. I wish you luck. This is a great project!

      Judy Myers

    10. TS Targos on

      "We don't know to thank you all for your support" forgot the "how" in the sentence. Oops. I point this error out to show that every journalistic endeavor - on-line or print - needs the services a few good copy editors. (Sorry, but as a newspaper copy editor, I notice these things.) Overall, I really like the goals of the project and I am pleased to support it

    11. Chardonnay Vance on

      Clearly you have created a wonderful, inspiring project! I hope you are able to continue fund your project through a series of modest donations/subscriptions (as I write this the vast majority of donors so far have pledged less than $50)... I also hope you can keep your book-keeping open to the public, and make your archives open access, so that everyone, no matter their circumstances, can understand your motives and will be able to read and digest the stories you foster....

    12. Jack Marchetti on

      Stay true to your stated objective and don't fuck it up.

    13. Missing avatar

      ann frank on

      This is the beginning of a landslide! Keep your intention 100% pure, feed our starving brains with truth, give us information to passionately share with our neighbors, friends, children, strangers.

    14. Missing avatar

      Mike Attlesey on

      "Got any ideas? Thoughts? Comments? Leave them in the update."
      You are tapping into something BIG. $100K in 9 days but just from those who know of Kickstarter. Stay the course, stay true to your charter, don't get corrupted - put something in your by-laws to prevent it. Fox vs CNN, Republican vs Democrats, dogs vs cats - nothing good comes from that. I just want the condensed facts to draw my own conclusions. I'll be your customer as long as you do that. Bravo!

    15. Daniel Pauw on

      I agree regarding partnering with colleges and universities. Outreach is vital for continued success in the sciences and Matter sounds like an excellent resource.

    16. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    17. Missing avatar

      Caela Farren on

      Congratulations. This is so badly needed. Soundbites don't cut it in our complex and interdependent world. You might be able to partner with some colleges and universities for doing some of the research with/for you -- gives them real issues to work on and a chance to have a place where their research can be a part of a document -- plus having the mentoring from you all. We need you!

    18. Space Babies on

      I am proud to be part of it, and still considering upping my pledge!