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The world is full of big stories. We don't want them to go missing.
The world is full of big stories. We don't want them to go missing.
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2,566 backers pledged $140,201 to help bring this project to life.

We broke through — and it’s still going strong

Posted by Matter (Creator)


Just two days after reaching our target, we’ve now broken $75,000. The response has left us speechless: we’re completely amazed by how committed you all are and by how much faith you’ve shown in MATTER’s potential.

As our way of saying thanks, we’re going to upgrade every single reward so that everybody will get more stories for free.

  • $10 backers will now get five stories instead of three
  • $25 backers will now get a three month subscription
  • $50 pledges are being upgraded to a six month subscription
  • $100 backers will get a whole year of stories for their money
  • Higher level pledges will get a full year’s subscription to give away to a friend, on top of what they’re already getting.

That’s a lot more MATTER. But, hey, we wanted to return the good will you have shown to us.

What’s next?

The way we designed the project is simple: the higher our total goes, the better we can make everything. Every dollar gives us more room to run, allows us to commission more stories straight off the bat, lets us deliver to more platforms and helps make MATTER nicer to use.

Plus, since we filled up our $1,000 co-pilot slots, we’re opening up a new reward level: now if you now pledge $1,000, you will receive everything at the lower levels plus a super-deluxe, limited-run, numbered hardcover edition of our MATTER anthology, signed by every single one of the contributors and featuring specially-commissioned art and infographics. That comes on top of a lifetime subscription, a goody bag (including postcard, T-shirt, print anthology), membership of the editorial board and a one-year subscription to give away. We’re only opening 10 slots for that one.

The counter says there are still 26 days to go. We’re rubbing our eyes in disbelief. Thanks again for all your support.

Bobbie & Jim


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    1. jwiechers on

      Yes you can -- collect *more* and get an even better start. ;-)

    2. Missing avatar

      Matt Null on

      Can't wait for this... I think it will be very successful

    3. Missing avatar

      Chris Boshuizen on

      Well that's a good problem to have, I guess =)

    4. Matter Creator on

      Thanks Chris. One of the things about Kickstarter is that once you set your time limit you can't change it -- even if you exceed your target. Since we never expected to reach the goal so quickly, our project still has until March 24 to run... and there's nothing we can do about it!

    5. Missing avatar

      Chris Boshuizen on

      You should probably stop raising money and get on with the work, guys. Well done, but this is just the start!