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A comic that every teacher will actually want to use... and a textbook that every student will actually want to read!
A comic that every teacher will actually want to use... and a textbook that every student will actually want to read!
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AMP! Comics for Kids to publish Reading With Pictures: The Graphic Textbook


Andrews McMeel Publishing (AMP) has entered an agreement to publish READING WITH PICTURES: THE GRAPHIC TEXTBOOK, an educational graphic anthology produced by the nonprofit organization Reading With Pictures. The book will be released in August 2014. 

THE GRAPHIC TEXTBOOK unites the finest creative talents in the comics industry with the nation's leading experts in visual literacy to create a game-changing tool for the classroom and beyond. This full-color volume features more than a dozen short stories (fiction and nonfiction) that address topics in Social Studies, Math, Language Arts, and Science, through an immersive textual and visual experience that kids will enjoy. Highlights include George Washington: Action President by Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey, Doctor Sputnik: Man of Science by Roger Langridge, The Power of Print by Katie Cook, and many more. Common Core State Standards-correlated lesson plans customized to each story, research-based justifications for using comics in the classroom, a guide to establishing best classroom practices, and a comprehensive listing of educational resources will be available for educators and parents in conjunction with the release. 

“The AMP! mission is to create books that kids love and their parents, teachers, and librarians support wholeheartedly,” said Kirsty Melville, President and Publisher, AMP Book Division. “Our collaboration with Reading With Pictures takes that mission to the next level, as this revolutionary format utilizes comics—what we at Andrews McMeel do best—in a way that fosters discovery and learning, and helps educators implement the Common Core standards.” 

“Reading With Pictures is proud to be partnering with AMP! to bring THE GRAPHIC TEXTBOOK into schools, libraries and homes around the world,” said Josh Elder, the Founder and President of Reading With Pictures. “Our goal is to make educational content that kids will actually want to read, and no one knows more about what kids want to read than Andrews McMeel.” 

About Andrews McMeel Publishing: Known as the premier producer of cutting-edge comics and best-selling humor, cookbook, gift, and nonfiction books, Andrews McMeel Publishing launched AMP! Comics for Kids in 2012, featuring comic strip collections curated for middle-grade readers, including New York Times bestseller Big Nate, Peanuts, Pearls Before Swine, and many others. Future titles include book two in the Desmond Pucket illustrated novel series, and graphic novel additions planned for summer 2014. Please visit for the full listing of titles. 

About Reading With Pictures: Founded in 2009 by award-winning comic author Josh Elder (Mail Order Ninja, Scribblenauts), Reading With Pictures (RWP) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that advocates for the use of comics in the classroom to promote literacy and improve educational outcomes for all students. In service to that mission, Elder travels to schools, libraries and academic conferences around the world to give lectures and seminar making the case for use of comics in the classroom. RWP also curates an open source database of lesson plans and research studies focused on comics and visual learning, one of the largest of its kind in the world. Reading With Pictures gets comics into schools and gets schools into comics. For more information, please visit

This partnership is already at work!  AMP's Teaching with Comics and Illustrated Novels guide, currently being distributed to educators, features Reading With Pictures. Click the images to download the PDF from Andrews McMeel. 

 Graphic Textbook Kickstarter FAQ 

What does this partnership between AMP! and Reading With Pictures mean? We have worked very hard to ensure that we put out a quality book that fully encapsulates our mission of bringing comic books into the classroom. This has only become possible because of your support of this project. We also have always dreamed big - not just one book that is put into the hands of our Kickstarter backers, but also something that can be distributed to classrooms worldwide. Due to the extensive reach AMP! has in the publishing industry and their respect in the education world, our partnership with AMP! will mean we can achieve that dream. 

What does the book have in it? Everything that you've seen in the electronic version and more. We will be working with AMP! to include additional content, which means that backers getting the printed version will have something that goes beyond even the 30 extra pages of content we added in the electronic version! 

Is this why it is taking so long to get my book? In short, yes. While we put the finishing touches on the main book and put that out in electronic format, we did not want to compromise our vision of an educational resource that will make an impact in classrooms across the world. Publishing of the book was delayed while we worked to find a publishing partner to ensure that, beyond our Kickstarter backers, students, teachers, and parents everywhere will have access to the Graphic Textbook. 

So, when do I get my book? We expect our Kickstarter backers to be the first people to get the books once AMP! has finished the printing in August 2014. Our plan is to ensure we get it shipped to you first. Part of our deal with AMP! ensures that books are put aside for you before anyone else and we'll include an updated electronic version, too. 

I have gotten some appeals for donations though. Is that related to The Graphic Textbook? No. As a nonprofit organization that is run exclusively by volunteers, we actually do a lot more than just The Graphic Textbook. We have a fully searchable database of free resources for educators, run programs and events like Comics Out Loud, and have coordinated comic book drives for the families in Sandy Hook and Comer's Children's hospital. As a supporter of our mission, we wanted to share our broader mission with you and that is supported by other donations unrelated to this Kickstarter campaign. If you ever want to stop receiving these appeals, just let us know and we'll remove you. But please do check out the other great work that we do! 

 Want to learn more about what we do? Visit  

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    1. Reading With Pictures 2-time creator on

      You won't have to do a thing! Keep in mind, though, that it may take a bit longer for you to receive your copies as the books must be sent to the artists, who need a little time to do their sketches before sending them on to you. Thanks for your support!

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      Erik on

      For those of us who got sketch editions, are we going to have to do anything extra to make sure we get our copies? Are we going to be notified when that becomes relevant?