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A comic that every teacher will actually want to use... and a textbook that every student will actually want to read!
A comic that every teacher will actually want to use... and a textbook that every student will actually want to read!
971 backers pledged $77,420 to help bring this project to life.

Where Your Money is Going

Several backers have requested more detailed information on our budget and what exactly the $65k we're looking to raise will be paying for. The answers to all these questions and more, await below...

  • $24,000: Creative
  • $1,000: Production/Design (Lettering, etc.)
  • $4,800: Editorial Services
  • $6,000: Curriculum Development (Lesson Plans, etc.)
  • $2.500: Educational Consultant and Teacher's Guide
  • $10,000: Fulfillment Fees (Shipping, etc.)
  • $10,000: Printing Costs (2K hardcover copies) 
  • $6.500: Kickstarter/Amazon Fees

TOTAL: $64,800

We've tried to do right by everyone involved in the project in terms of compensation and rights. The creators are getting an average page rate of $200 and retain all rights to their work. The creators also receive royalties from the book, as do the editors and the members of curriculum development team. 

It should also be noted that everyone involved in this project is working at significantly below their market rate and that all of them have donated time, effort and Kickstarter rewards that are often equal to the value of their upfront payments.

Moreover, project manager and RWP founder Josh Elder is working pro bono on the project and has pledged up to $10k of his own money - to be secured through a small business loan using his car as collateral -  to make up any funding shortfalls on Kickstarter. 

We've had offer from publishers, but we chose the crowdsourced funding route because we believe in treating our contributors fairly, in keeping our products affordable and in trusting our customers by providing them with DRM-free digital editions of our book. We believe that this is a viable business model, but we need your help to prove it!

We hope that now that you've seen these numbers, that you consider Reading With Pictures and The Graphic Textbook a wise and ethical investment.


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    1. Reading With Pictures 2-time creator on April 26, 2012

      Some have questioned the wisdom of setting such a high funding goal for ourselves. The truth is that we simply can't produce a book of this quality for anything less. We're working with some of the top creators in the industry and several major academic institutions to produce an affordable, DRM-free, gamechanging educational product.

      Many of the people involved are working for free, but EVERYONE is donating time, money and resources to make this happen because they believe in what we're trying to do.

      Please don't let the sticker shock keep you from supporting the cause.

      Thank you!