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Bring Reading Rainbow’s library of interactive books & video field trips to more platforms & provide free access to classrooms in need!
Bring Reading Rainbow’s library of interactive books & video field trips to more platforms & provide free access to classrooms in need!
105,857 backers pledged $5,408,916 to help bring this project to life.

24 Hours Left: New Stretch Reward! New Add-Ons: Digital Downloads, DODOcases, Picnic Blankets. PLUS: RRL ONLINE with Donald Glover!

Posted by LeVar Burton & Reading Rainbow (Creator)


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This is it. There are now less than 24 hours left until this campaign ends. 

Before it does, there are a few things I'd like to say:

1. Thank you for everything you've done. It doesn't matter whether you gave $5 or $5000, whether you recruited a few friends or a few dozen. Over the past month, you've pledged to help us do something extraordinary for the next generation, and your actions will give us the chance to make a difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of children. Even on Kickstarter, where so many dreams have come to life, this has been something special. Thank you for committing to this cause and joining our mission.

2. We've still got 24 hours left to help even more classrooms. We're getting close to our $5,000,000 stretch goal. Together, I'm confident that we will reach it. And when we do, we'll be able to bring Reading Rainbow to more platforms, and provide it for free to over 7,500 classrooms in need. But after $5M, we can still do more: every $100,000 will let us reach over 500 more classrooms. Together, we can keep going until the very last minute.

3. I'm adding one last "stretch reward" to keep things going. Hundreds of you have written to ask if we'd offer rewards that included new stories on video. And so, with just 24 hours left, I'm going to throw in one more incentive to see how high we can fly:

For every $100,000 we raise over $5M, you – our backers – can select a new story for me to read, and we'll let all backers watch them for free.

The math is simple: if we raise an extra $100,000, you can choose one new book from a list we'll provide. If we raise $500,000 more, five books. And if we raise another million dollars? You'll choose ten new books for me to read, and everyone will get to watch them for free.

It's not over until it's over, y'all. Let's see how high we can go.

Keep reading for a few more updates from our team, and I'll see you next time.



Hi again, Kickstarters.

Just a few more quick announcements and updates, and FOUR AWESOME NEW ADD-ON REWARDS to announce while there's still time left to grab them.

1. New: Digital Episode Downloads!

You asked for it, so we figured out how to make it happen:

We've figured out a last minute option to make the DVD ADD-ON REWARDS available as digital downloads at a lower price – so if you couldn't afford the Collectible DVD sets, but still wanted to share the show with the children in your life, this is your chance!

Check out the available collections on DVD, and then use the price list below if you want to add them to your reward package as digital downloads!

Just ADD THE CORRECT AMOUNT to your total pledge right here. Then, when the campaign is over, you'll be able to let us know which add-ons you wanted.

(Please note that DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ADD-ONS will be fulfilled through iTunes.)


2. New: Limited Edition DODOcases!

To help us across the finish line, our friends at DODOcase have designed a special line of Reading Rainbow Limited Edition DODOcases for your tablets.

If you've never seen a DODOcase in person, here's the great part: they make your tablet look and feel like a real book, while keeping your tablet safe. (Engadget even calls them "the Rolls Royce of iPad cases.") Inside, you'll also find a custom Reading Rainbow bookplate which we're designing just for this edition. 

The DODOcase RR LE is the perfect complement to using Reading Rainbow on your tablet, and is available for the iPad 2/3/4, iPad Air, iPad Mini and Nexus 7 tablets. Just add $99 to ANY PLEDGE to get yours as an add-on reward! Delivery expected by December 2014.


3. New: Limited Edition Picnic Blanket Totes! 

Another last minute addition: our friends at Picnic Time have designed a special version of their Picnic Blanket Tote just for Reading Rainbow!

Available in several different colors and patterns, the PICNIC BLANKET TOTE provides a large, comfortable picnic blanket for your family, and folds up into a compact tote bag with a shoulder strap when it's not being used!

The Picnic Blanket Tote RR LE is perfect for long picnics spent reading with your kids -- or by yourself. Just add $30 to ANY PLEDGE to get yours as an add-on reward! Delivery expected by October 2014.


4. New: Live Streaming Event w/ LeVar & Donald Glover!

Last but not least: we're pleased to announce one more Reading Rainbow Live! benefit event. This one is a little bit different than the others, however.

If you're a fan of Community, you might remember that Troy (Donald Glover) was last seen heading for a year on the seas with LeVar as his erstwhile first mate. But as a friend of LeVar's, Donald still wanted to help, so we're doing something special:

Donald Glover will join LeVar for a special Reading Rainbow Live ONLINE event, where they'll read stories to you and children live over the internet, while broadcasting from a boat.

That's right: from a boat.

If you want to join in -- either during the live event or a re-broadcast stream at a more convenient time -- just add $10 to ANY pledge to get your pass as an add-on reward.


That's all for this update, but we'll be sending you one more personalized update later this evening, with a final reminder of what reward package you've selected, what it includes, and a helpful guide to make sure you've included the right amount for your desired add-on rewards. But you don't have to take our word for it -- you'll see it for yourself!

Your Friends,

The Reading Rainbow Team


It's our LAST DAY! If you want to help us reach our stretch goal to support more classrooms and platforms, it's easy! Just retweet or share one of these messages on Facebook and Twitter:

Less than 24 hours left! Help @readingrainbow cross the finish line & reach more schools in need: pledge now @

Final 24 hrs! New rewards from @DodoSays @PicnicTime & @DonaldGlover + classic @ReadingRainbow episodes! Pledge @!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jenny on

      WOOOOO-HOOOOOOOO!!!! Just sayin'.

    2. Missing avatar

      Sonia Koval

      @Jennifer -- they added some more, but you better move fast!

    3. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Meyer on

      Oh no! I missed the Pebbles??!!!?? Darn. Anymore? Please. I too am a fan of Community and will definitely give more to watch it. :-)

    4. Missing avatar

      Terrance Vails on

      I can't express enough how proud I am to be one of the backers of such a wonderful program that I cherished throughout my childhood. I hope that Reading Rainbow has the same positive impact on children for many generations to come.

    5. Missing avatar

      Sonia Orban-Price on

      I had already pledged on the first day. I LOVE Reading Rainbow (reason why I am a bookaholic, my home library is nuts), Star Trek series and Community. I saw the most recent update with Donald Glover and just had to contribute more. The thought of Levar and Donald reading on a boat makes me smile. I'm sooo happy that we reached the $5million mark and are continuing to go over. Watching this kickstarter the past month is just soul warming. So many good people out there contributing to such a great cause. Love to all of you!

    6. Missing avatar

      Peerless Girl on

      I was looking to add the "Collector's Edition" DVD as a download. The downloads listed above are $10 for 5 episodes. The collector's edition is 2 episodes + the Kickstarter Exclusive episode (so 3) correct? Is it still $10 or would it be less? I don't mind pledging 10, just need to know if it's still $10 or it's like $5 or $7. Thanks in advance, if I don't hear anything I'll just pledge $10 anyway.

    7. Greig Stewart on

      With Wil Wheaton's help promoting my video ( he featured it on his show -… ) I was able to raise $725 via ad revenue and mp3 purchases to pledge towards Reading Rainbow!

    8. Missing avatar

      Jesse Lee on


      Go guys go!

    9. Lindsay on

      Any chance to purchase a lifetime subscription to the iPad app?

    10. Amber Anastasi on

      Just upped my pledge by $150. So grateful to have access to all 152 episodes. Thank you for the more than reasonable price. ITunes is great!

    11. Missing avatar

      Ehrich Douglas

      iTunes alternatives would be amazing. I have trouble believing Amazon or Google wouldn't be willing to help this out.

    12. Missing avatar

      Anna Jensen on

      Nevermind. Upped my base pledge to $10 to be sure. :-)

    13. Missing avatar

      Anna Jensen on

      Correction: Do I need to change to the $10 base pledge level to get the new stretch reward - the stickers?

    14. Missing avatar

      Anna Jensen on

      I don't need or really particularly want the tweet or the digital wallpapers, so I'm at the $5 level, with a lot of add-ons. Do I need to change to the $5 pledge level to get the stickers? Thx...

    15. Missing avatar

      Anna Jensen on

      Everyone at $10 and up gets the stickers= everyone with a base pledge of $10? I'm assuming that a $1 or $5 base pledge wouldn't qualify someone for them, even with add-ons, is that right?

    16. JC on

      Thank you for the happy childhood memories and a love of reading!
      I'm hoping the physical DVDs will ship before Christmas!

    17. Missing avatar

      Dan on

      +1 for iTunes alternatives

    18. Missing avatar

      Sara on

      Donald Glover & LeVar Burton read aloud? SOLD!

    19. Ivan Askwith Collaborator on

      @Ray -- If you can't make the event but still want the autographed poster, we will ABSOLUTELY make sure that we send it to you. Not a problem at all. :) -- Ivan

    20. David Zamora on

      Will the DVD and digital downloads have the original intro's based on how they aired for each season? I believe the new versions of RR have only the newer looking intro's that include computer animation and such. I really miss the old intro. It was animated and was sang differently. This is the intro I remember as a child:… . Thanks again LeVar for putting together this ridiculously amazing Kickstarter!!!!

    21. Missing avatar

      Beverly Porter on

      I changed my pledge but found my original Amazon authorization did not cancel automatically. I followed the following instructions to cancel it:

      To view or cancel existing payment authorizations:
      1. Log into your Amazon Payments account by visiting .
      2. Click on the "Edit Your Account Settings" link.
      3. Select "Change my payment authorizations".
      4. Click to select the authorization that you want to view or cancel.

    22. David Zamora on

      I was so close to pledging $750 for the DVD set until I saw the entire collection as a digital download for $150. I was thinking about what I need to ebay to raise funds, ha!...seriously, I was. But now I'm at a crossroad! I just saw that the digital download is via iTunes, and I don't have a spare Apple TV and hard drive to download them to...I would love to see this as an Amazon option. All of my tablets and devices hooked up to my TV's are Amazon friends...not iTunes though. :(

    23. Missing avatar

      Ray Johnston on

      Hi, LaVar, great job for what you are doing for this program! I'm backing the BSG event. Myself, and a few others have expressed concerns about when the date might be, because we might not be able to get to LA for it. I definitely don't want a refund, but was wondering if the backers that can't make the event might be able to get a poster autographed by the actors sent to them if we can't make that date. Just a question and OK if that's not possible. Thanks and again awesome job for your support, Ray

    24. Missing avatar

      Tanika Antonio on

      What an awesome project. I loved watching Reading Rainbow as a child. It's great to be able to share this same experience and foster a love for reading with my own little one.

    25. LeVar Burton & Reading Rainbow Creator on

      @Stephen -- The main difference is that if you purchase them through Kickstarter, you save at least a few dollars, and we're able to help more schools. :) - Ivan

      @Daniel -- We can definitely look into alternatives, including Amazon -- but obviously, we can't promise anything before the campaign ends. :(

      @Christi -- there's an up-to-date list of all the add-ons on the front page of our Kickstarter now, and we're working on a final post here on the site for people who want to double-check and make sure they pledged for add-ons correctly!

      @Marlayna -- yes, that was the correct way to do it! Once the campaign ends, we'll contact ALL backers to get details about all of your rewards and where to send them. When we do, you'll be able to tell us what add-on rewards you'd like in exchange for the extra amount in your pledge. :)

      -- Ivan

    26. Missing avatar

      Jessica Cruz on

      I just added $20 to my pledge, this is so close to my heart. Reading Rainbow was a cornerstone of my childhood, and while I don't have children of my own, I have 4 nieces and I want them to experience the joy of reading just like I did. This is such an amazing project, I truly have had my faith in humanity restored over these past 30 days.

    27. Stephen Staver on

      I didn't realize the complete collection was available on iTunes. Will there be anything different between the Kickstarter version, compared to what's already on iTunes?
      If not, then I think I'll wait awhile, and just buy them directly from iTunes for the same price. :)

    28. Missing avatar

      Sam Reisen on

      I agree with Anne Butler Donald should totally come back to Community

    29. Missing avatar

      Anne Butler on

      If I up my pledge will you convince Donald to come back for season 6 of Community?

    30. Daniel Roop on

      +1 to Non-Itunes based Digital Downloads. I almost upp'ed my pledge but my video situation is much more friendly to Amazon Instant. DRM Free would work as well.

    31. Ashley Brooke Sero on

      That picnic tote is neat! I may have to up my pledge... It's been amazing watching this kickstarter grow!

    32. The Lurker formally known as Mrs. S.D.

      Great! Please let us know if the downloads become available through other means. I'd love to purchase them later!

    33. Tamiko Kaneshiro on

      Was so excited for digital download of episodes... But I think I'll wait for you to release them via Google Play or some other service I can use more conveniently... Thanks for the warning first though. It would have totally sucked to buy it only to find I couldn't watch it off anything but my desktop/ laptop...

    34. Christi Koenig on

      Is there a list somewhere of all the add-ons that are available (without reading all 26 updates)? Worried that I'll miss the one that I'll kick myself for missing. :)

    35. Missing avatar

      Marlayna Tuiasosopo on

      My original pledge was $75 and I up'd my pledge by $30 to get the blanket tote. So now my total is $105. I kept my reward package at $75. Was that correct? I didn't see where to choose the blanket also so hopefully you guys can tell. Thanks

    36. Missing avatar

      Skyler Breeden on

      If I up my pledge by $60, can I get two picnic blankets instead of just one?

    37. Tyler Viens on

      The RR edition dodo case looks great, im just confused as to why theres no options for the kindle one of the main tablets meant for reading.

    38. Jill on

      You guys are reaaaalllly good at the whole "getting me to up my pledge" thing, now I just have to remember what I upped it for! Kudos to D. Glover - excited to see Troy and LeVar on a boat!

    39. Missing avatar

      Brian L on

      +1 for getting the DVD digital download edition available on a platform other than iTunes. Price is right, but iTunes just doesn't work for me :(

    40. Emilia Breton on

      Will the iTunes download be DRM free I want to view on my android device?

    41. spiralofhope on

      The digital DVD collection through iTunes? Dealbreaker.

    42. Rocky Sunico on

      Any chances of a non-iTunes option for digital downloads of the videos?

    43. Brittney on

      I am definitely adding on to see Donald Glover with LeVar!

    44. Missing avatar

      Selena Terrazas on

      More awesome things and RR! You got me. I up'ed my pledge - how do I get the picnic blanket?

    45. Tina Samaniego on

      Stop adding awesome things... ack ... !

    46. Lauren Ashley Scott on

      Reading Rainbow on a boat? Heck yes I'm in.

    47. Missing avatar

      James M on

      Oh snap! The download collections were what I was waiting for. Hoping for DRM-free, even if it's distributed via iTunes.

    48. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Chan on

      This might be a bit too late, but if you can offer the digital download outside of iTunes, I'm in for the $150 full collection!

    49. Ken Baker on

      And there goes another $150.

    50. Lucas Jung on

      I'm very happy that you added the digital downloads option, and I've already upgraded my pledge, but I also have a request: any chance that the digital downloads could also be made available through Amazon instant video, so that backers could close which service to receive their videos through?