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Bring Reading Rainbow’s library of interactive books & video field trips to more platforms & provide free access to classrooms in need!
Bring Reading Rainbow’s library of interactive books & video field trips to more platforms & provide free access to classrooms in need!
Bring Reading Rainbow’s library of interactive books & video field trips to more platforms & provide free access to classrooms in need!
105,857 backers pledged $5,408,916 to help bring this project to life.

Live Event with Katee Sackhoff & BSG! Set Visits to Perception & Parenthood!



We apologize in advance, but this final 30 hour countdown might get a little intense.

First: starting right now, LeVar is doing a live Q&A over at Jezebel, so feel free to join in!

We've got a few more announcements and final incentives to share before we hit the finish line at 12PM PDT tomorrow, so there will be at least two updates today, and another 1-2 tomorrow. But after that, things will calm down a little bit. We promise!

This morning, we wanted to let you know about TWO amazing new last-minute rewards!

A few weeks ago, when we announced the RRL events with LeVar's friends from Star Trek, we received a ton of enthusiastic messages. One of the most enthusiastic of those was from actress Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica, Longmire), who explained that she's been a lifelong fan of Reading Rainbow:

"Growing up with a mom that was a teacher, I was always aware of the importance of education and reading. But what first inspired my imagination and love of Reading was LeVar, and Reading Rainbow. I truly believe that that love of imagination led to my career as an actress. I'd like to help give something back, so that Reading Rainbow will be able do that for more kids in the future."

So this morning, we're excited to tell you that – in addition to her pledge to ADOPT A SCHOOL – Katee herself has contributed a new reward:

In August 2014, Katee and several of her BSG friends will join LeVar in Los Angeles for a special READING RAINBOW LIVE with BATTLESTAR GALACTICA event, and you can get tickets right now.

Since we don't have much time left, and we want to make sure this event is affordable to all, you can get a set of 3 tickets plus a Meet & Greet with LeVar and the cast and an autographed collectible poster for just $400! (Please note that this reward package does not include any other rewards, so if you'd like all of the rewards in the $200 package, please add $200 to your total pledge.)

She also sent along this video to help us spread the word:

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As fans of Battlestar Galactica, and of Katee herself, we're excited to welcome her – and the crew of the Galactica – aboard for this mission.

Ever wanted to go behind the scenes of a television show, see a scene being shot, meet the cast, and find out how a real production works? Here's your chance!

Our friends at PERCEPTION and PARENTHOOD are each offering a rare chance to visit their sets in Los Angeles, where you'll watch production, go behind-the-scenes, have lunch, and meet some of the cast!

For $3500, you'll get to bring a friend, and choose to visit either the set of PERCEPTION (starring Eric McCormack, Rachael Leigh Cook, Kelly Rowan, Arjay Smith and – of course – LeVar Burton), where you'll be LeVar's personal guests for lunch, and get to watch him perform in scenes, or PARENTHOOD (starring, among others, Peter Krause, Lauren Graham, Dax Shepard, Monica Potter and Erika Christensen), where you'll be the personal guests of Executive Producer Sarah Watson, who will also show you around the rest of the studio lot, and take you on a tour of other famous film and television locations (including Desperate Housewives' Wisteria Lane and the house from Psycho)!

And remember: if you pledge right now, Seth MacFarlane will still be matching your pledge dollar-for-dollar, so you'll be doing twice as much to help us bring Reading Rainbow into more classrooms that can't afford it!

We'll have more this afternoon, including a message from LeVar for our final 24 hours!

Your Friends,

The Reading Rainbow Team


It's our LAST DAY! If you want to help us reach our stretch goal to support more classrooms and platforms, it's easy! Just retweet or share this message on Facebook and Twitter:

Just 24 hours left! Meet @kateesackhoff @edwardjolmos @trutriciahelfer & friends + help @ReadingRainbow! Pledge now @


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    1. Samantha Stevens on July 1, 2014

      Would you need to buy an additional ticket for a child under the age of 2?

    2. Karen Louise Freund on July 1, 2014

      So tempting, Ivan...!

    3. Missing avatar

      Alex Kaiser on July 1, 2014

      You know, the more I hear, the more I realize how awesome Katee Sackhoff is.

    4. Missing avatar

      Leah on July 1, 2014

      Going back and forth on the Parenthood package - would be a dream come true, but worried about what it would set us back to get & stay there. Anyone have any ideas on how we could do those two things on a budget to make this dream a reality?!

    5. James Closs on July 1, 2014

      What the what?! Katee Sackhoff and BSG? That's epic!

    6. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Heddle on July 1, 2014

      @Ivan, that is helpful to know, thank you!

    7. LeVar Burton & Reading Rainbow Creator on July 1, 2014

      @Jennifer, @Alonso, @Karen: if you grab the tickets and you can't make it, we'll do our best to either find someone else who wants them or issue you a refund on them. :) -- Ivan

    8. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Heddle on July 1, 2014

      Really hamstrung by not knowing the BSG dates...don't suppose there's any chance of finding out later today.

    9. Luke Woolley on July 1, 2014

      That's so awesome! I'll have to stick with my original pledge amount, but I have BSG-lover friends in LA and letting them know about this sweet glory.

    10. Karen Louise Freund on July 1, 2014

      @Alonso, I have the exact same problem! And I'm a bridesmaid... but omg, BSG...

    11. Dee Eisel on July 1, 2014

      Liked and shared!

    12. Anna Chipman on July 1, 2014

      No way!!! I want to do this so very badly!!!

    13. Alonso Enriquez on July 1, 2014

      what are the dates for the BSG even in August? I have a wedding to attend and wouldn't want the dates to conflict! Thanks.

    14. Gavin Reading Rainbow KS backer! on July 1, 2014

      OMG! Edward James Olmos! Wish I could afford that!

    15. Kara on July 1, 2014

      Will there ever be a video for this that I can watch without my eyes filling up with water? Gah.