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Bring Reading Rainbow’s library of interactive books & video field trips to more platforms & provide free access to classrooms in need!
Bring Reading Rainbow’s library of interactive books & video field trips to more platforms & provide free access to classrooms in need!
Bring Reading Rainbow’s library of interactive books & video field trips to more platforms & provide free access to classrooms in need!
105,857 backers pledged $5,408,916 to help bring this project to life.

MORE BIG NEWS! Kickstarter's Most Successful Projects (Pebble, OUYA, Pono & Veronica Mars) Are Here to Help!



LeVar again. It's Friday, June 27, and we've now got just four days left in this campaign. But the response to Seth's $1,000,000 matching offer has been incredible.

Hundreds of you have written and commented to tell us that you're increasing -- even doubling -- your pledges to take advantage of the matching. That means everything to us, and I hope you'll be proud of what we accomplish together.

And guess what: this afternoon, I've got even more amazing news.

With the renewed momentum, we are now one of the TOP 5 Kickstarter Projects of All Time:

That alone would have been incredible news, but the real news is even better. 

This afternoon, the teams behind every other Kickstarter in the Top 5 – Pebble, OUYA, Pono and Veronica Mars – are all stepping up to help us go even farther. Every single one of them.

Starting right now, you'll find four new LIMITED EDITION rewards, one from each of the other projects, created just to help our campaign.

And if you decide to grab one of the new rewards, don't forget: Seth will still be matching whatever you spend – so your pledge will go twice as high, and let us reach even more schools in need.

To the generous souls at Pebble, OUYA, Pono and Veronica Mars: thank you for joining us. What you're doing here is unprecedented. We're honored to join you in the Top 5, and we're proud to have you as friends on the mission.

But you don't have to take my word for it.

Backers, please join me in the comments or on Twitter to thank our newest supporters: @Pebble, @PlayOUYA, @Pono and @VeronicaMars, and keep reading for more details about what each project is doing to help.




 Hello Kickstarters!

As LeVar said, we're adding 4 exciting new LIMITED EDITION rewards -- one for each of the "Kickstarter All-Stars" that have stepped up to help ensure that we can get Reading Rainbow to even more classrooms in need:

  • The PEBBLE + RR Package ($140, limited to 500)
  • The OUYA + RR Package ($250, hand-signed, limited to 500)
  • The PONO + RR Package ($750, limited to 20)
  • The VERONICA MARS + RR LIVE Package ($750, limited to 65)

Important: please note that, in order to keep these prices low, NONE of these packages include other rewards by default. However, you can get the other rewards as ADD-ONs by increasing your total pledge, so if you want everything in the $200 base package, just add $200 to your total pledge amount, and you'll get everything!


The folks at Pebble – an amazing smartwatch that can connect to iOS and Android phones to run all sorts of cool applications right on your wrist, and switch between hundreds of cool (and free) face designs – are huge Reading Rainbow fans, and were eager to get involved. So, in addition to ADOPTING A CLASSROOM themselves, their team is creating a brand new "Limited Edition" version of their smartwatch just for this campaign. 

The PEBBLE + RR SMARTWATCH Package, available NOW as a $140 REWARD, includes a Jet Black Pebble, with LeVar's signature laser-etched on the back. Team Pebble is also designing a special READING RAINBOW WATCHFACE featuring our 8-BIT LEVAR, which will be available first to our backers before being available to all Pebble owners in their appstore. Need to know the time? Take a look: it'll be in a book, on the screen of your Pebble! (Final design may vary.) To keep this special, this will be a ONE-TIME SPECIAL EDITION of just 500 watches. After that, the version with LeVar's signature will never be available again. We expect this reward to ship in December 2014.

For more details about the Pebble, check out their Kickstarter project.


The team at OUYA -- an Android-based game console so small that you can almost fit it in your pocket -- were just as excited to get involved. When we hit our $5 MILLION STRETCH GOAL, we'll be able to bring the Reading Rainbow App to the OUYA itself, providing an affordable option for teachers and classrooms where multiple computers and tablets might not be available. The OUYA can connect to any television or projector with HDMI input, helping more schools make use of the equipment they have.

In fact, to help make sure all of the schools adopted with the ADOPT A SCHOOL reward can use their free year-long subscription to Reading Rainbow, OUYA has also volunteered to contribute a free OUYA to each of the ADOPT A SCHOOL ($5000) reward packages. And as if that weren't enough, they've also created a brand new "Limited Edition" version of their console just for this campaign.

The OUYA + RR GAME CONSOLE Package, available NOW as a $250 REWARD, includes a brand-new "BUTTERFLY-IN-THE SKY BLUE" OUYA console and controller. To keep this reward special, this will be a ONE-TIME LIMITED EDITION, so if you don't order one through this Kickstarter campaign, this version -- and this color -- will never be available again. And to make them even more exclusive, LeVar will hand-sign the 500 reward package OUYAs before we ship them to you. We expect this reward to ship in December 2014.

You can also get the OUYA + RR CONSOLE (unsigned) as an ADD-ON REWARD with any package for $175, or donate one to a classroom of your choice for $150.

For more details about the OUYA, check out their Kickstarter project.


The team at PONO Music are still busily working to launch their own product -- the PonoPlayer, a new device that is designed to offer a new kind of music listening experience that's second to none -- but they were just as eager to help. So, despite very limited availability and high demand for their devices, they have also agreed to create an exclusive "Reading Rainbow - Collector's Edition" version of the PonoPlayer.

The PONO + RR COLLECTOR'S EDITION PONOPLAYER Package, available NOW as a $750 REWARD, will get you 1 of the only 20 Reading Rainbow PonoPlayers that will ever exist. It comes with LeVar's signature laser-engraved in the side, and a few PonoMusic tracks preloaded to get you started -- along with an audio message from LeVar himself. We expect this reward to ship in December 2014.

For more details about the PonoPlayer, check out their Kickstarter project.


Finally, we have the team behind VERONICA MARS, who hold the current record for MOST KICKSTARTER BACKERS. Not only are they not worried that we might take over that record -- they believe in our mission so much that they're actually going to help us do it. Three of the stars of Veronica Mars have offered to team up with LeVar for a special READING RAINBOW LIVE benefit event in Los Angeles in Spring 2015. At the event, LeVar will be joined by Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars; Anna from Disney's FROZEN) and co-stars Enrico Colantoni (Keith Mars) and Jason Dohring (Logan Echolls), where the four will read stories to a small group of children and their parents. And like LeVar, all three of them are great narrators, so you won't want to miss this.

The VERONICA MARS + RRL Package, available NOW as a $750 REWARD, gets you three tickets to join LeVar, Kristen, Enrico and Jason in person for a few hours next spring (exact date TBD), as well as some exclusive autographed souvenirs and a DVD to keep! (Please note that this event is not scheduled to include a Meet and Greet, and does not include other rewards. If you want all of the items in the $200 reward package as well, please add $200 to your total pledge when claiming this reward!)

For more details about Veronica Mars, check out their Kickstarter project.


If you've got questions about these four rewards, be sure to let us know in the comments below. And if you want one, we suggest pledging to get it now, before it disappears!

That's all for now, but we'll see you next time!

Your Friends,

The Reading Rainbow Team


If you want to help us reach our stretch goal to support more classrooms and platforms, it's easy! Just retweet or share this message on Facebook and Twitter:

More news! @Pebble @PlayOUYA @Pono & @VeronicaMars ALL contributing new rewards to help @ReadingRainbow reach $5M!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Conway S. Smith on

      Looking at Ouya's website it seems controllers are now retailing at $50, plus another $10 for a "Cyanara" faceplate that might be close to the RR "Butterfly-in-the-Sky Blue."

      But I would much rather go through this RR campaign & get an actual matching extra controller, if at all possible.

    2. Tamiko Kaneshiro on

      Just hope the reply comes before the project ends...

    3. Missing avatar

      Conway S. Smith on

      I had the same question as Tamiko Kaneshiro - Can we add $35 to get an extra RR Butterfly-in-the-Sky Blue Ouya Controller (in addition to the $175 for the Ouya console & first controller)?

    4. Tamiko Kaneshiro on

      Just added an Ouya to my current pledge as an add-on... And thank you Calvin for the warning! But I also just realized it only comes with one controller... Do I just add a certain amount to get the second controller or live with mismatched controllers? Ouya's Kickstarter said to add $35 to the pledge to get a second controller for their project... Does that carry forward with this project? Cuz if it does I'd rather add the $35 or so to my pledge than give that money to Best Buy or whatnot to get a second controller...

    5. MaLinda Johnson on

      Thank you to all of them for helping out! As others have said, that is huge and endearing.

    6. Christopher White on

      Dropped a nice $35 for Reading Rainbow... So close people. Lets break 5mill...

      90,634 Backers

      $4,480,164 pledged of $1,000,000 goal

      3 days to go

    7. Missing avatar

      Zac Lawton on

      The Pebble watches are awesome, but they're all gone? Please offer more!

    8. Alexis Apps on

      Increased my donation from $5 to $20. Well done on marketing this fantastic project and kudos to the partners joining in Reading Rainbow to help them reach their goal!

    9. Brian Guth-Pasta on

      I've increased my donation from $5 to $50 once I heard about Seth MacFarlane but it's awesome that all of these companies / people are joining in as well! Reading Rainbow in every classroom in America!

    10. Koyore on

      Hi Just increased mine from 5 to 25. I wish I could afford more. I wish I was west coast the Shatner.Levar event.

    11. Missing avatar

      Tiffany on

      Just to let all of the 500 of us RR supporters who are RR Pebble reward purchasers, also that there is a site called gadgetwraps.
      They make skins specifically for pebble watches and iphones.
      There are at least 7 different pages of skins to choose from. (14 if you include iphone options too) I think the link below is for a green color pebble watch skin that matches the green from the 8-bit Levar t-shirt option!!
      They have 5 different green ones at least. I think I added the correct link.
      Each skin in only 5 dollars and if you want matching skin buttons for your pebble, just add it on the site for 3 dollars more, by checking the little box before you add to the cart.
      You also have the option of adding a different color skin for the buttons.
      Additionally if you buy 6 skins you get 2 for Free from the site automatically but the discount only applies for 2 free 5 dollar skins. (not the additional 3 dollars for any button skin add on).
      I just thought I'd let RR-pebble reward users know, in case they want a color other than black for the front of the RR-Pebble. The site has images which show what each skin looks like on each color watch that pebble makes!

      I think its awesome that all these companies are coming together to support RR.
      I got my Pebble and added an unsigned Ouya for 175. It all goes to RR. So the kids are the winners.

    12. Nancy Morrison on

      Having read all of my long life, it is hard to accept that children in this country cannot read. Reading Rainbow has done so much to solve that problem. I wonder how many adults it has helped, also. Thank you, Levar, for all of your hard work. It looks like you have a 'tiger by the tail', now, with all the additional support. Way to go! Hugs. ^_^

    13. Raiiban on

      I was already planning to up my pledge from $10 to $25 this weekend, but if me pledging more money costs Seth MacFarlane money then heck, I'm upping to $50. I wanted that mug anyway.

    14. K. Mannen on

      This is really amazing! I really want the Pebble & Ouya but I just can't squeeze the budget that much right now plus I'd have to give up my coffee mug & t-shirt :) I will however not forget that they threw their weight behind this project and both of these items are going on my wish list; I never saw the show but I'm going to have to checkout the Veronica Mars Movie too :D

    15. Michelle K. T. Illg on

      Holy cow, just when you think it couldn't get any MORE awesome, somebody else throws more weight behind it...eeeee, Kristen! ^w^ That is so cool!

    16. Kevin Glenn on

      Just upped from $250 to $340. You totally figured out how to get more money out of me. I guess I can give up the autographed headshot in the $250 package in go with an autographed Pebble instead. I'm happy to see the 'reigning champs' of Kickstarter throwing their weight behind this amazing project. I'm going to be broke as a joke come July 2nd but at least it's going to a great cause and I get some special bonuses too. Keep up the great work, I know we can reach that 5 million mark!

    17. Kevin Roman on

      Had to up my pledge from $5 to $40, if Seth MacFarlane and all these guys can do a lot for free, I should do my share too, just as a fan. Plus I had got into a kickstarter fever for backing 3 other projects today.

    18. aylaeh on

      I wish I could increase my $ amount! **sigh** sadly I can't but I can sure encourage others to give to this project!!

    19. Erica Douglas on

      Thank you Team Pebble, Team OUYA, Team Pono and Team Veronica Mars!!!

    20. Missing avatar

      Rachel Ward on

      It just makes me so happy to see so many people caring about children and literacy so much! For all of these high-profile people and organizations to be so supportive is just icing on the cake! I wish that I was richer, but I'm off to find an add-on!

    21. Otoshigami No. 40723

      HOLY SHIT!!! This is too much for people to bear this overwhelming update. I think this reading rainbow needs to get to No. 1 of most funded and most backer of all Kickstarter.

    22. Missing avatar

      Dshea on

      This so awesome(and not just because I'm getting a Pebble woo hoo!) Way to go, Seth MacFarlane, Veronica Mars people, Pebble, Pono and Ouya!

    23. Mateo on

      Haha, it's almost too bad I increased my pledge the day before the MacFarlane announcement. This is all awesome news, though.

    24. Daaave & Headie Summers on

      8 Bit XXXLShirt for $35 and we're in! ...just sayin'...

    25. The Lurker formally known as Mrs. S.D.

      Amazing! My husband and I stuck with our original pledge (through my account) and used his account to pick up a new watch. :) A big 'Thank you' to all the projects lending support.

    26. Joie Broin on

      I hadn't decided if I REALLY wanted the calendar or not, but with Seth McFarlane's promise to double my increased pledge, I couldn't resist. Besides, it turns out I do REALLY want that calendar.

    27. Lauren Ashley Scott on

      This is fantastic! It's like a Kickstarter superhero team-up! I'm very proud to be a backer of both Reading Rainbow and Veronica Mars.

    28. Calvin Lindfors on

      While it's nice that OUYA has volunteered to help, don't expect to ever get your rewards from them. I know of multiple people still waiting for their console from the original Kickstarter, supposed KS limited edition consoles ended up in retail stores, tons of people got their orders with the wrong contents, etc. Their actual business is a mess.

    29. Jill on

      So so cool! I hope they send out a project update to their backers!

    30. Missing avatar

      Johnathan Chung on

      This is very cool. It goes to show just how excited and generous all the contributors are by helping out and pitching in any way they can. Final push -- just 4 days left!

    31. The Art Factory on

      the most salient aspects of this new reward is 1: the top funded projects are trying to help this one BEAT THEIR RECORDS!... how very selfless and for a service project!.. that's really superlative and amazing.. 2: this project in and of itself is also really great, and 3: it's very inspiring to see so much popular support and especially the $1-$20 pledges are a huge component.. people pledging money they might barely be able to afford, but wanting a great idea to succeed.. Kickstarter is an amazing place, because of the backers... backers are quintessential creators. thanks to all of you..

    32. Constance - Chantress of the OO on

      Amazing. Wonderful human beings, all of them!!

    33. Missing avatar

      Shachihoko on

      This is just all kinds of awesome. I wish I could afford to chip in that much more ...

      ... well, I'll be weighing it over the weekend at the very least. +_+

    34. Marlena Harris

      I backed two of those projects, so tell them I am expecting them to make an update announcing this to give their backers a chance to know about this while they can still make a difference.

      That's really cool that they are doing this, but they need to mention it to their backers.

    35. Leigh Howell on

      Thank you to all those helping to increase the incentives for people to pledge and for spreading the word about Reading Rainbow.

    36. HaikenEdge on

      This is incredibly. But also incredibly expensive.

    37. Rom on

      wow. Just wow.

    38. Caroline Dahlke on

      This is absolutely amazing! Thank you to all of them for helping out here!!! So awesome!!! Bravo!!!

    39. Ken Gagne

      Wow! What a "welcome to the club"!

    40. Zepaw on

      That's unspeakably awesome.