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Bring Reading Rainbow’s library of interactive books & video field trips to more platforms & provide free access to classrooms in need!
Bring Reading Rainbow’s library of interactive books & video field trips to more platforms & provide free access to classrooms in need!
105,857 backers pledged $5,408,916 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Ses Carny on

      Thank you Seth! That is so awesome!

    2. Missing avatar

      Lindsay R. on

      I doubled my pledge!

    3. Alison Benowitz

      Seth, you are a good man with a big heart for matching the pledges the way you are. It is great to see you, and other celebs like you, caring so much about something important.

    4. Serpine on

      Just started backing because my wife loved RR when she was a kid and because Seth is the man (even if he doesn't make the best cowboy).

    5. Liezel Munson on

      @SethMacFarlane, THANK YOU! Huge fan of yours and even a bigger one now. I made my pledge. Reading Rainbow was a HUGE part of my childhood and I want it to be for future generations!

    6. Joe Auger on

      Made my pledge and Seth doubled it! Thanx sir!

    7. Amanda Caldwell on

      Holy smokes, what an incredibly generous offer! Thank you, Seth, so much!

    8. Lory Y. Kitamura-Tintor on

      Whoa! Such a generous incentive ~ quadrupled my pledge. Thank you, Seth!

    9. Kristen Maurer on

      @SethMacFarlane I will never understand your bizarre sense of humor, but I love your heart. Just went back to double my pledge - another free t-shirt for me and more money for Reading Rainbow! Win! Thank you!

    10. Matt Dunn on

      Just added $25 to my pledge so now I don't have to choose a shirt or mug - I can get both! ;) So inspired by Seth's generosity. This guarantees we'll hit 5 mil!

    11. Kari Harrington on

      This is incredible news! Thank you Seth for your amazing generosity!

    12. Harman J. Kursner on

      So I guess this means that all new pledges will "go twice as high"

      Sorry, I tried to resist, but it was futile.


    13. Tabitha S Little on

      I grew up in Sandusky Ohio . We had a Carnegie library given to the city by the generous Mr. Andrew Carnegie . I spent many hours in that library . Thank you Seth MacFarlane for your generosity. I really do not know what I would have done without that library . Reading means so much to me .
      Thank you , Tabitha
      My Alma mater was books,a good library. I could spend the rest of my life reading, just satisfying my curiosity.
      Malcom X

    14. Doug Maus on

      First time Kickstarter pledger here, thanks to Seth's contagious generosity and LeVar's ceaseless dedication. Happy to help a great cause.

    15. Missing avatar

      Austin J. Austin on

      (Excuse me, I meant "any pledge from $4 million to $5 million! TOO EXCITED TO MAKE COMPLETE SENTENCES)

    16. Missing avatar

      Austin J. Austin on

      Thank you so much, Ivan, for sending the excellent news that any pledge over $4 million will be matched by Seth MacFarlane! Now all I have to do is figure out if I need a RR Pebble, an OUYA, or a nap (from SO MUCH excitement)!

    17. Erica Douglas on

      Thank you, Seth!!! :D

    18. Missing avatar

      Sandra Quick on

      There IS hope for our civilization! Thank you thank you!

    19. Kevin A. Mitchum on

      This is awesome news! First Cosmos and now Reading Rainbow. I am going to TRIPLE my pledge. Maybe Seth can create some exclusive cartoons for the show?

    20. Missing avatar

      Monica Stephens on

      LeVar and Seth, you can take my word for it -- this is AWESOME. What a great incentive to everyone for increasing their pledge and getting even more folks in on the action, even at this date. (As if the basic premise wasn't enough!) Warp speed!

    21. Lauren Ashley Scott on

      Seems like a good reason to get an add-on! Thanks, Seth!

    22. Jim Dunaway on

      Just upped my donation another $25.00.

    23. Paul Schleicher on

      Just upped my donation another $50.00. Thanks Seth. Also, thank you LeVar for your efforts. My nieces love, and when I say love I do mean love, to read and i can see the difference from the other children who do not.

    24. Monique Gonzalez on

      I doubled my pledge, thank you Mr. MacFarlane.

    25. Ron Hall on

      Way to go Seth!!!!

    26. Missing avatar

      Carla on

      I loved watching Reading Rainbow as a kid. Seeing all these old cartoons coming back (like my little pony and strawberry shortcake) was nice and nostalgic, but knowing that Reading Rainbow is coming back has trumped everything and I'm so excited to see how amazing everyone is about it. Thank you to Seth and to every single backer for helping to bring Reading Rainbow back. :-) You are all wonderful people.

    27. Missing avatar

      Matthew Phinney on

      Here's to getting a matched million from Seth. The support for this has been outstanding. Hope this changes schools everywhere for the better.

    28. Missing avatar

      Liz Siron on

      I tripled my pledge to take advantage of Seth's amazing offer. I'm not a fan of his work, but I am now a fan of him as a person.

    29. Gillian Turner on

      Finally got around to making my donation! Thank you to LeVar Burton and Reading Rainbow for impacting my life so profoundly growing up. I'm going to give the month-long subscription to my niece, so she can experience the same wonder I did!

    30. Missing avatar

      Bari Lyn Huston on

      as a fan of his shows and movies, it def helped give me that push to open up my wallet for such a great cause!!!! I cant wait to see if seth will throw lavar into episode of family guy lol teach stewie to look at books differently through reading rainbow LOL Great job and congrats on drumming up more publicity for the cause with your massive following Seth!!!!!

    31. Colleen Morgan on

      I have now officially changed my opinion of Seth MacFarlane!

    32. Gregory Brecht on

      I quadrupled my pledge!

    33. Leslie on

      Thank you Mr. MacFarlane for the extra boost!

    34. John McCormick on

      I just bumped my previous pledge by 150%

    35. Erica Good on

      Doubled my pledge too! Thanks, Seth! What an incredible gift.

    36. Missing avatar

      Lauren Hartley on

      Upped mine too. Thanks, Seth!

    37. Shariq on

      Well I might as well go twice as high too. Doubling my pledge! :D

    38. Missing avatar

      Liz Siccone on

      Just increased my gift for the second time. What an awesome campaign!

    39. Missing avatar

      PumpkinVine47 on

      Upped my pledge! Thank you, Seth!

    40. Missing avatar

      Zac Lawton on

      Thank you, Seth! The first three seasons of Family Guy were awesome!

    41. Stephanie Storfer on

      Seth now owes you an extra $75, and I too just doubled my pledge.

    42. Missing avatar

      Casey Fox on

      I'm with Michael Foy! Doubling my donation as of now! Thanks Seth MacFarlane!

    43. Michael Foy on

      If Seth covers the Reading Rainbow theme song in Sinatra style, with a really big band, I'd triple my donation. Kick it, Kid!

    44. Missing avatar

      J Shields on

      Thank you, Mr. MacFarlane, for rallying your resources for such a worthy cause!

    45. Jenny Howe on

      Just increased my pledge! Thank you Mr. MacFarlane!

    46. David Ballard

      I'd already backed and had been debating increasing my pledge, and I just doubled it after hearing about this. That's an awesome thing you're doing, Mr. MacFarlane.

    47. Revek

      Respect Mr MacFarlane - What a family reading guy!

    48. Missing avatar

      Andrea Yordan on

      Seth McFarlanes, what a wonderful gift! Thanks bunches!

    49. Sarah Else on

      Seth MacFarlanes you are awesome and generous!