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Bring Reading Rainbow’s library of interactive books & video field trips to more platforms & provide free access to classrooms in need!
Bring Reading Rainbow’s library of interactive books & video field trips to more platforms & provide free access to classrooms in need!
Bring Reading Rainbow’s library of interactive books & video field trips to more platforms & provide free access to classrooms in need!
105,857 backers pledged $5,408,916 to help bring this project to life.

Trek Fans: We Can Build Roddenberry’s Future.

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Trek Fans!

LeVar here. Many of you know that I’ve been working for over thirty years as the host of Reading Rainbow, and have made it my mission to help children discover a love of reading.

What you might not know is why — and what it has to do with Star Trek.

Gene often said that Star Trek took place in a better, more hopeful future: one where there would be no hunger, no greed, and we’d have a more peaceful and free society.

Well, I believe in that future. That’s the world I want to live in. And if you loved Star Trek, I think it’s the world you want to live in: a world full of literate, curious people. People who love learning, who think for themselves, and who have powerful ideas.

I believe that when we teach children to love reading, we’re building that world – but we live in a world where, right now, 1 in 4 children in the United States will grow up to be illiterate. We have to do better.


You might have heard that we’re doing a Kickstarter to bring an interactive Reading Rainbow library to a new generation of kids, and to help make it free for schools that can’t afford it.

We raised our minimum goal on Day 1, but we still have a lot farther to go. Every dollar that we raise helps us bring Reading Rainbow to more platforms, more classrooms, more schools and more children – especially those who can’t afford it on their own.

Now, I’m asking you to help me go farther – and offering rewards if you do!

  • Already a backer? 
  • You can always CHANGE YOUR PLEDGE to get any of these rewards.
  • Not a backer yet?
  • Just CLICK ON THE REWARD YOU WANT and reserve it now!
  • No need to wait in line!
  • I’ll sign a headshot just for you and put it in the mail. 
  • I'll sign a personalized headshot and mail it to you, AND
  • I’ll also follow you on Twitter for a year! 

We've worked out deals with conventions where I’ll be appearing for the next 6 months, so that you'll get:

  • 2 FULL PASSES to your selected convention.
  • A special COLLECTIBLE we’ll design just for Trek fans.
  • A Collector's Edition DVD of THE BIONIC BUNNY SHOW.
  • A small MEET & GREET, where I can thank you in person!

Just click on the event you want to attend:

If you have children (or know a child that loves Trek), I'll also be hosting special live benefit events where my friends from Star Trek and I will read stories to you and your children, take questions, and be able to thank you personally at smaller Meet & Greet receptions.

Just click on the event you want to attend:

  Finally, if you really want the deluxe treatment, ONE of you will get the best reward available: 

  • You and a friend will come meet me in LA (travel/hotel not included).
  • You’ll be my guests for a private dinner at an incredible restaurant.
  • Brent Spiner will join us for dinner.
  • You’ll get the once-in-a-lifetime chance to wear the actual visor from Star Trek: TNG


The future Gene imagined doesn't build itself... but if we work together, we can make it happen.

We can’t do this without you, so please: 

Whether you can give $5 or $5000, I hope you'll join me.



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    1. Missing avatar

      Patty Langasek on

      I don't think there's enough money in the world to express how deeply thankful and grateful I am for Reading Rainbow (and Star Trek!) playing such a role in my life when I was younger. LeVar, you have been an amazing role model all of these years, and to see you continue to strive to provide that level of awesomeness to more and more generations warms my heart.

      I'm disappointed that the headshots were out by the time I finally got around to pledging, and wish I could back to the Trekkie levels, but know that my gratitude and love will always be with you guys!

    2. Kathleen Martin on

      This has been bothering me since the day you posted this video. Seatbelts, please! You know you are a role model, so if not for your own safety, then for your many fans, please wear a seatbelt. You may have noticed you are loved by many.

    3. Keith Homel on

      I'm curious about the Full Conference passes for Chicago Wizard World. Are they 4-Day Weekend Tickets or VIP tickets?

    4. Missing avatar

      Jenny on

      I totally second Kara's idea, and as much as you don't want fickle impulse buyers -- seriously, someone who paid to get into a con and probably dropped twice as much on that those imperial Klingon duds is so not going to WITHDRAW their pledge (or at least not most of it). Especially not if you advertise a disclaimer that Michael Dorn will come to their house so they can discuss the importance of honorable behavior.

      And to add to Cassie's raffle there a way through Kickstarter to credit people with referrals? If one could earn additional raffle tickets by getting one's friends to pledge...

      ^-- And yes, yes, all this yes. I never understood what everyone was so worked up about kids watching too much TV for -- you grow up on RR, Sesame Street, and Mr. Rogers, you watch ST:TNG for the 7 years after that, and spend the next 20 trying to figure out how to make the world more like what seems totally plausible.

      ALSO WHERE'S WIL WHEATON @. If he and Gates McFadden did an RRLive together, I'm sure droves of 30-somethings like me would show up to the storytime we always imagined, and then promptly faint. :-)

    5. Cassie Grove on


      I would LOVE to be able to take my niece to Reading Rainbow Live with Patrick Stewart and would be more than happy to donate more to this campaign...but on my salary I simply cannot afford to spend anywhere near $1,000+ on the tickets. So I was wondering, would it be possible to raffle off a few tickets? For example, offer an add-on of $10 for one entry in a ticket package raffle? If 200+ people pledged $10 to enter the raffle that would more than pay for the the cost of one meet & greet ticket package! Plus, I think it would be much easier to persuade 170 people to pledge an additional $10 than it would be to get one person to pledge $1,700.

    6. Kara on

      @Ivan - Thanks for the response. As a frequent Con attendee, I can tell you that the "high" a person has after meeting an artist is a tangible thing. You could totally take advantage of that feeling of euphoria and get more backers. Even if they're small dollar amounts, you could get a decent number of people signing up. They'll be so happy about their experience, it won't cross their minds to remove the pledge.

    7. LeVar Burton & Reading Rainbow Creator on

      @Kara -- We've thought about that too! The problem is, people can always withdraw their pledge until the Kickstarter campaign ends, so we'd have no way of making sure the pledge went through! But we're still working on it, and love the suggestion. :D -- Ivan @ RR

    8. Kara on

      If LeVar is doing any more cons or in person things before the end of the Kickstarter, I'd recommend having a way for people to become backers on the spot. Give them access to a laptop or iPad and you could get them while they're "in the moment".

    9. Galliant Games on

      Cool swag, keep it up!