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Bring Reading Rainbow’s library of interactive books & video field trips to more platforms & provide free access to classrooms in need!
Bring Reading Rainbow’s library of interactive books & video field trips to more platforms & provide free access to classrooms in need!
Bring Reading Rainbow’s library of interactive books & video field trips to more platforms & provide free access to classrooms in need!
105,857 backers pledged $5,408,916 to help bring this project to life.

DAY 13: Exclusive Kickstarter T-Shirt Designs!



We’ve gotten a lot of questions from backers about the exclusive READING RAINBOW KICKSTARTER T-SHIRTS that are included with all reward packages at $50 and up.

Today, we want to show you not just one but three t-shirt designs that you’ll be able to choose from -- all of them created just for this Kickstarter!

The first design, VINTAGE, features the original Reading Rainbow logo from 1983, and lets everyone know that YOU helped bring it back for a new generation!

The second design, EVERY CHILD, was drawn by two young Reading Rainbow fans, ages 9 and 14. (You might also recognize it from our Kickstarter video!)

The third design, POWER UP, is our loving tribute to the 8-bit classics that were also popular in the 1980s when Reading Rainbow first debuted.

A few quick notes about these designs, and about the T-SHIRT REWARD:

  • All three of these designs are unique to this Kickstarter. They’ve never been offered before, and will only ever be available as rewards for supporting this project.
  • Can’t choose just one design? If you’ve pledged for the PICK 2 or PICK 3 packages, you can opt to get multiple t-shirts instead of a COFFEE MUG and/or a TOTE BAG.
  • Didn’t pledge for a t-shirt? Want to get more than one? You can UPGRADE YOUR PLEDGE right now: just click here, change the amount of your pledge, and pick a new reward package!
  • Want more than three shirts? Later this week, we’re also hoping to introduce PLEDGE ADD-ONS, so that you can get shirts for your whole family! More details on that soon.
  • Wondering about T-SHIRT SIZES? We’ll definitely have shirts ranging from S - XXL and children’s sizes! We might also be able to offer XS and XXXL. More details soon!
  • We plan to offer multiple T-SHIRT COLORS to choose from. We’ll let you know more about the options before the end of the campaign, but it won’t just be plain white tees.
  • We’re also still figuring out T-SHIRT STYLES. We’re not sure yet whether we’ll be offering UNISEX shirts or separate MENS and LADIES styles. If you have a strong preference, let us know in the comments!

Finally, we’re still figuring out whether some of these designs will also be available on other rewards, including the COFFEE MUGS, TOTE BAGS, BUMPER STICKERS and FRIDGE MAGNETS -- so if you want one of these designs on another reward, let us know!


When we put out a call for volunteers on Friday, we knew that some of you were eager to help out -- but we never expected over 500 of you to volunteer in the first 48 hours!

If you did volunteer, we’ll be reaching out to you this week with more specifics, so please be sure to check the email address you provided. 

And if you didn’t volunteer but want to, there’s still time -- and we’d love to have you involved. Just fill out the form!


If you want to help us reach our stretch goal to support more classrooms and platforms, it's easy! Just retweet or share this message on Facebook and Twitter:

You can help more children love reading AND get an awesome t-shirt when you pledge $50+ to help @ReadingRainbow!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jeff Craig on

      Call me an egotist, but when i wear my shirt I do want people to know I helped fund it. Its not just about bragging though, it also helps get the message out that if we don't fund these projects, they don't happen. Each and every time someone sees "Kickstarter" next to a cause they support it is another chance they might look online and find something else that needs funding.

      TLDR: If you do strip the extra brag text from the vintage, put something on the back or "Kickstarted 2014" somewhere so people will see A - crowd sourcing does good things and B - I'm slightly generous and want you to know it.

    2. annag

      I'll second the request for an XS women's size. Thanks you!

    3. Jesse McCaffrey on

      Love the vintage design also, but to echo other backers, I would prefer it without the additional text if possible.

    4. blughst43 on

      Would you be able to have v-neck t-shirts?

    5. Paul Reimer on

      Please remove the 'I HELPED' and 'But you don't have to take my word for it' from the classic design. Just give it an outline or something else unique to the kickstarter design. Also, this is obviously very popular with the ladies so womens cut shirts seem appropriate.

    6. Missing avatar

      Natane on

      Another vote for offering the shirts in ladies' sizes! Every time I get a men's style t-shirt I never wear it because it's so unflattering. I want to look good showing off my Reading Rainbow shirt!

    7. Elisabeth Aguilar on

      Please make women's sizes. I really love this design and specifically picked my pledge level to get one of these wonderful shirts.

    8. Brittney on

      I also vote to retract "I helped" from the vintage design. Straight vintage would be much preferred!

    9. Brittney on

      PPPPPPPLLLLLLEEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEE make ladies' cut shirts. Nothing is less flattering on a woman than a unisex t-shirt. I really want to be able to rock my Reading Rainbow shirt!

    10. Sage Gordon on

      Oh please! Oh please! Make ladies T's!
      Much LOVE to LeVar and all the Reading Rainbow team!

    11. Alessa Abruzzo on

      I would definitely like to see separate women's and men's sizes!

    12. Missing avatar

      Rebekka Hanson on

      I vote for women's size t-shirts! and please send out a sizing chart as well so we can be sure they fit. I want to be able to wear my fantastic t-shirt right away!

    13. Joey Riz on

      These Designs are great. Im going with the old school shirt for sure

    14. Lindsay Oliver on

      Women's shirts, please!

    15. Missing avatar

      Amy McRae on

      Another vote for women's sizing! It would be great if I could avoid having to alter the shirt with my sewing machine to make it an appropriate and enjoyable fit for my body!
      XS sizes might be nice for petite individuals who very rarely have that size option when ordering T-shirts for fundraisers, races, team activities, etc.

      LeVar, thank you so much for championing this effort! I LOVED RR as a child and have fond memories of it! Now as a woman of 34 years and a teacher, it warms my heart to think that this show will be available to children of this generation and on!

    16. Eleasha on

      Women's shirts please!

    17. Erin lee on

      Separate men/womens shirts please:)

    18. Missing avatar

      Sam S. on

      I retract my, " remove the I helped' .. its growing on me .. Instead, I request more designs! Announce a cut for women and I'll pickup a few more for the women in my life!

      Love ya RR, Love ya LeVar. One love

    19. Missing avatar

      Sam S. on

      Another vote for remove the "I helped" . Straight up vintage, please!

    20. Missing avatar

      Sam S. on

      Another vote for women's tees. my sisters will love the shirt but be a little disheartened with the uni's .

    21. Danielle Schulz on

      The words on the vintage logo make sense if you add "because I got this unique t-shirt" to the end, but would have been KILLER to have something more reading rainbowy like "Take a look, its in a book" or "I can go anywhere". I'll be happy enough to select the 8bit design for t shirts and totes though, LOVE IT!

    22. Christi Kassity on

      Please offer the vintage logo for the fridge magnet!

    23. Missing avatar

      Shannon on

      Please include ladies sizes and not just unisex!

    24. Theresa Neil on

      would also love a ladies size and onesie. But you could sell these too!

    25. Carrie Roberts on

      I vote for ladies' sizes too!

    26. Rose on

      Yes to the ladies sizes/styles!!

    27. Sadie on

      I'd love to see ladies sizes/styles if at all possible, otherwise the necks are often too tight, but seriously, make whatever choice is going to see the most amount of money going to the project rather than rewards.

    28. Missing avatar

      Claire Ravenscraft on

      I would love to see the children's art design on totes and magnets if possible, and I would truly appreciate ladies sizes in the t-shirts! I've had bad experiences with unisex shirts - holes quickly appear in the underarm seams due to the stress/pull from my chest. I would love to beable to wear my t-shirts and show my support as long as possible! :)

    29. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth McCloskey on

      Also, it'd be wonderful if the designs are extended to the other products :)

    30. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth McCloskey on

      I love the vintage logo! I am planning on getting t-shirts for myself and my husband, and would love for there to be men's and women's sizes rather than unisex. Also, what about baby & children sizes! I have a 4 month old who could rock a sweet Reading Rainbow onesie!

    31. Sarah Troedson on

      I'd like either of the first two designs for the tote bag. I won't wear a shirt (though if you add women's sizes I'll seriously consider it). Thank you for reading and listening to all our comments!

    32. Missing avatar

      Sara Sumpter on

      I'd be really delighted to have the "Power Up" design on a tote bag, but I understand the potential constraints of printing costs. Thanks so much for taking our comments and feedback into consideration!

    33. Allyson Bright

      I'd love to see the vintage logo on the tote bag, too! :)

    34. daniroc68 on

      Please offer women's sizing. Too many times I cannot wear a shirt to show pride in a fundraiser due to it being a unisex or men's boxy shape. Thanks! :)

    35. Magdalene Wright on

      I would really love it if women's sizing was available! I like the "I helped" design also.

    36. Stacy Spoonster on

      Please consider including larger sizes like 3XL. I know for myself I like really roomy shirts because I have chronic pain and sometimes clothing hurts. Since I noticed a lot of folks asking for women's shirts, I'll throw my vote in for that even though I am not really picky.

    37. Stephanie C.

      I'd like to see women's, men's and kids T-shirts offered.

      I've seen many KS get bogged down with too many color choices. Since there are three styles to choose from, this KS is already headed that direction. There are so many of us! Please consider four or fewer color choices for the shirts. This keeps things a little more manageable on your end. :-)

    38. Missing avatar

      Austin J. Austin on

      Beautiful designs! If possible, please offer American Apparel shirts in Men's and Women's sizes/styles. Thank you for offering up to XXL/2XL for sure, and please offer extended sizes (3XL and beyond) for those of us who have barriers to clothing access due to our size.

    39. Missing avatar

      Sarah Atha on

      Please offer women's style shirts.

    40. Amanda Jane Pellett on

      i was not able to donate enough for a t-shirt, so i won't get one, but if you are able to develop multiple sizing options and styles, consider including a maternity t-shirt. this is something great for pregnant and postpartum ladies and also for both men and women like me with chronic health problems that include swelling and pain. a lot of clothing does not accommodate enough to still fit with natural fluctuations in weight or the designs can distort when worn by people with larger chests, and these things do not become problems with a great maternity style!

      i am hoping that in a future update you might include imagery of the designs for the mugs and tote bags, to help those who have donated at that level make a choice about what to get, and so that those of us able to donate less can still enjoy seeing the designs. i like the suggestions to expand the rewards to include some cheaper options like magnets or bumper stickers. some other cheaper rewards to consider adding are postcards, cards, stickers, and journals. these would encourage kids to write as well as read.

    41. Leslie Stewart on

      Please include the "I helped Reading Rainbow" design with the bumper stickers!

    42. Missing avatar

      Diane Mahoney on

      Please offer women's sizing for the t-shirts!!!

    43. Jared Robinson on

      I'll definitely be getting two shirts, one for my wife and one for myself so I would really appreciate women's size and style ones.

    44. Missing avatar

      Allison Clark

      I would like to cast another vote for women's styles, but please offer them in the full range of sizes! There is nothing more disappointing than finding a T shirt available in women's sizes... but small and medium only. Being able to have a women's shirt in MY size is the difference between wearing a shirt I love proudly out in the world and wearing it as a shirt I love as a nightshirt/gym shirt only. Also, I know I'm in the minority here, but I like the "I helped" text; I love that it gives me the classic logo but is also clearly a unique design for backers.

    45. Missing avatar

      tammy frakking on

      I agree with several of the comments that said the same thing: Love the "vintage style" logo design....don't necessarily need the "I helped..." part
      I know I helped, that's how I'll get the tee shirt...I don't need to advertise that to the world like some kind of goody-goody looking for recognition.
      Just having a vintage style "Reading Rainbow" logo would be good enough for me.
      Even a distressed/retro/vintage option for the classic logo (to make it LOOK like it was from the 80s) would be cool.

    46. Bev Kodak on

      I would love ladies style t-shirts, but don't forget the curvy girls. A wide range of sizes from XS to 3 or 4X would be ideal, in a variety of colors. V - neck is flattering to many women. Also, not fond of the I helped text. Would just like to focus on RR.

    47. Elizabeth Bannon on

      Please include a ladies shirt. I, most likely, will not wear a unisex shirt. They just make me look like a cylinder! Also, it would be great if the fabric used was soft rather than a thick cotton. I'm so excited!

    48. Sarah Chapman Salter on

      Please ladies sizes starting at xtra small. I don't need another nightdress.

    49. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Beverley on

      I'd love to have the EVERY CHILD design on a coffee mug.

      Then again, it's easily my favourite design, so I might be asking for it on everything.