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Bring Reading Rainbow’s library of interactive books & video field trips to more platforms & provide free access to classrooms in need!
Bring Reading Rainbow’s library of interactive books & video field trips to more platforms & provide free access to classrooms in need!
105,857 backers pledged $5,408,916 to help bring this project to life.

Day 2: We just went TWICE AS HIGH!

Posted by LeVar Burton & Reading Rainbow (Creator)

Hello Readers!

What an insane second day we've had! A few quick notes.

First: welcome to the 25,000 of you who have joined us since last night!

Together, there are now 55,000 of us, with more joining every minute. And in less than 48 hours, we're almost at $2.5 million in pledges. It's stunning and inspiring and, honestly, a little bit insane. But mostly amazing.

LeVar started off the morning with an AMA on Reddit, and then spent the day going from interview to interview. In all of them, he's said the same thing: that what we find MOST exciting are the massive number of you who are joining with $5 or $10 pledges. This is a serious grassroots undertaking. What you've done so far is news, and LeVar is thrilled to share it with the rest of the world.

About an hour ago, he left to head to another interview. Before he did, he recorded this:

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He's telling the truth: we ARE reading all of your comments, tweets, suggestions and questions, and we're desperately trying to respond, as fast as we can, to a HUGE number of messages.

(My wife, Jane, heads up Customer Service for Reading Rainbow, and wants you to know that our email problems should be fixed by tomorrow. She won't let me come home until I tell you that, because she feels horrible that we haven't been able to respond to more of you.)

For tonight, here's the answer to one of the most common questions: we're planning to share our stretch goals with you tomorrow morning. We've seen all of your suggestions, and we think you'll be pleased to see what we've got planned.

I think that's all for tonight. (Can I come home now, Jane? Please?)

Good night, everyone! 


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    1. Astra Kim on

      I'm honored I could be part of bringing this project to life. I grew up watching Reading Rainbow (and TNG), and it was a big contributor in my learning to speak English as a child. I am looking forward to this amazing thing living on.

    2. Sarah Larrabee on

      Watched Reading Rainbow just about everyday growing up. I look forward to the fact that my children will get the same opportunity. Thanks so much for bringing it back. :)

    3. Kevin A. Mitchum on

      This is great. I used to watch Reading Rainbow not only in school, but at home as well. I really freaked out when I saw "The Reading Rainbow" guy on Star Trek: The Next Generation. It wasn't until my late teenage years that I saw Roots, starring none other than Geordi La Forge / The Reading Rainbow Guy! I have the deepest respect for mister LeVar Burton, having been a major influence in my own life, and hope that one day, if I have children of my own, he will continue to influence theirs as well. Congrats on making history yet again!

    4. Missing avatar

      Justin Wells on

      Keep up the great work guys, having kids read is the greatest way for them to grow, both in imagination and real life knowledge. So glad you decided to take this task on!

    5. Mairana Abballo on

      The every first minute I watched Reading Rainbow I was hooked. I looked forward to hearing the story's the most. When they stoped I was like I want to to know more story's in the books. Little did I know that Reading Rainbow helped upon a passion in me. If was not for Reading Rainbow, I would not have passion and love I have for reading now

    6. JoAnn Weinstein Erfer on

      I am blown away by this. My children, age 33 and 36, watched Reading Rainbow every day (and I would record it so they could rewatch it). We met Miss Nelson there and she became one of our all-time favorites. I am so thrilled that you will be able to bring the show back so that my grandson will be able to fly twice as high too. Good luck. I hope you reach $20 million.

    7. Missing avatar

      Vicki on

      I grew up with a great love of books, and I know it helped shape what my life has become. I hope you reach your new goal of $5M and beyond, so a new generation of children can have that same gift.

    8. Gabby Feq on

      I am 35, going on 36 and if Reading Rainbow came on right now I would watch it in a heartbeat and even DVR every episode. I not only cemented my already burgeoning love of reading but I learned about so many books that I still remember to this day. As an adult who grew up to be a lover of all things Star Trek, seeing you there made me give the series a shot and made me realize who I am today. Seeing that you may be bringing foreign language books to children truly excites me. I want to, so badly, learn many different languages like Japanese, French and German and the best and only way to do that is the way I learned my first language; reading. My ONLY regret is that I can't give 10x what I gave today. Thank you for making my childhood awesome and allowing us to give back.

    9. Debbie Hoyt Meservey on

      As an elementary school librarian, I was picturing a Reading Rainbow subscription-type thing - I would pay a once-a-year fee and all the students at my school could watch all the Reading Rainbow content from any computer in the school network, and also from their home computers if they go through our library web page link to the content. The model I'm thinking of is what they do at Tumblebooks - that's been very successful for our students. I would be so happy to think that I am passing this programming on to another generation of students - and it would be a tremendous equalizer to know that any child at my school could access the content - regardless of platform used. :-)

    10. Missing avatar

      Martha Hardy on

      I said this in the general forum, but repeat it here for emphasis :)

      I'm a librarian and a fan of Reading Rainbow. I would like to see you think beyond reaching one kid or one classroom at a time. Think about reaching entire schools at a time. Even better, think about reaching entire public library systems. We librarians and library workers are all about reading and books. We are your natural partners. Together, we can reach entire communities. Think big!

    11. Rose Shrader on

      I can't wait to share Reading Rainbow with my daughter! She already loves books and is only 18months old. Reading Rainbow was one of my favorite shows growing up!

    12. Toronto Girl West on

      Anywhere there are successful people in North America, there are adults that loved Reading Rainbow when they were young. As a 33 year-old lawyer, I would not be where I am today had it not been for Reading Rainbow fostering my love of reading.

      Thank-you for all you have given to me, and allowing me the opportunity to pay it forward.

    13. Joseph P Holmes on

      Mr. Burton,
      I don't know if you and your team have already thought of this, but I would have willingly donated more to the cause. The only reason I did not is that I currently do not have any children of my own and I felt that access to the site you are building would have been wasted on me. Maybe you can add an option to "gift" a subscription to a young reader by some means? Even if you set up some kind of lottery or donation system for children in need to receive access I think that would be wonderful. Thank you so much for Reading Rainbow, it was one of my favorite shows growing up and I credit you with my lifelong love of reading.

      Joe H.

    14. Amber Willis on

      I am just so excited for this. We need Reading Rainbow

    15. Missing avatar

      Angela Hatton on

      My favorite part of watching Reading Rainbow was the book reviews by other kids. It made me feel that even as a child, I could take ownership of what I was reading, and form my own ideas and opinions about it. It's that kind of analysis of what others wrote that led me to start writing myself!

    16. Missing avatar

      Sharon Chisholm on

      My son is a Reading Rainbow "graduate" - he's now in law school, and has fond memories of RR, ST:NG and LeVar. He posted on his FB page that "if you can read this, you owe Levar Burton at least $5"....too true! No child (or adult, for that matter) should be illiterate.Best wishes to LeVar & the whole "RR:NG" team, for making this happen! LL&P!

    17. Missing avatar

      David Stefano on

      I watched the show religiously as a kid - I'm 34 now - and while I eventually grew out of it, I never stopped respecting it and being glad it was on the air. The day I heard it was canceled I cried. Thank you SO MUCH, LeVar and the WHOLE TEAM, for still being passionate enough about literacy to get Reading Rainbow back out there for the next generations. I'm so proud to be able to be a small part of this campaign - it's my first kickstarter donation!!!

    18. Missing avatar

      gary steelman on

      I've donated as a thanks to LaVar for helping Troy Barnes,

    19. Erik Kjellquist on

      It's a testament to how many people remember and support the show (and now the app and educational outreach), and support literacy in America. And even though I knew LeVar from RR as a kid before ST:TNG came out, I did recently finish my 4th rewatch of the series and will probably be on my 5th this fall ;) I love that he's acknowledging his other work as a way to get people interested!

    20. Missing avatar

      Brandon Barnes on

      Thank you, Mr. Burton, for your dedication to this wonderful program. It's a pleasure to support your work.

      Will you be able/willing, or are you already offering, old episodes of the show along with your new material?

    21. Missing avatar

      James Link on

      So happy that this is getting the attention it deserves. Close to 3 times the goal in just a few days. Excellent!

    22. Janice Nayebdadash on

      So excited to be a part of this. Reading Rainbow was pivotal for me growing up and am happy to see so many others helping to get this project going. This is my first kickstarter pledge ever and it is worth every penny!

    23. Missing avatar

      Andrea Golanka on

      This is a wonderful thing. I loved watching Reading Rainbow with my son, and LeVar is an inspiration. Thank you for doing this, and I am proud to be a part of it!

    24. Lenny Hankins on

      I always knew that this world could come together to accomplish something important. I never imagined that they could do it THIS quickly. I am speechless. Well done ALL!

    25. Missing avatar

      Jason Pineres on

      Yesterday I pledged the second I heard about this. Reading Rainbow should be required funding by every government. It helped me become who I am today and I can't thank them enough. Thank you Reading Rainbow, and thank you LeVar.

    26. Missing avatar

      Richard Trotman on

      As much negativity is floating around the country, I have to say I'm very proud of my country -- it would be great if Americans would come together like this more often. KUDOS to LeVar Burton for the initiative!!!

    27. Kate Luebke on

      I'm a poor and broke anthropology grad student going to school in Canada. My normal is pinching every penny I have to make sure I have enough to get by. But when I heard Reading Rainbow was looking to raise funds I donated $50 without question.


      Because I wouldn't be a poor and broke grad student without Reading Rainbow to guide me when I was young.

      I learned about different cultures early on through RR and through reading a whole new world opened up to me. So anything I can do to help make sure there are more kids who have access to the world I had is a campaign I can get behind. I may be eating more Ramen noodles this week but if that makes sure a child who growing up in the inner city gets a chance to read and find a whole new world in books that is a sacrifice I am willing to make.

    28. Joanna Kathryn Hoch on

      The amount raised simply shows how many lives you've touched with this amazing program. I am so grateful to have experienced Reading Rainbow as an older child, and now to be introducing my 7y old to it. She loves to read, and what a fun way to keep her excited and engaged! Thank you for all you are doing, and I look forward to even more books & field trips becoming available!

    29. David Fisk on

      I just want to reach into the computer screen and hug LeVar Burton. Let's keep it up people! Share this everyday on social media! I want to help them get to $10 million.

    30. Beth Goldman on

      I have raised 3 children with Reading Rainbow as their favorite PBS far! I remember hitting the library to take out the books shared that week. Sometimes having to wait for them to be returned! A life lesson to a 5 yo wanting a book so bad that "Patience is a Virtue"! I hope to have Grandkids someday soon. I want them to have the joy of finding just the right book and to go on"field trips". I want teachers to have these resources available! Thank You SOOOO much for bringing this back. One recommendation...could you do RR in multiple languages(Spanish, Portuguese, Patois....). Reach even more kids and inspire them to be life long readers! See you next time!

    31. Missing avatar

      Melinda Helsley on

      When my husband and I heard about this, at first we thought, "seriously?" Then, when we realized that this was really happening we thought, "Awesome!!!" We both have fond memories of Reading Rainbow from when we were kids and are proud to be part of sponsoring it for the next generation!

    32. Jenny Howe on

      This is so exciting! As a mom of two and a teacher (grades 1 & 2), I am beyond thrilled to be a part of this mission.
      I've loved LeVar and RR since I was a kid and look forward to sharing it with the next generation of readers.

    33. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Mitchell on

      I am so excited to be a part of this. I cannot wait to share Reading Rainbow with my third graders! I may have missed it, but what is the estimated time this will be off the ground, and available to schools? Is it December?

    34. Sabrina Caprioli on

      Yes! Great idea for mobile -- many, many parents use tablets so iPads (maybe even Kindles?) would be a great addition. Congratulations on all of the success so far!

    35. Missing avatar

      Maria Seager on

      Love the library addition and it would be interesting to see some collaboration with other literacy groups. Perhaps local ones in states/urban centers. At any rate, just to put this out and I am sure that others have said this too, at no point did I ever think this was a non-profit situation. I gave because I loved Reading Rainbow and I was an adult when it started. It was never part of my childhood. It was a part of so many of the kids in my life. Thank you for that and thank you for this. Oh, one other thing, if the people of PBS no longer thought that this served children's needs, then how exactly do they think any of their programs do?

    36. Victoria R Smith on

      First of all, THANK YOU. You guys are changing lives here, and that's something that can not - and should not be overlooked. Second; here in Alaska we have started turning to technology to reach our rural populations, to help bring them the educational tools they need to be successful. One road block we've encountered is internet speed. Rural villages in Alaska don't always have the highest quality internet, will you be taking that into account when it comes to the download speed of your videos?

    37. Mike Cline on

      LeVar & Team,
      In the spirit of leveraging the crowd it would be a good idea to do some webinars or Hangouts with the community from this campaign to help solve some of those problems you mentioned. The power of crowd isn't limited just to raising funds, but tackling large scale difficult problems in a decentralized, more resilient, way- and with the velocity of this campaign (humans and dollars) there's enough energy to enable Reading Rainbow to have a bigger impact on the world now, than it did in all its prior years.
      Happy to see this campaign exist.

    38. Marla Miller, Writer/RN, MSN on

      See guys, the world is filled with great & good folks...we/they just don't make the headlines like the not so great ones do BUT this Kickstarter campaign is sure grabbing the spotlight...I will now share again with my peeps so RR can grab some more well deserved light!
      Blessings to the Reading Rainbow team-our children & grandchildren thank you for ALL your efforts!
      Marla Miller

    39. Gretchen Mason on

      This is so great! I am so humbled to be part of this effort!

    40. Rylan Leese on

      I love my internet community!

    41. Anna Mac. on

      Also, to comment on a previous comment - even "non-profits" need profits. RR may be a "for profit" company, but that may be due to the nature of the business or how they solicit work/programs, etc. There is no such thing as a 100% "not for profit" organization. We all need funds to keep our businesses alive and even registered Non-Profits must use a portion of donations toward business goals, advertising, PR, and to better the company in general.
      My experience: I work for a non-profit animal shelter.

    42. Cari Twitchell on

      I am so excited to be part of this great venture! And I can't wait to see what the next 33 days bring. :) I'm so happy to hear that you're looking to take the additional funds raised to expand into other markets, including Android. The Droid market will bring you closer to more families (like mine) who just can't afford to have an iPad. Great job, all! Keep it up!

    43. Anna Mac. on

      This is utterly ASTOUNDING!!!

    44. Bridget Burke on

      I grew up on Reading Rainbow and, as I get ready to welcome my first child into the world, I am thrilled to know Reading Rainbow can be a part of her life, now, too.

    45. Missing avatar

      Nathan Goff on

      The one thing I would like you guys to address and not doing so may be holding back more support. There are several articles that point out Reading Rainbow is a for profit organization. I think the general consensus is “that’s fine”, but there is no clear defined commitment to how much RR is committed to helping. I think some people, including myself, are hesitant to support more. I totally can feel the “we care vibe” and truly believe your intentions are good. But as a business executive I would suggest making some sort of PR statement. Nothing wrong with being for profit, but I would like to hear it from your mouth, money is not priority #1.

    46. Missing avatar

      Tiffani Burgess on

      I'd really love to see funds set aside to create and publish children's books featuring children/people of color -- we have too few!

      "Of 3,200 children’s books published in 2013, just 93 were about black people, according to a study by the Cooperative Children’s Book Center at the University of Wisconsin."

    47. Nicole K. McKinney on

      I'd love to see the original episodes made available on DVD/ Blue Ray &/or on-line. I loved the show as a kid & I know that my daughter (who shares my love of books) would too. I agree that parents (especially those of us who grew up on RR) will enjoy the app as much as our kids.

    48. Stephanie Franklin on

      Thank you so much for taking the opportunity to bring this fantastic show to the next generation. When I saw this project, I mentioned it to my coworkers, which lead to a long discussion of the educational TV we all grew up with. It was wonderful.

    49. Thorin Borreson on

      It's been mentioned before, but adapting the app for Xbox, PS and Wii marketplaces would definitely reach an additional audience. It's also entirely likely that the 25-35 year old parents would enjoy the app as much as the kids.