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Bring Reading Rainbow’s library of interactive books & video field trips to more platforms & provide free access to classrooms in need!
105,857 backers pledged $5,408,916 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Cory Crawford about 7 hours ago

      I've not received my rewards, have followed up via email multiple times and, to be frank, am getting the run around.

      I've been given wrong tracking information on two separate occasions for my rewards that have "definitely been shipped" and now as of today am told that my rewards are out of stock.

      This needs to be fixed immediately, I have long been a fan of reading rainbow but this level of post funding customer service is what turns people off of Kickstarter in general.

      Although I know there is nothing they can do I'll be sending a letter to Kickstarter explaining my disappointment with this situation. I have been seeking resolution through your email address for over a months time.

    2. Creator Ryan Read about 13 hours ago

      My children's book, Small Hope is now live on Kickstarter.

    3. Creator mannclay 1 day ago

      @Sketchy -

      I'm also waiting for the Events dates, particularly for NYC

    4. Creator Michele Houston 1 day ago

      I am a illustrator /author that sent information regarding my book responding to a request of the Reading Rainbow project. Can you update on the progress or plans?

    5. Creator Ardos 3 days ago

      I just received the following -

      "You are receiving this email because you generously donated to the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter and have pledged for the LeVar autographed headshot. We can't thank you enough for your support and LeVar has loved signing the headshots for his fans!

      Due to an export error, your name was not included on the original list of backers who were to expected to receive a signed headshot. All of those head shots have since been signed by LeVar and shipped out.

      There were 136 additional backers who were not included on the original export...unfortunately you are one of those backers. We are working to get those head shots signed ASAP. LeVar is currently out of the office filming great new Reading Rainbow video segments and traveling to various cities for Kickstarter school assembly's. As soon as he is back in the office he will sign your headshot and we will get it out the door to you as quick as possible.

      The new expected delivery of your headshot is end of April. We truly apologize for the export error, but wanted to notify you right away as soon as the error was recognized, so you can better understand why you haven't received your signed headshot.

      Please let us know if you have any additional questions or need anything else."


    6. Creator Kelly Kraemer 3 days ago

      Well, it's almost April still no reward for me either. I'm assuming my rewards were in the truck that burned, but who knows. I can't wait to use that calendar...

    7. Creator Sketchy 3 days ago

      Did the emails go out about the live events already? Last update says expect emails in the next few weeks, but that was 6 weeks ago

    8. Creator James Reimer 4 days ago

      So I sent an email, and got one back in less than 10 minutes:
      "Thank you for letting us know. The Fulfillment warehouse made an error in sending out a duplicate package. We will send you a return label so you can send the items back at no cost. Thank you for letting us know and for your patience and support." >> so they are attempting to make it right. Sorry for all of those on the other end of it...

    9. Creator James Reimer 4 days ago

      I received my package abt a month ago, and was surprised to find that I received the exact same package again. It appears I am one of the lucky ones.

    10. Creator James Berg 4 days ago

      Finally got my Pebble, and it seems to be in working order. Dont use an android phone anymore so haven't tried apps yet, but for those still waiting, there IS hope. The UPS tracking information I received was completely worthless, it still shows as In Transit.

    11. Creator Dan Ahlgren 4 days ago

      I received all of my rewards a while back, except the signed book. I emailed a week and a half ago, but haven't gotten a response. Should I follow up with the same address, or does anyone know if there is anyone I can contact directly, or any other way to get this resolved?

    12. Creator Steven Jensen 5 days ago

      @Brad Cavanagh Yeah i'm still in the same boat. I still have yet to get a thing or an update in a few weeks. I can't wait to get that 2015 calendar with half the calendar gone! *sigh*

    13. Creator Brad Cavanagh 5 days ago

      I just got a response regarding my second unshipped shipment. Apparently it didn't ship because they are out of stock on the t-shirts. Four months after the rewards were supposed to arrive, and they're out of stock. This is crazy.

    14. Creator DeForrest Warren 5 days ago

      Almost April, still no Calendar. :(

    15. Creator fishbulb42 5 days ago

      @James Bauer
      I received mine on Thursday with screen tearing issues right out of the box. I sent an e-mail to RR letting them know I was having some issues, and opened a case with Pebble through (you can also open one via the phone app if you managed to pair it). I had to submit pictures of the issue once the case was opened, and Pebble responded fairly quickly that they'd RMA it. I sent them a followup message asking if the replacement would be the RR edition or a standard Pebble.

      I was surprised to receive an e-mail on Monday from RR that they'd be sending me a replacement watch. I followed up with Pebble to let them know they did not need to send me an additional one, and they said they'd passed on my details to RR for followup. I replied to RR, thanking them, and asking for a tracking number so I'll know to be watching for it when it gets close. They have not yet responded.

    16. Creator James Bauer 6 days ago

      Also I just got my pebble and it does not seem to be working and now I need that link to talk to pebble about getting help with it. So if anyone has the link can they please send it to me.

    17. Creator James Bauer 6 days ago

      Yeah I found that their communication was Garbage. In order to get any sort of contact I had to use their information contact on their website Amongst asking about my reward I also said who ever is doing the Kickstart email/messenger is not responding to any messages and they said they were going to look into it.

    18. Creator fishbulb42 6 days ago

      @Tori Michel
      E-mail and let them know about the mistake. People have reported having good luck getting issues like that corrected.

    19. Creator Tori Michel 6 days ago

      *Finally* got my rewards today... and they sent me the wrong mug! :( Does anyone know what I do now? Am I stuck with the "every child, everywhere" mug I didn't order?

    20. Creator Brad Cavanagh 6 days ago

      I'm really thinking about doing a chargeback for this project. One of the things I really wanted to get was LeVar Burton's new book, which was promised to come before it was available in stores. Well, it hasn't shown up and I saw it in a bookstore on the weekend. :-(

      Overall this has been a really disappointing Kickstarter project for me.

    21. Creator James Berg on March 23

      Well, that's not reassuring, lol. Thanks both :)

    22. Creator Wagupocky on March 23

      Reached out to Backerkit as my tracking number has had no update since Jan 29th, only to find out that UPS Innovations sent it back to the warehouse without leaving a single delivery attempt notice, or even noting an attempt on the tracking page. UPS Innovations is the absolute worse service there is. I don't care how cheap they are, what's the point of paying anything when they have a terrible reputation for not delivering and flat out losing packages? I tried reaching out to the company several times, but not a single reply. Hopefully, Backerkit will get things straightened out.

    23. Creator Brad Cavanagh on March 23

      James: I'm in Canada and my UPS information stayed at "a shipping label has been printed". I emailed in and they said they'd send another shipment. Now I have a USPS tracking number, and it's been at "a shipping label has been printed" for 11 days. I have yet to receive any of my items.

    24. Creator James Berg on March 23

      For Canadian backers - did your UPS information update between them scanning it and you receiving it? My order was supposedly scanned last Monday, but has not received any updates since then.

    25. Creator Greg Beck on March 22

      I wonder how long it's going to take our non-reading-rainbow-kickstarter-exclusive Ouyas to get sent out. After all the problems with them not getting the blue ones, I'm hoping they put one hell of a rush on the regular ones.

    26. Creator The Halfelven on March 21

      I got my stuff yesterday, finally! Mine must have also been one of those packages that went to the wrong place. FWIW BackerKit still says "Ready to Ship" and the UPS tracking # RR sent me still says UPS never picked up the package. Note to self: Don't ever use BackerKit or UPS's USPS mail option.

      Pebble seems to work so far. The battery was pretty much depleted, not too surprising if it had been put in the box 6 weeks ago. The signature is the gold one printed on, but now that I have the watch, I can see the back is plastic, so I don't know why anyone would have thought that would be able to be laser-engraved in the first place.

      Mug is also in 1 piece. Seems they learned from the early shipments and my box was full of bubblewrap.

      The calendar is gorgeous. I really feel bad for the January and February authors since their art won't really be seen.

      So this has been crazy. But it looks like things have come together. I'm glad for Reading Rainbow.

    27. Creator fishbulb42 on March 20

      Well, turns out my watch is a dud. Out of the box, I think it's that screen tearing issue people talk about. Can't do anything without the display becoming more and more garbled. Contacted RR support, no response. Tried the troubleshooting steps, then contacted Pebble support. They said they'll arrange a replacement for me, which is awesome.

      So, I have a question for anyone else who has had to have theirs replaced. Was the replacement the special RR edition with the signature, or did you end up with a standard stock model?

    28. Creator Louis L. on March 19

      After an eternity I finally got my functional signed pebble watch from them, thanks punita… def took way too long but glad mine wasn't a dud

    29. Creator Brant Langer Gurganus on March 19

      I received the signed headshot today, so I think I've now received all the physical items. Backer 104492 in Carmel, IN

    30. Creator Evan Adams on March 19

      I feel bad for those of you that haven't gotten anything. A glitch occurred on their systems or something, because for whatever reason I have just gotten my package...after getting my package weeks ago >_> I sent a message off to them about this.

    31. Creator fishbulb42 on March 19

      Me today:

      So, yay, my mug and Pebble are here! Printed signature, and I don't know how I'm going to approach that yet. BackerKit still says Ready to Ship.

      It appears mine was one of the ones that got sent off to ??? ("the wrong sorting facility") for a couple months after having a label generated in January, and only took a week or so to arrive once the process actually started.

      I'm charging it now and having some issues with the screen going all crazy every time I do... well, anything. But at least the missing package mystery is solved.

      Good luck to everyone else still waiting!

    32. Creator Jennine Duda on March 19

      This is the note I got from the BackerKit folks when I asked about the status of my order last week (mine still says "Ready to Ship"):

      We recently discovered that UPS sent a large batch of packages to the wrong sorting facility. We are now having those packages rerouted to the right sorting facility. We spoke with our Fulfillment company and they have told us that UPS will be re scanning the packages to Morrow, GA by mid next week. You should receive your package shortly thereafter. I truly apologize for the inconvenience.

    33. Creator K Ross on March 18

      I have not received my autograph picture. Who can I contact?

    34. Creator Nora on March 18

      My reward was lost by the post office. Have not been able to get in touch with anyone regarding this for about two months. Very frustrated!

    35. Creator Kellie M Halliday on March 18

      Everything came in and worked wonderfully for me. Thanks RRKidz!

    36. Creator Galit on March 17

      Hi everyone! I realize some people are having trouble with their Pebble. I received mine, but it went into a drawer. My signature wasn't engraved either and I didn't want to risk putting it on and having it fade. So it's just a collector's item for me.
      Anyway, I wanted to share ... I'm not sure how many folks are aware, but Pebble currently has another Kickstarter project (about 10 days left) for their new Pebble.... Pebble Time! It has a color screen and a microphone to respond to notifications. Just thought I'd mention it, in case others don't want to miss out:

    37. Creator Rosa Graveline on March 17

      I haven't received anything at all from my package --- NOT even a email telling me what is going on.I Would love to know the status , I would like to be able to actually use the calendar this year ( if it ever gets shipped :( ) PLEASE respond

    38. Creator Louis L. on March 17

      Still says ready to ship, more like readily ignored… lol I don't mind backing the project but really come on…

    39. Creator Louis L. on March 17

      Still no pebble shipment in canada guess they're just going to ignore the fact they can't even ship a small watch that I could grab from bestbuy

    40. Creator Miranda Marsh-McDonald on March 17

      @mad1316 yes we did charge it! For about two hours! The screen stayed blank and then started having lines across it. I don't know what my husband did, but several hours after THAT, it magically started working. I just hope it stays that way!

    41. Creator Sean Finegan on March 17

      Has anyone else been told they are out of stock on one item or another in their order? You would think they would at least have ordered the exact number of shirts/mugs/whatever from the kickstarter...but judging from all the comments it sure seems like a lot more than 121 people who haven't gotten their items. What is up with the lack of clear communication RR?

    42. Creator Mad1316 on March 16

      I know it's a silly question, but have you charged it at all?

    43. Creator Miranda Marsh-McDonald on March 16

      ....aaaaand the Pebble won't even turn on. Waited 8 months and got a broken product....

    44. Creator Miranda Marsh-McDonald on March 16


    45. Creator Adrienne Sourbeer on March 16

      So glad to see that I'm not the only one that still hasn't received anything. I've been getting the run around for over a month now. I've gotten nothing to this point. Really disappointing.

    46. Creator Sam S. on March 15

      I pledged from 2 accounts.. Account #1: Pebble came in december, but its also one of the non engraved versions

      2nd account, still not marked as shipped..

      No calendar by new years, and the not-getting-stickers annoucement.. non engraved pebble.. Feel like I'm getting no love from RR .. -sadness- ;~(

    47. Creator James Berg on March 15

      Email and

      I FINALLY got this response from RR, the response I got from Backerkit was utterly useless.

      "Hi James,

      First of all let me apologize that no one responded to your previous emails that you sent to us. I checked on your order and I went ahead and manually approved it since the status was in not ready status on the warehouse system. Not sure why that was the case for you. I will also send to the warehouse manager to have the package sent out to you as soon as possible. Again sorry for the delay in response and I completely understand your frustration with this campaign.

      Thank you"

      So.. yeah. Apparently "all the packages were shipped" was bullocks. They made no attempt to contact me whatsoever regarding my package sitting in the warehouse for, what, months?

      RR folks, if you're reading any of this, you owe a lot of people a very serious apology.

    48. Creator Danilo Sanchez Jr. on March 14


      Thank you for the response! I'll follow-up with Reading Rainbow regarding the watch. I've yet to actually use it for this very reason.

    49. Creator Shea on March 14

      ***Contacted Reading Rainbow.

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