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Bring Reading Rainbow’s library of interactive books & video field trips to more platforms & provide free access to classrooms in need!
105,857 backers pledged $5,408,916 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Cory Crawford about 2 hours ago

      I finally received some of my rewards today...still no tshirts and still no access to the iPad app.

      Most disappointing is the iPad app, my son was just starting to get into reading when this project was funded. Now he is pretty proficient at it and doesn't need some silly game to help him. Would have been a great teaching tool if we hadn't waited all this time for nothing.

      I'm disappointed reading rainbow. I don't know if I will ever back another project on Kickstarter, regardless of the cause, after this horrible experience.

    2. Creator Josh about 2 hours ago

      Do you still not have your rewards? Throw a fit here. And then throw a fit everywhere. Let everyone know that you've been lied to and ripped off. Make it as public as possible, and not just here. Threaten to tell Mr. Burton about what's going on in his name. (Hell, don't just threaten it, DO IT!) Because apparently that's the only way they'll even consider taking care of problems. If you just sit back and wait, you'll wait forever.

      Good luck to all the backers. I don't blame Mr. Burton himself, I blame everyone he relied on to get the job done. Sure, the initial response may have been overwhelming, but that doesn't mean you add options you can't handle. Which, obviously, you can't.

    3. Creator Emelie Haigh 2 days ago

      Greetings! I am glad to see everything coming together for this project! However, I have yet to receive my rewards for backing. If someone could get back to me, that would be great! Thanks again for bringing Reading Rainbow back! :)

    4. Creator Orsayor Simmons 2 days ago

      I still haven't received my box for donating...

    5. Creator Kevin Hebert 2 days ago

      Hi I donated $200 to this campaign. Have not received a thing. Someone please contact me,

    6. Creator Gabby Hill-Braun 3 days ago

      still no mug, which isn't as big of a deal as not getting the free iPad app subscription for my son. he was looking forward to it.

    7. Creator Shea 3 days ago

      All my rewards except for the mug arrived. They told me that was coming separately so that's fine. The Pebble definitely isn't laser engraved. I'd talked to them about this previously, and they'd offered me a refund/RR episodes even though Pebble insisted it was engraved. So now I feel bad for getting it since I opted for the downloads instead. But it's fixable.

    8. Creator Michael 3 days ago

      It has been 10 months since funded July 2nd 2014,and my reward says September 2014 delivery but I haven't received it yet. Could you please check on the status of my reward, thank you.

    9. Creator Regina Williams 3 days ago

      Didn't get my rewards and since I recently moved, it seems unlikely that I ever will. I would have donated to Reading Rainbow even without rewards but you should deliver on your promises. I'm pretty disappointed.

    10. Creator John Kerl 4 days ago

      I have changed my address, what do I need to do?

    11. Creator Kenneth Scott Huntley 4 days ago

      Still no Pebble. I assume at this point it won't be coming. I have no faith left in this project.

    12. Creator Josh 5 days ago

      Again, the major problem is the lack of communication. It's disgusting that those people who wanted 2015 calendars still don't have them, over four months into the year. Again, I wonder, is Mr. Burton aware of the situation? It's also disgusting that it takes making public comments here in order to get even part of your rewards.

      Forget replies from the "LeVar Burton & Reading Rainbow" account. I'd like to see a video from Mr. Burton himself discussing this.

      However, I have the feeling that Mr. Burton doesn't even know what's been going on in his name as it applies to the rewards.

    13. Creator DeForrest Warren 6 days ago

      Still no Calendar. It is almost pointless to get now. Already have a different calendar and the year is 4 and a half months over.

    14. Creator Brad Cavanagh 6 days ago

      I'm not really sure what's going on. I received two out of three shirts, and when I emailed to find out when the third would ship and if I could get a tracking number for it, they replied "We usually are not notified when the shipping goes out, but I can always check in the warehouse system and if there is a tracking number I will send it to you."

      So at this point I guess that means "just wait and maybe you'll get a shirt in the post without any notice."

    15. Creator Daniel Garvey 6 days ago

      "As for Pebble watch, we were assured by Pebble that they were laser etched. We know what they have reassured us multiple times."

      What does this mean? It's not really an answer and it's not very helpful. Is there a plan to remedy the situation? Is there a plan to plan a remedy to the situation? You haven't helped us with the issue, you've just stated that Pebble said they would be laser engraved, we know that already. I would like a definitive answer, even if it's "sorry guys, nothing we can do". I don't want this issue to cost RR anything at all, and if it is going to cost RR to fix the issue, I'll decline the fix. But if Pebble steps up and takes responsibility to fix this, by all means, I will accept the fix. But please, try to get an answer for us.

    16. Creator Cory Crawford 6 days ago

      I've given up on thinking I'll ever get my rewards.

      After what's quickly approaching two months of follow-up and receiving the runaround a commitment was made to me that items would be in hand by the end of last week.

      To absolutely no surprise whatsoever nothing came. I've followed up again but I doubt I'll get any information different than what I've gotten to this point.

    17. Creator LeVar Burton & Reading Rainbow 6 days ago

      @Kaila, free month coming soon. We're launching that with our web service. You'll hear from our team very soon about this.

      @Louis, please email the kickstarter email about your t-shirt. As for your Ouya, they are in the office waiting for LeVar to sign on the 21st as promised in the backer email sent to all Ouya backers.

    18. Creator LeVar Burton & Reading Rainbow 6 days ago

      Hey Guys, live events are in the works. Veronica Mars has been scheduled. Star Trek ones are in the process of being scheduled.... cast members have various available dates so we're organizing.

      As for Pebble watch, we were assured by Pebble that they were laser etched. We know what they have reassured us multiple times.

      Signed artist prints have been printed and are being sent to artists to sign and then back to RR for LeVar to sign. Coming soon!

      All other items are continuing to be shipped. We are again at the mercy of our fulfillment warehouse and are working hard to get everything to you.

    19. Creator louis 6 days ago

      Still waiting on shirts and ouya and am wondering about the progress.

    20. Creator Kaila Neeley Williams 6 days ago

      I was just wondering, when or how are we suppose to receive the information for the free month on the RR app? I haven't received anything about it. Thanks.

    21. Creator May Yan 6 days ago

      any update on shipping? I still have not received any notifications of shipping?

    22. Creator Harry Dresden 7 days ago

      Any sort of timeline on people who ordered signed artist's prints? Not freaking out, not unhappy, just curious. (already received rewards from a second account) Thanks.

    23. Creator Josh on April 14

      I finally got my Pebble watch today as promised, so points to them on that. (My totebag also arrived in the same box as a bonus.) I no longer feel like I got scammed out of something. But it's unfortunate that it took such a public comment to get such updates here. The lack of communication has been the biggest issue.

      PS Is the signature actually laser engraved or is it printed? Because it sure looks printed.

    24. Creator Aubrey S on April 13

      What about info on RR Live events? My husband pledged for this, but we have heard nothing and summer is fast approaching. Travel plans need to be made!

    25. Creator LeVar Burton & Reading Rainbow on April 13

      @Katheleen Martin - coming very soon :) you'll have it before Summer!

    26. Creator Kathleen Martin on April 13

      I am wondering when/how we get access to the website/app. I really would like to have this by summer. With my son being dyslexic I need something to help foster a love of reading. I think RR will help that, and summer vacation would be a great time for RR. Please update me on RR passwords. Thanks!

    27. Creator LeVar Burton & Reading Rainbow on April 13

      @Kristen Everett, I'll look into it for you. Add ons are sometimes recorded and shipped separately.

    28. Creator LeVar Burton & Reading Rainbow on April 13

      Hi Folks... all DVDs were shipped out last week so you should begin getting them this week and next week! :) Our team packed them here at Reading Rainbow (not using the fulfillment center) so they should arrive without incident!

    29. Creator Kristen Everett on April 12

      I got my package last month sometime, but realized that I didn't receive my 8 bit shirt I paid $30 for as an add on. Could I either get a shirt or a refund please? Thank you.

    30. Creator JC on April 11

      Also looking for an update on the DVDs. (These were initially meant to be a Christmas gift!) The last info we have is from two months ago (the February 13th update), stating...
      *Reading Rainbow TV Series DVD Collections:* We are currently working on the most effective way to bundle DVD collections together. Expect an email with more information over the next few weeks.

      I've received the other rewards for which I backed (mug, bookmarks, etc.) but would appreciate *something* regarding the DVDs.

    31. Creator LeVar Burton & Reading Rainbow on April 10

      Hello All, This is Sangita Patel, the COO of Reading Rainbow. First of all, I want to apologize in mass to everyone. Some of you I have corresponded with over the last few days. I know how frustrated you all feel and I feel the same way. Trust me when I say, nobody wants you all to get your packages in perfect order more than I do. I am reading the posts about our customer service team lying, not providing information, or not getting back to people in time. I want to assure you that nobody is intentionally misleading you. All the items we have shipped directly are going out fine with minimal issues. The ones that we're having trouble with involved a fulfillment warehouse that has all the products and is coordinating and shipping them. We are working diligently to resolve any lingering issues. Our customer service team is doing its very best to answer everyone. I promise you, I am overseeing it now myself. I hear you! I am desperately trying to get to the bottom of why so many of you have not received your packages when our warehouse says just about everything has been sent out. We had minimal hold stock due to extras being sent out, but it should not have affected that many of you. You are right to be angry. I understand. I am too. And for this reason, I am trying to resolve this. Please bare with me as my team and I work to resolve. I lie awake at night worrying about your packages being sent to you. On nights like that, I have to remind myself that my team is working hard to deliver the fundamental promise to provide RR to every child everywhere. Our web version will be out shortly and our EDU product will be out this Fall.

      I hope by reading this message you see that we are trying to be as transparent as possible and working toward a mission. We appreciate your support on this journey and ultimately that's what helps us get through each day! Thank you!

    32. Creator Josh on April 10

      I've finally been giving a tracking number for my first package, which is more than I ever got before. I'll be waiting for that.

      I understand the focus on the actual intent of the fundraiser -- getting Reading Rainbow to every child everywhere. I specifically pledged originally because I have a nephew and a niece that I hope will make use of this awesome service, much like I did when I was a kid with the original Reading Rainbow. Especially since the stretch goals gave options to even more platforms, like the tablets they use. But I would never have upped my pledge for the Pebble Smartwatch if I thought it would take this long to get it.

      If the people in charge of shipping the rewards had been more forthcoming about the delays, I wouldn't be so disappointed in the whole experience. I've supported several other Kickstarters that took much longer than planned to send out the rewards, but they've all been very open about the problems along the way.

      Here's hoping things work out in the end. And especially that we do get the main goal, Reading Rainbow for everyone.

    33. Creator James Harvey on April 9

      @Josh - I received a refund because of similar issues. Out of stock, not sure what's happening, hopefully soon. I eventually asked for a refund and within a day or two got my money back. It went through PayPal. I know that there are issues on kickstarter (waiting and delays etc) but to be lied to repeatedly was too much. I would just ask for a refund and see how you go. Send them a direct message.

    34. Creator Sam S. on April 9

      I received some more items finally.. Anyone else get sent a $40 poster inside a tube that is too small? The poster is crumpled, ripped, and ruined..

      I'm wondering if I just got lucky..I mean.. no engraving on the pebble, calendar 4.25 months old, no stickers, poster shipped improperly and crumpled/ripped .. I'm not really sure how I should feel right now.

    35. Creator Josh on April 9

      I am sick and tired of waiting for my rewards. First I was told back on February 10 that my rewards were already shipped:
      "Hi Josh,
      Sorry in the delay in responding back to you. Your items were shipped out already so you should expect them soon. Thank you for your patience.
      Thank you,

      Then, when I checked back over a month later, I got this reply on March 23:
      "Hi Josh,
      So sorry I checked in the system and it seems a label was created for you, but the package did not ship out since we are out of stock on some of the items. I can send you what we have now unless you want to continue to wait for the whole package. Sorry again for the delay and thank you for your patience.
      Thank you,

      So I said I was most interested in my Pebble smartwatch, and they should send it now if available. I got this reply:
      "Hi Josh,
      I went ahead and created 2 separate orders so you can receive the watch sooner.
      Thank you,

      And here I am, two weeks after that, with no updates and no shipments.

      You guys have performed an excellent scam in LeVar Burton's name. It's far too late to ask my credit card for a chargeback. Well done.

    36. Creator Justin van Beusekom on April 8

      I am still waiting for my Pebble reward... any update would be much appreciated.

    37. Creator Renna Pierrepont on April 8

      K, so some people have received 2 sets of rewards, and myself and others have received nothing yet? Yup, that's about right..... *Sigh*

    38. Creator Caillin on April 6

      So a second copy of my rewards turned up in the mail a few days ago. Neither one had the calendar though.

    39. Creator Bonnie Patrick on April 6

      Any news on receiving the free year subscription Reading Rainbow online?

    40. Creator elkay on April 6

      I haven't received my reward items yet either. I wish they wouldn't make promises they either can't keep, or never intended to keep. I didn't donate to receive a reward, but when someone tells you a gift is on its way - it's only human nature to begin watching for it. When it never arrives, I'm left wondering why they even brought it up in the first place?

      The whole project was such a wonderful idea and the overwhelmingly positive response was so uplifting - I guess it was all too good to be true.

    41. Creator Steven Jensen on April 5

      @Treva Williams
      Yeah that seems about right. Here's hoping we can get this rectified soon.

    42. Creator Chase on April 4

      I've received every physical item I was signed up for, but I did pay extra to get the entire Reading Rainbow series on iTunes and still have not been given a code or anything for that. My last contact with the team was in January, to which they didn't really give an ETA, only to say they would cover it in a future update... two updates, but no mention of this particular reward.

    43. Creator Greg Beck on April 4

      Chris Smith - Seems like every time I make a post asking about the Ouya, they send out an email about it. Not sure if my timing is that good or bad.

      So late May probably for our Ouyas? That's a long wait for a replacement item for something we actually ordered.

    44. Creator Treva Williams on April 4

      @Steven Jensen:

      I'm in the same boat for my $260 donation. After emailing Backerkit directly, I got this reply on the 26th of March but have yet to receive a package or even a tracking number:

      Hi Treva,

      We apologize you do not feel we have been helpful, but my last correspondence with you I mentioned your package was returned back to us. I can resend, but I needed to know if you wanted me to send to a different mailing address since it was sent back. ***NOT TRUE. USPS consumer affairs confirmed that the package was never, ever in their hands & the initial tracking number confirms this. I'm inclined to believe USPS as they've no reason to lie.***

      I know you mentioned to call Art at your post office, but the post office has been having issues with returning other backer's package and even claiming that backers signed for the package when the package was never suppose to be signed for. We have a tracking number for a reason so we know the status of the package. I will resend the packages back to the same address.

      Thank you,

      So the message I'm getting is "everything is everyone else's fault," including mine as I apparently don't know my own mailing address? What a horrible experience...

    45. Creator Steven Jensen on April 3

      Well I still have not heard a peep of an update after emailing Backerkit. I have received nothing for my $250 level backing. Any sort of communication at all would be great but instead all I receive is silence. I'm dissapointed....

    46. Creator Chris Smith on April 3

      Sorry, I should have mentioned, the preceeding comment by me is a quote from a RR email update on the Ouya.

    47. Creator Chris Smith on April 3

      Hi OUYA Backers,

      GREAT news! Your Anthracite OUYA console, additional controller, and gift cards arrived in our office yesterday, and are stacked nicely against one of our walls waiting for LeVar to sign them. Check out the attached photos!

      We will ship these out to you as soon as LeVar comes back to the office and is able to individually sign each unit. He has been on the road, going non-stop fulfilling Kickstarter school assemblies and filming new Reading Rainbow video segments. He is scheduled to sign them at his earliest availability on Tuesday, April 21st. We will send you pictures as he is signing them!

      Thank you so much for your continued patience...they are ALMOST in your hands! I will send you out another email when LeVar is signing the OUYA's and another email, when they are shipping out of the office so you can have an approximate delivery date.

    48. Creator Greg Beck on April 3

      Has anybody received their Ouya yet? 'Cause still waiting on that RR.

    49. Creator Cheyenne on April 3

      I've just emailed the email address with a photo of my rewards tshirt. I've worn this shirt one time -- once -- and washed it once, per instructions. I just put it on for the second time and it's got a hole as though it's just disintegrating. I've done nothing to it apart from wear it. I didn't go rock-climbing in it and there's no reason it should be falling apart so soon. I've gotta say, I'm pretty disappointed in the quality of shirt they've chosen for the design because no tshirt worth more than a fiver should be falling apart so quickly. I hope for a reply but from the sounds of the below comments, people who've not yet even received their rewards aren't receiving replies. I'm glad to have donated to RR, but I feel a bit let down by the rewards. Hopefully I'll hear something back.

    50. Creator Isaac C. Rodriguez on April 3

      I would like to personally thank Reading Rainbow and LeVar Burton for the positive impact the show had on my life. I can honestly say that when Reading Rainbow was a regularly scheduled program in my youth that it was literally the only thing on television that was telling me and my siblings and everyone else in America to read on a consistent basis. It showed us in a loving, kind and friendly way how great books were to entice us to practice and develop our reading skills and as a result it did exactly that. The adults of the time knew the importance of literacy and how much the ability to read and write would affect our lives in the future and I thank them, the cast and crew for the sum of their efforts to better us all. I think I told just about everyone I knew on the planet about this Reading Rainbow Kickstarter during the funding period so that you could get the funding you needed to reproduce Reading Rainbow for the youth of today and hand it to them freely as it was once handed to me. – Isaac C. Rodriguez – Master Auto Mechanic – Los Angeles California

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