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Bring Reading Rainbow’s library of interactive books & video field trips to more platforms & provide free access to classrooms in need!
Bring Reading Rainbow’s library of interactive books & video field trips to more platforms & provide free access to classrooms in need!
105,857 backers pledged $5,408,916 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Brandon Lieu about 7 hours ago

      Updates? It's been almost 3 months since the last one. Curious like many others about the RR Live events specifically, or logistics about the digital copies, and the Donald Glover boat thing, and more, an update even if it's bad news would be nice... >.>

    2. Creator Aubrey S about 8 hours ago

      When are the live events happening? Specifically, when is the RR Live in NYC happening? We have received no word on this and my husband has never received any emails about it.

    3. Creator Kara 3 days ago

      On a lighter note, received my signed calendar art today. Thanks very much!

    4. Creator robert rojas 3 days ago

      So, according to, Reading Rainbow, Volume 1 is headed for Netflix in August. And, as of yet, you still haven't delivered the iTunes digital copies. Is there anyway you can "be respectful and considerate" to the rest of us and provide an update and/or offer a refund? I've had other online projects offer at least that when they have difficulties delivering their products...

    5. Creator Gabriel 3 days ago

      I accept that things happen, but it is now almost August, and there hasn't been an update since the end of May. I am still waiting on my digital episodes and the only response I have seen regarding them is "we are working out the best way to deliver them." At this point, any way would be good. If I have to wait over a year, then it is not much of a reward anymore. IF the episodes are out, let us know. If there is a complication, let us know. Not hidden here in the comments, but an actual update. The last update that even discussed the digital episodes was in February. That is pretty poor communication. I expected better.

    6. Creator Kimberly Bergan 4 days ago

      I'm still waiting on my mug too - I was told via message earlier today that the warehouse doesn't have them in stock; no word on when they will actually get them in stock.

    7. Creator Holly Boerner 5 days ago

      Anyone else still waiting on rewards to ship? I have been checking in for the last six+ months about my yet to be received rewards, always recieving a new story as to why they haven't. This is beyond ridiculous, and not acceptable.

    8. Creator Kara 6 days ago

      The post below is not a lecture, it's a helpful hint. There were nearly 106,000 backers. I've been part of campaigns with 100 backers and there've been order issues. I think communication could have been / should currently be better but I'm betting they totally underestimated what Reading Rainbow fans were going to do numbers wise.

    9. Creator Kara 6 days ago

      To those people who haven't gotten rewards. If you've kept your emails from this, you should have one that has a subject line of

      "Reading Rainbow: Every Child, Everywhere Pledge Confirmation". I think they all went out in the first week or so of September 2014. Mine is dated 9/6/2014.

      In that email are links as follow -

      Need to change your information? Here you can update your shipping address, manage your rewards and purchase add-ons.

      When you click on "manage your rewards", it'll take you to your backerkit info and show you your shipment info.

      I had 4 pledges with 4 accounts. 3 have gone through and I received my stuff. I'm still waiting on my signed artist print and it shows "Ready to ship".

      In the future, I'd suggest setting up a folder in your email for "Orders". Save all your mails from things like this until everything has been fulfilled. I save ticket order confirmations, all my various pledges etc. Then I periodically go through and delete the things that I've attended or things that have completed order wise.

    10. Creator Kara 6 days ago

      Any info on artist's prints yet? I know that the artist I picked has signed and sent back his prints.

    11. Creator Lilly McAlister on July 22

      Is there any way to get an update on the delivery of the rewards? I haven't heard anything since June 2014, when I made the donation, and I'll actually be moving soon. If I could get an updated estimate on when things will be shipped out and find out who I need to give the updated shipping address to, that would be very helpful. Thanks. :)

    12. Creator Chase on July 21

      The reply to my email asking about iTunes deliverable is as follows...

      Thank you for writing to us. We apologize our team is still working on getting out the downloads. We had a target week back in June, but we had some issues so we are trying our best to have them available soon.

    13. Creator Zoe on July 20

      Am I ever going to get my signed picture, or should I just forget about it? Doesn't really matter, I just loved Mr. Burton as a kid. :)

    14. Creator Chip Thomas on July 17

      Any update on the iTunes rewards?

    15. Creator Aubrey S on July 14

      @Sara can you post the content of the live event email? My husband did not receive it...

    16. Creator Sketchy on July 13

      Is there a place we can go to confirm our tickets, etc...?

    17. Creator Sara Zeitz on July 13

      Hey, check your email. I just got an update for the live events.

    18. Creator I.W. Gregorio & Joseph Gregorio on July 11

      Any updates on the live events with LeVar? We got our physical rewards a while back but haven't heard anything about the live events that, back in February, were tentatively scheduled for July.

    19. Creator robert rojas on July 10

      So, what ever happen to the digital copies for iTunes?

    20. Creator James Geary on July 10

      Still waiting on my physical rewards. Can we PLEASE get an update here?

    21. Creator redred on July 9

      I also never received my mug and other stuff. And i wrote many many mails and asked for my stuff. Bad organizing. Shame on you!

    22. Creator Carley Jacobson on July 6

      I never received my mug. How can I figure out when I'll get it?

    23. Creator Sara Zeitz on July 6

      I emailed RR asking about the "Women of Star Trek" and was told on June 12th "We are working on the dates, but most likely we are looking at September. We will give enough advance notice to book hotel and airfare." Sorry for my delay in posting. I hope this helps some people.

    24. Creator Courtenay Hippert on July 5

      I think I got skipped. I never received a survey, or any notifications from this Kickstarter other than my payment going through. I'd really like to get this resolved.

    25. Creator Fred J. on June 30

      Donald Glover and LeVar on a Boat ever going to happen?

    26. Creator Ed Wong on June 27

      Any update on the Pono award? I also sent an email a while back that went unanswered. If this award is no longer available please refund me.

    27. Creator James Geary on June 24

      I have yet to see my rewards. I was hoping for an update.

    28. Creator Samson Lancaster on June 24

      Just checking in on the Proposed Date for the "Men of Star Trek" event, I seemed to be missing an update email between #43 and #45 so I was worried. Thanks.

    29. Creator Chase on June 23

      Well, I'm seeing that people are getting their Complete Collection DVD sets. Hopefully the digital version is next, as that's the one thing I'm still waiting on.

    30. Creator Ryan Read on June 20

      I have the redemption for freeing but not my 3 classrooms.

    31. Creator Harry Dresden on June 19

      Any info on signed artist's prints?

    32. Creator Harry Dresden on June 19

      Phillip - Your level was for a whole classroom's worth of Reading Rainbow. It's not just 1 subscription but enough for all the kids in the class + stuff for the teacher.

    33. Creator Phillip Pickett on June 18

      I got this as a wedding gift to my wife who is a teacher. I pledged $375 for the Adopt a Classroom reward. This promised "1-Year Subscription to the Reading Rainbow Classroom App + A Personal Video from LeVar to the Class". When I go to the site it says the 1 year subscription is $49 and Ive never seen the video of LeVar. I feel like I got the short stick on this one. I understand there were development costs to get this going but where did the rest of my $325 go??? I should have just bought real books for the kids. I am very disappointed!

    34. Creator Arrakisdef on June 17

      I just received a message saying that I didn't choose to receive a calendar under my "JUST THE CALENDAR package". That's amusing, since it implies I just wanted the calendar. This whole project was basically a scam.

      It is extremely shameful for these people to have used the good reading rainbow name to cheat so many people.

    35. Creator Nicole Reinhart on June 17

      It's been an entire year and I still don't have my backer reward??? I know that's not what's important here and I'm still very glad I donated, but it was intended as a gift for LAST christmas for my sister so it's very frustrating. :(

    36. Creator Jodi Harper on June 14

      Just wanted to confirm what Jeffrey said. If you got the full collection, it comes in one big box with four boxes inside, and a separate box with the last fifth (124-155). The episodes are numbered by airdate order, so there are three numbers missing, which RR was clear about not having distribution rights for. I haven't tried watching yet, so no word on quality, but it did arrive in its entirety.

    37. Creator Angela Kongelbak on June 13

      did not receive my reward :(

    38. Creator Betsy Hood on June 10

      Here is it June 10th of 2015 and I STILL have not gotten ANY rewards AT ALL! I emailed and was told they are on their way soon in April. Still have not gotten anything. Very upset.

    39. Creator John Hand on June 9

      I would like to echo Gerald Britton's May 18 question about when full Android support will be available. I have a Nvidia Shield Tablet and would love to start my membership as soon as it is available for that device. thanks!

    40. Creator Joshua Koffman on June 9

      Still waiting for an update on my rewards. The lack of email and Facebook responses is frustrating to say the least. Apparently my shipment was part of a group that was "lost", but I was told 2 months ago that they were re-shipping. Haven't seen or heard anything since. I'm dismayed to see I'm not the only one.

    41. Creator Shaun T. Brooks on June 8

      So it's June now, how about those summer get togethers? Any dates?

    42. Creator Tammy on June 6

      Four months since the artist prints were on their way to be signed. That's a long wait with no update.

    43. Creator Mickey Cowden on June 5

      Has there been an update about the "ADOPT A CLASSROOM" reward? I am really excited to surprise the old library I used to go to when I was a kid with this little piece of awesome :)

    44. Creator JC on June 4

      @Mad1316: "*The only episodes not included are: "Arthurs' Eyes" (Episode 13), "The Magic School Bus Inside the Earth" (Episode 66) and "Martha Speaks" (Episode 112). We wish we could include them, but the licenses to these books and episodes are no longer available."

      @Jeffrey Frechette, et al -- thanks for the updates! Received the DVD collection here as well, in California yesterday! Not sure yet if it's the full box as I haven't made it over to my parent's place where it was shipped yet, but I'm sure the rest will be on the way. And that'll complete the order for me! I hope my lucky little gift recipient of the DVDs will enjoy them! :)

    45. Creator Mad1316 on June 4

      What are the 3 episodes that aren't in the collection?

    46. Creator Jeffrey Frechette on June 3

      This is a followup to what I posted yesterday.

      I received the final box in the mail today. It contains episodes 124 through 155. Subtracting the 3 copyright banned episodes, and you get the promised 152 episodes.

      So it looks like I'm finally all set. Best of luck to the rest waiting for their sets.

    47. Creator Jeffrey Frechette on June 2

      I am also here to report I received my collection today. To further illustrate Jodi's point, the package was a giant box containing four smaller boxes. Each sub-box contained exactly 30 individual full size DVD cases containing a single episode. This encompassed episodes 1 through 123.

      Since the four sets of 30 fit perfectly in the giant box, I can only assume a separate box was sent with the remaining 33 episodes.

      For anyone else waiting for it, I received it from the manufacturer via USPS media mail sent from Virginia. I'm on the east coast so west coast people should expect a longer wait since it's media mail.

      I'll update again if I get the second box I expect to be coming. As I said, this is entirely an assumption as I have not contacted Reading Rainbow about it yet.

    48. Creator Jodi Harper on June 2

      DVD complete collection came today. Of the 155 episodes, Reading Rainbow doesn't have the rights to 3 episodes, so we should have gotten 152 episodes.

      The episodes came one per disc, each in its own case. Certainly not compact, but I can deal.

      Except it stopped at episode 123. Intentionally, since the label on the box said 91-123. And three are missing in between.

      Where are discs 124-153?

      Emailing RR again. Sigh.

    49. Creator Coral Tara Courtney on June 2

      I got my complete DVD collect- gah I wish they packed it like normal box sets with 5-7 episodes per disc. Every single episode is on it's own disc, in it's own full size case and shirk wrapped.

      Really lovely to have them all I just wish it was in a more storage friendly manner.

    50. Creator Arrakisdef on June 1

      So how about them calendars?

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