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Bring Reading Rainbow Back for Every Child, Everywhere!'s video poster

Bring Reading Rainbow’s library of interactive books & video field trips to more platforms & provide free access to classrooms in need! Read more

Los Angeles, CA Web
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This project was successfully funded on July 2, 2014.

Bring Reading Rainbow’s library of interactive books & video field trips to more platforms & provide free access to classrooms in need!

Los Angeles, CA Web
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    1. Creator Tammy about 13 hours ago

      When I got my rewards for the pick three, the magnet was not there. I tried emailing through Kickstarter and never got a response, but I used the email given in the next to latest backer update and received a response within 48 hours, and received the magnet about a week later.

    2. Creator Chris Smith about 15 hours ago

      An old Ouya, a new Ouya - I don't care. As long as it's signed by LeVar and the money goes to RR.

    3. Creator Kevin jones about 16 hours ago

      I got email from Jane saying they can refund me my mother 2 days ago I sent them my paypal email address but never heard from them yet if anyone from RR see this can you please get back to me and tell me what going on?

    4. Creator Bob M about 16 hours ago

      JRoss I received a response from Kristi saying that they would be sending my refund request to accounting for processing a couple of days ago. She promised to get back to me when it was processed. I'm surprised to hear they have not been responsive as Kristi got back to me same day each time I reached out regarding the status of the Ouya and my request for a refund.

      I do have to say that I'm pretty disappointed that the "New Ouya" they e-mailed everyone about a few weeks ago appears based on today's e-mail to be just the regular retail Anthracite Ouya that Target sells. The "new" controller isn't really new as far as design considering it's been on sale at Target and Best Buy for almost a year now, although it's not the same one they provided to their KS backers at launch. I guess some of us read too much into it thinking it would be the long rumored Ouya 2 or at least something with better specs (memory or processor) than the same old Ouya that many of us already own. In any event, I would reach out to Kristi again as she seems very helpful.

    5. Creator JRoss about 18 hours ago

      yes chris I have read that email, at the end it says; "At that time, you can either chose to receive the new console, additional new controller, and $10 voucher or we will give you a refund for your OUYA pledge. "

      however I have asked many many times for a refund, and they just ignore my emails.

    6. Creator Chris Smith 2 days ago


      Dear OUYA Backers,

      Basically, Reading Rainbow and OUYA met last summer after the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter was well underway. The RR team thought it would be great for all of the top Kickstarter projects to work together, and the OUYA team agreed that it was all for a great cause -- bringing Reading Rainbow back!

      We also agreed that we needed to complete the order of blue units within a specific timeframe. The OUYA team let Reading Rainbow know that the only way to produce a small batch of BLUE reward units in time was to do it before the end of the summer.

      Unfortunately, given the need to ensure that all the Kickstarter reward surveys were accounted for, our teams weren't able to determine the final tally of orders before the deadline.

      Reading Rainbow and OUYA are working together on a solution that we hope backers will love.

      We'll be providing backers with:
      A NEW OUYA console + controller (opened and signed by LeVar)
      An additional, NEW controller
      A $10 voucher so you can start buying games immediately
      We will be receiving FINAL specs of the NEW OUYA console and NEW controller from OUYA within the next two weeks. I know that you have all waiting a long time for answers and final specs and we COMPLETELY understand your frustration. Please bare with me us as we, too, await final specs. We heard your frustration and want to make sure that we provide you with a comparable solution. As soon as we hear ANY updates on final specs for the new console and controller, we will relay the information to our backers.

      At that time, you can either chose to receive the new console, additional new controller, and $10 voucher or we will give you a refund for your OUYA pledge. Thanks again backers.

    7. Creator fishbulb42 2 days ago

      @marrria There are no 16-bit mugs, only 8-bit ones. For 16-bit, you're going to have to wait a few years for them to launch the Super Reading Rainbow Kickstarter. :D

      But seriously, they've asked that any issues with items received damaged or inaccurate be directed to the customer service address to be handled.

    8. Creator marrria 2 days ago

      I finally received my backer kit and found that while I requested the 16-bit mug , a different one was included in the package. please let me know how to exchange for the correct one. thanks!

    9. Creator JRoss 2 days ago

      was anyone able to get a refund who ordered an ouya? They said that since they can't deliver the product you can request a refund but now they are just ignoring my emails.

    10. Creator fishbulb42 2 days ago

      Since my response from the KS e-mail address said to follow up if I didn't hear anything in a couple of days, I tried again last night. Had my response this morning, that they still have not gotten a reply from the warehouse about my package. My tracking status still just shows shipping information received Jan 28th.

      I'm actually wondering if the new Pebble watch would end up arriving sooner. I have no idea what I'll do with the RR one if I end up with both, though.

    11. Creator Chris Angelius 2 days ago

      I've pretty much given up on getting my pebble at this point. We're a month away from the apple watch, and my backerkit still shows no tracking number and a "ready to ship" status. Even if I did get it at this point, it would sit on a shelf. I've emailed reading rainbow three times now and have received no response. Very disappointing.

    12. Creator Rebecca Hogg 2 days ago

      Almost a month after I was told my package had shipped and the tracking number for it said a label had been completed (1/28) it finally arrived. I now have everything I backed at EXCEPT the DvDs which honestly are one of the things I was most excited about. Any word on these yet?

    13. Creator Christine Beatty Mignola 2 days ago

      Hi...I did not get a tracking # or my rewards yet...can we find out what's going on?

    14. Creator Brad Cavanagh 3 days ago

      I sure hope I get at least one of my items. I'm in Canada, and the UPS tracking info says that they had a shipping label entered in their system on January 26, and nothing's been shipped yet. :-( I emailed the to find out more information on Feb 13 (two weeks ago) and have yet to receive a reply.

      And of course I haven't received the one-month subscription, nor the Twitter or website thank yous. This is all getting a little disappointing.

    15. Creator Shea 3 days ago

      The subscription code is coming in May according to the last big update. They also said they're nearing the end of sending stuff out.

      From what I've read in the comments, they're really good about sending out replacements.

      I've sent an email re: pebble not being what was promised. I have to pay 25% in import taxes, so I'd rather not get it at all if it isn't laser engraved (I'd prefer reading rainbow episodes, however, which I almost got instead ). I have not heard back though.

      That said, I'm not surprised I'm one of the last. I got add ons after the kickstarter ended, and I pledged late since they kept adding rewards.

      And anyway, if this gives me a chance to get the Pebble issue taken care of, I'm glad for the wait.

    16. Creator David Neff 3 days ago

      I did get the the small items that I did not turn down, but still no code for the subscription to the app.

    17. Creator Jolene 3 days ago

      Where are people getting tracking numbers and estimated shipping dates? I have not received any of my items yet and can't seem to locate where a tracking number might be. Thanks for the help!

    18. Creator Corey Barton 4 days ago

      I just realized that I never got the items I pledged for. I checked BackerKit and the tracking number says that it was delivered on January 20. It was supposed to be delivered to my job, but I never got it.

    19. Creator Theresa Chen 4 days ago

      I still haven't received my backers' stuff yet. What's going on?

    20. Creator Heidi Hall 4 days ago

      Where are my posters??? My backer kit still says ready to ship.

    21. Creator Thomas Bruno 4 days ago

      So where are the digital downloads? I see all the episodes on iTunes but no way to get them even though I paid for the extras.

    22. Creator Van M. 4 days ago

      I havent received the watch (or tshirt or tote bag). At this point, I don't think I even want the watch--bc not getting what was described (if other comments are accurate). Any chance there's an extra mug/tshirt/other item I could get instead? - I dont care about lesser value.

    23. Creator Simon 4 days ago

      Is anyone else still waiting on the Pebble watch? I have not received mine yet that I backed from this.

    24. Creator Jason Doring 5 days ago

      I've received everything except my DVDs, headshot, and digital downloads.

      My rewards arrived in great condition - thanks to the RR team! Is there an update on the timetable for the digital episode downloads coming soon?

    25. Creator fishbulb42 5 days ago

      I e-mailed the Kickstarter RR address on Friday to ask about if the mug issue was holding up my package. Just received a response.

      "Here is the tracking number (omitted). I am sending over your email to our warehouse to see what the status is for your package. We know the icy weather has caused a delay with packages leaving the UPS hub. I will get back to you once I hear back from our warehouse manager. If you do not hear back from me in a couple of days, then please send me an email again."

      So this is encouraging. I entered the tracking number at and have a shipment information received date of Jan 28th, which I believe someone else posted about having gotten not long ago, so we'll see how things go from here. Progress!

    26. Creator Amy 5 days ago

      @JamesHarvey, I also have not gotten a single thing.

    27. Creator James Berg 5 days ago

      @DanielGarvey Awesome, glad to see a fellow Canuck receiving their Pebble! Hopefully the rest won't be far behind :)

      You can get a screen protector for the autograph side of the Pebble if you'd like to wear it.

    28. Creator Renee M Wolf 5 days ago

      James, I'm still patiently waiting for mugs and bags.

    29. Creator James Harvey 5 days ago

      Anyone else still not receive a single thing? I've sent an email (over a week ago) and no response..

    30. Creator Daniel Garvey 6 days ago

      Awesome, I just got back from vacation and I there was a Canada Post Delivery notice. I went to the post office outlet today and picked up my package. Awesome 8bit mug and magnet and my Pebble. Pebble works great! I'm really happy to have received these items and would have donated regardless. Thank you so much Levar and RR team. I can't help but be a little disappointed to find out the Pebble is not laser etched and that I can expect the autograph to wear off. I guess I will put it away instead and just buy a wearable Pebble instead. Thank you anyway, it's still pretty awesome.

    31. Creator Sonia Koval 7 days ago

      @Meta Neuschuler -- if you continue to have a problem with the Pebble, get in touch with Pebble Support. They're very responsive. You might also look into various Pebble forums (your venue of choice) to see how much this has happened to other Pebble owners.

    32. Creator Kate Wendt on February 21

      Got my rewards a few weeks ago. Gotta say, I was surprised at how nice they actually looked.

    33. Creator Steven Jensen on February 20

      @fishbulb42 Yeah it was a pleasant surprise to receive the email. Here's hoping everything goes smoothly for all of us left. Here's an excerpt from the email-

      "Hi Steven,

      Sorry, your package has not shipped out yet since we are out of stock on the mug. Once we have all the items we will ship out the physical rewards.

      We are aiming to send out the codes to redeem 1-month or 1-year subscriptions to the Reading Rainbow Digital Service at the end of April or in early May 2015. This will coincide with the launch of Reading Rainbow being available on the web, which enables us with the technical capabilities to send out over 50,000 redemption codes to our service."

    34. Creator fishbulb42 on February 20

      Hey, just curious, is there anyone who hasn't gotten their Pebble yet that didn't also get a mug? I know there's at least a couple of us that have posted recently that should be receiving that ill-fated combination. @Steven Jensen was kind enough to share what might be the key to our woes that we haven't been informed of otherwise.

    35. Creator Duncan on February 20

      Well it was a decent run of around 7 months at most backers for a project, but looks like the backer number here has been more than doubled by exploding kittens.

    36. Creator James Berg on February 20

      Your Pledge
      Pledge Level
      $140 - PEBBLE & RR SMARTWATCH /// Limited Edition Reading Rainbow Pebble Smartwatch. (Stand-Alone Reward)
      Survey Status
      Ready To Ship

      Still nothing. Emailed Backerkit and the RR team 8 days ago, no reply. Utterly shameful how this has been handled, hopefully the RR program itself doesn't have the same issues as fulfillment has had.

    37. Creator Steven Jensen on February 20

      Just an update. I received an email from Backerkit and they stated that my order had not shipped because they were waiting on more coffee mugs before sending out my $250 level items. It's a step in the right direction now that I know the order wasn't lost but we'll see how everything goes.

    38. Creator Meta Neuschuler on February 20

      I got my Pebble last month (Jan.) initially I hadn't even noticed the autograph on the back, but it's nice. I was a little disappointed that the RR watchface didn't come pre-installed though.

      I am having a problem with my Pebble though. On at least a daily basis it loses it's connection to my phone and I have to reconnect it. Sometimes it's as easy as just going through the connection process again via the phone app. At other times though, it's much more involved. I have to "forget" it on my phone and vice versa. Power both completely off. Restart both and then start the whole process again. Sometimes it works, at other times, the LTE Pebble won't pair, leaving me with no notifications and/or forcing a repeat of the process again. Is there any word on if and/or when this will be corrected?

    39. Creator RosyRazly on February 20

      Hey Pebble backers!

      I forgot to post, but I got my Pebble about 8 or 9 days ago (I also ordered a mug, which was intact). Backerkit said my order was still "ready to ship" when I got it... so I wouldn't really count on it being updated.

      Also, while the Pebble itself is perfect (I suggest gadgetwraps if you're looking to personalize it/get a screen protector; the screen protectors are wet application... for those who *ahem* don't read, it did not come with the RR watchface installed. You have to do a search for it on the Pebble app (though I chose not to use it after finding a different watch face I liked). So much for "exclusive"... oh well, I suppose it's good-spirited to share, right?

      Also, and this is the biggest point that made me upset - the signature is not laser engraved. It is either printed or hand signed, either way, it will not last. I'm sorry for whining, but backers should have been made aware of this. Honestly, I would have bought a Pebble for $40 less on Amazon (oh how I love immediate gratification) and gotten something else from here. It's disappointing. Both features that were supposed to make this Pebble different were a huge letdown.

      That being said, the Pebble itself is great. I can not say enough good things about it... but that shouldn't be a surprise, since it has tons of great reviews.

      The mug, so far... well, I don't really use it. It's cute... as many tiny things are. I was surprised at the size, though I don't ever recall them specifying the size so I guess I can't complain too much. It's the smallest cup I've ever purchased for $30 and it's now the "crap, all of the other coffee cups are dirty and I REALLY need something to transport the coffee into my mouth" mug (it holds 8 oz... seriously, 8 ounces). I have only run in through the dishwasher once and it was fine, though now I'm worried after reading other reviews.

      ... Maybe I'll turn it into a pencil holder.

      Seriously... 8 ounces. Maybe this isn't an issue for those without a serious caffeine addiction (though, I will admit to standing next to the coffee maker as I refilled the mug...), but it's a bit disappointing. I suppose any money they saved from production went to spreading RR, so hey, that's a plus.

    40. Creator Lindsey Larre on February 20

      Just another data point for everyone still waiting on their stuff:
      My backerkit status has also been at "Ready to Ship" since December. I emailed the RR kickstarter people about a week and a half ago, and they told me my items had shipped and would arrive "soon", but would give no concrete information. After more effort than seemed necessary, I finally got them to give me a tracking #. According to UPS a shipping label was created for my items on Jan. 28, but the package has not yet started moving within the system, so I'm still not sure if/when they will actually be coming.
      I don't know if this delay at this stage is an issue on the RR or the UPS end, but it sure is frustrating.

    41. Creator Louis L. on February 20

      I feel like canadian supporters are getting ignored, I don't mind supporting and not getting anything out of it but it seems backer kit is unreliable or it's the people handling the product delivery. I hope your team stays ontop of things and sends tracking #s properly because it seems whoever you got to handle his isn't doing their whole job

    42. Creator fishbulb42 on February 20

      I think it's reasonable to figure that the last 407 orders should have gone out over this past week, and if they've not arrived or had a real status update by now, there may be a problem. It's time now for the orders that seem to have slipped through the cracks to start getting some attention.

      It's interesting that so many of us chiming in are Pebble backers, and I really want to know what went wrong there.

    43. Creator Louis L. on February 20

      No update since 12/18/14 - no pebble watch - no response - no help

    44. Creator John Kline on February 20

      No email replying back to mine, Backerkit claims it shipped but tracking provided is not found... I want a refund. I am tired of the lies and being ignored.

    45. Creator Jena on February 19

      Has anyone else gotten shipping information, but the package has been stuck in Georgia for two weeks?

    46. Creator Dirk T. on February 19

      I still have not received my Pebble...

    47. Creator Mad1316 on February 19

      Mine is still showing "Ready to ship." I just got my stuff yesterday. Backerkit is apparently not so good at this. This is probably larger scale than anything else they've worked with. *shrugs* Be patient and it'll probably show up with your status never getting changed.

    48. Creator fishbulb42 on February 18

      @Kyle I'm hoping the same.

    49. Creator Kyle on February 18

      @Steven Jensen You and me both...I was actually literally just thinking I must be the very last person. Nice to know I'm not alone. Hopefully, it's taking so long because they're actually laser engraving the watch as promised.

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