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Bring Reading Rainbow’s library of interactive books & video field trips to more platforms & provide free access to classrooms in need!
105,857 backers pledged $5,408,916 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator JC about 13 hours ago

      Received a helpful reply regarding the DVD collection now, for anyone else who might be waiting on it (this might only apply to the large collection, and what they sent out weeks ago were the smaller batches, though that's just speculation on my part):

      I checked with another team member who is handling the DVDs and was told
      that the vendor will be shipping them out next Tuesday or Wednesday. We
      apologize for the delay.

      Thank you for your patience and support!

    2. Creator Ann Labuda 1 day ago

      Hey there - I'm in Austin, TX and was a $35 donor and never heard from y'all about getting either my bumper sticker or fridge magnet (fridge magnet would be my choice). How do I get it?

    3. Creator JC 1 day ago

      @Jeffrey Frechette -- Still waiting on the DVD collection here too, but I'm in California. I've been using the regular message system within Kickstarter so far to try to get it resolved as this was where they first replied when I asked about the DVD status everywhere (here in the campaign comments, in a campaign update, and the Kickstarter message system). They're replying, but so far it hasn't actually been helpful. They've asked me what email address I used for the order, then left my reply alone for a week until I messaged them again, and now they've asked me what email address I used for the order again. Considering they're right in the middle of the launch of the Skybrary, I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt for now, but being severely burned on another Kickstarter campaign makes me "twice shy".

    4. Creator Rick 1 day ago

      I'd ask yourself to verify, but I did get the proposed date of September 19th in a question I asked about the RR Live (Men) Star Trek event.

    5. Creator Jeffrey Frechette 3 days ago

      So it's been over a month since Reading Rainbow posted here that they hand mailed every DVD set and I haven't received mine yet. I gave it a few weeks since I figured it would be sent from the West coast, but now it's been longer than anything I've had shipped from China without tracking.

      Since this wasn't done through backerkit(or whoever was handling the survey stuff if I got it wrong), whom do I contact about this issue?

    6. Creator Matthew McNally 3 days ago

      I have emailed reading rainbow 4 times. I ordered a pono player at $780.00. After my initial enquiry telling me that the reward would no longer be possible and a refund would be organized, nothing more. All my emails go unanswered. Very shabby.

    7. Creator Aubrey S 3 days ago

      Can we PLEASE get an update on this summer's live events!?!?

    8. Creator Fushigi 4 days ago

      Today was to be the end of my 14 day beta trial and I was eager to get my son signed up for his 1 month subscription but I found an e-receipt in my inbox. I was charged by mistake. I followed my previous emails for the 14 day trial beta tester to uncheck the monthly renew box. I did uncheck it but still got charged. Is there a way to undo this?

    9. Creator Mark Chatinsky 5 days ago

      I gifted my 1 month subscription to my granddaughter and this is what her mom sent back:

      Okay so we finally got in but cannot figure out how to navigate the site… At the beginning we were directed toward a place we're going to watch a video but it took so long to download that we tried to reboot it and now we can't get back in… So it looks amazing and Lily was so interested in it but we cannot navigate the site…

    10. Creator Gerald Britton 5 days ago

      Is there any update on when full Android support will be available (our Android tablets are not Kindle Fire devices here)? I don't want to activate my free year subscription until Android support is here so I can make full use of the whole year on the tablet. Thanks.

    11. Creator LeVar Burton & Reading Rainbow 5 days ago

      @aru! All you need to do to give your subscription to someone is login to your parent dashboard and update the email address associated with the account. The 30 days starts from when you activate your subscription. Any additional questions, please feel free to email Cheers!

    12. Creator Aru 5 days ago

      I'm wondering how/if I can gift my subscription, the email says to login to my backerkit, but I hoped there is a code I can give for someone else to just go to the site and have access. Also I was wondering if the 30 days starts from when I was sent the email, or when I activate it? Thanks if anyone can help me with this.

      Also, guys no one seems to have received rewards, which means they either haven't been sent, or are in the process of. Please calm down and be patient, your rewards are NOT the main focus of this campaign!!

    13. Creator Patrick Dillon 6 days ago


      I'm glad you're doing so well!

      Please send me my fulfillment reward for backing Reading Rainbow on Kick Starter. I know you guys are overwhelmed with the response to re-booting Reading Rainbow.

      Please drop me a line or deliver my reward when you can.

      Thank You!

    14. Creator Ryan Balderson 7 days ago

      When will LeVar and Donald Glover on a boat happen?

    15. Creator Ryan Read 7 days ago

      Throwing out a quick shout out. My children's book, Small Hope is currently live on Kickstarte.r Hoping that it will one day be a Reading Rainbow book if it gets funded.

    16. Creator Whitney Walker on May 15

      So are you ever going to ship my rewards? At this point the frustration is sullying my opinion of Reading Rainbow, and I didn't really think that was possible.

    17. Creator Rosely on May 15

      I never got my reward. I really want that T-Shirt and was so looking forward to getting it. When will you send it out??

    18. Creator michelle D on May 15

      @Al is correct - the site is listed on several different domains so when my kids try to use the Skybrary they get site blocked messages. I also set up an "allow" for the skybrary domain, but that didn't work for all the different links. Schools will likely have the same issues. School districts can't spend time trying to track down every domain in order to manually white list them all. PLEASE fix this issue quickly or the main idea behind this project may fail as soon as the first schools are unable to use the site.

      On another note, it would be helpful if the stories were listed by age level or (dare I hope) reading level (DRA, for example). As a teacher, I can tell you I am always looking for books to challenge the strong readers and encourage the ones who struggle. The video are great for encouraging would be helpful to be able to direct them to specific titles they would be able to read. Granted, this is not nearly as important as the domain issue, but I figured I'd mention it since there was an earlier request for site suggestions.

    19. Creator K.C. Skedzielewski on May 14

      I never received my reward for backing this project...

    20. Creator Elan Saratovsky on May 13

      I never got my t-shirt who should I contact?

    21. Creator Al Calavicci on May 13

      I just got my 1 month code today and my 7 year old son started playing with it.

      I Found a HUGE problem with the new website.

      He has Windows 8.1 Child Safety running on his computer in his bedroom.

      He can not visit websites that are not white listed.

      I white listed the main domain and thought we were good to go!

      However the site uses many different domains!! :(

      I have to view the source code and find all the different domains and load the resource individually so windows would prompt for each domain to be approved by the parent.

      Why can't you host all the content on the same domain, with SSL!!!

      Please fix this bug, otherwise a lot of less tech savvy parents will not be able to load the website on there child computers.

      thank you

    22. Creator Linda Bendos on May 13

      I never received my reward for backing the project.

    23. Creator Joe Dean on May 13

      I never received my award for backing this project.

    24. Creator Gabe Trujillo on May 13

      Several months ago I moved while my reward was in transit and the appartment complex said it never came in. I ended up getting really busy in my college and with the update sent out today reminded me. I want to know if the stuff came back and how to change my shipping details, where would I see that.

    25. Creator Liam Daly on May 13

      Any further details on issues with Pebble owners? We were promised a few months ago a support site would be put up within a few days. Yet nothing.

    26. Creator Michelle Patton on May 13

      I never received my reward for backing this project.

    27. Creator Ame on May 13

      I LOVE the name Skybrary! Can't wait to get my code.

    28. Creator Chris Smith on May 11

      Received my Ouya reward today (in Canada).

      Thank you, Reading Rainbow team and LeVar!

    29. Creator Kenneth Scott Huntley on May 5

      Just to let everyone know that I received my Pebble this week. I'm far from happy, but I'm satisfied with the Pebble. The signature is printed, but at least I have my reward.

      I am disappointed with the way the fulfillment was handled for this project. I was very annoyed with the lack of communication and acknowledgement from the team at how late they were.

      The only thing I can think is perhaps the problem with super successful Kickstarters is fulfilling all the backers. Well, we'll see how quick it takes Exploding Kittens to send out all those games!

    30. Creator Kevin Hebert on May 5

      Hi please contact me, I contributed $200 to this campaign and have received nothing.

    31. Creator Andrew Vasco on May 5


      Was wondering if anyone would be able to contact me about my rewards. I never received them and after trying to contact someone about it, I just thought I go with the public route. I would be willing to settle for just one of the items I pledged for. Not trying to nag, but I've been in trying for 3 months and I just feel a little hurt by this campaign. Any feedback or email I can contact would be great. Thanks.

    32. Creator Anneli Kunze on May 4

      I received my rewards package a while ago (t-shirt, magnet, bookmarks). My question is how can I donate my access to the Reading Rainbow online content to my local public school or library?

    33. Creator Becky Pusch on May 4

      just got the following email
      Hi Digital Episode Backer!

      You are receiving this email because you generously donated to Reading Rainbow's Kickstarter campaign to make Reading Rainbow available for "Every Child, everywhere" and pledged for one, several, or all of our digital episodes as a reward.

      Just wanted to send you an update that we are targeting the week of June 15 - 22 to make the digital downloads available on iTunes. We will send out an update as the date is confirmed and gets closer with more information about how to download these episodes for viewing.

      Please let us know if you need anything else at all.
      But I ordered download for Amazon, not iTunes. I know they said Amazon would take longer, but some mention would be nice.... Just thought I would share for those lucky individuals that ordered iTunes Downloads

    34. Creator Lynn Brown on May 2

      I haven't received anything at all. Hmm.

    35. Creator Rebecca Hogg on May 1

      I got my dvd's yesterday! Excited!!!

    36. Creator Núria Gonzàlez on May 1

      Ha! I moved out from my shipping address in December 2014 but still remained in the same city up until February 2015. I sent an email to on Jan 24th and another yesterday to update my shipping address and get an update on my nowhere-to-be-found rewards. I was replied TODAY saying the package was delivered on Jan 22nd, so 2 days BEFORE I sent the first email. Had you guys replied to my first email, I would have been able to recover my package; 4 months later and 3 states in between, not so much. Thank you for nothing and I hope the kids enjoy Reading Rainbow better than the backers. On a side note, Mr. Burton, and Kickstarter, should make public the name of the company or agency he is using as costumer service center, so I, and other, can be as far away as possible for future backing enterprises.

    37. Creator Jodi Harper on April 30

      Has anyone received the DVDs that were shipped the week of the 15th? I haven't.

    38. Creator Núria Gonzàlez on April 30

      I, as many others, have not received anything at all yet. I sent a couple of emails because, unfortunately, I moved out from the "shipping address" and I wanted to update it. No response to any of my emails. It is such a pity that you guys got SO MANY BACKERS FOR SUCH AN AMAZING PROJECT and yet the "costumer service" sucks to say the least.

    39. Creator Jen B on April 30

      Been waiting for backer rewards - abysmal response. What a waste.

    40. Creator Rebecca Halley on April 30

      For those asking about the subscriptions, the official update in February states "We are aiming to send out the codes to redeem 1-month or 1-year subscriptions to the Reading Rainbow Digital Service at the end of April or in early May 2015."

      Hopefully this means they'll be coming soon, as we are also looking forward to receiving ours!

    41. Creator Tanya Bustillos Nagaraja on April 30

      Anybody else with the 8 bit mug experiencing fading and bleeding of the colors?

    42. Creator Steven Jensen on April 29

      Well my stuff has been trickling in the past few weeks. Now I just need the coffee mug and the autographed book so here's hoping those will arrive soon.

    43. Creator Tanya Bustillos Nagaraja on April 29

      I received my mug...but the colors have run and faded dramatically and I'm wondering if it's even safe! I've stopped using it, but wow. Has anyone else noticed this?

    44. Creator Sean Finegan on April 29

      Still waiting on anything at all - one of my rewards, part of them, all of them...maybe just some information on what exactly is happening? Why almost 6 months later there are folks who haven't gotten ANY rewards? It doesn't take that long to print a t-shirt or make a ceramic mug - even less time to craft an email. Are we just being waited out until everyone decides they don't want to bother anymore? I am ecstatic that this was so well received and funded (and that I was able to contribute) but it is in seriously poor form for a company whose mission is to teach children to not keep good on things they promised. Just give us something here...

    45. Creator Mikel Miranda on April 29

      I received my Pebble along with the first batch, it came with the faceplate damaged as well as the back plate and part of the signature. I can assue you the signatrue is not laser engraved and is painted, as it is rubbing off. There maybe a few out there that were engraved, but mine and it looks like a lot of others were painted only. I am still waiting for the site/email promised about issues specific to the Pebble reward.

    46. Creator Kimberly Bergan on April 28

      Hi there, I've never received my mug and haven't received a response to the few emails I've sent. Can you please let me know what the status is??

    47. Creator Sonia Koval on April 28

      @Chris -- thanks, but first I have to hook up to the TV.
      No need for the tvaddons, I'm not into streaming movies & not planning to cut the cord. (Besides, I already have other streaming-devices.)
      It'll be interesting to see what games I like; I'm not much of a gamer.

    48. Creator Chris Smith on April 28

      Great news, Sonia! Now, install Kodi from and the Fusion add-ons and you're all set. :-)

    49. Creator Sonia Koval on April 28

      My OUYA came yesterday, so they really are on their way.
      Now I just have to figure out how to use it!

    50. Creator E.Buendia on April 28

      I'm so confused!
      Received our t-shirt, but I don't know if I ever received info about our month subscriptions for app.!?
      We were a $50 level backer.
      Please help...Thanks!!

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