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The original Subaru and Rally enthusiast magazine is returning as an all-new series for TV and web. Pilot already in production!

The original Subaru and Rally enthusiast magazine is returning as an all-new series for TV and web. Pilot already in production! Read More
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About this project

UPDATE: Get free access to the complete Subiesport Magazine archives with your pledge! That's nearly 2,000 pages of Subaru and Rally coverage! Read the details here.

About the Relaunch

The world today is a lot different place from when we launched the original Subiesport Magazine in 2004. At that point YouTube hadn’t even been invented and the Subaru STI had just become available in North America after several years of speculation and anticipation.

Today, another exciting and much-anticipated Subaru is just starting to become available in North America, the Subaru BRZ. Subaru is also making strong gains with general consumers, thanks to their new 36mpg all-wheel drive models. With the new unified chassis, even the WRX and STI are looking better than ever! Then there's rally sports: they're finally reaching the popularity they deserve in North America. Yes, it’s a very exciting time for Subaru and Rally Sport enthusiasts.

It all adds up to one fact: It’s time to bring Subiesport back! But we need your help.

Unlike 2004, these days enthusiasts are demanding more than a printed magazine can provide. They want powerfully engaging content and they want it quick and easy to access — anywhere. (Four week postal delays for the printed magazine were always intolerable!)

For the past three years we pondered this problem. How to mash together the benefits of digital with the depth of print. The answer is both simple and incredibly ambitious: a broadcast television show, but built and scheduled like a print magazine. It will feature video content like you would see in the print version of Subiesport, but produced and packaged to the highest broadcast standards we can afford. And, because we’re producing this independently, we can make it available everywhere, without delay and without network meddling – this isn’t “lowest common denominator” television, Subiesport TV is the stuff discerning enthusiasts have been waiting for!

Though the official site ( will provide the best viewing experience, it really doesn’t matter how or where you want to watch the show: YouTube,, AOL Video, Roku box, Apple TV, on a custom app for your iPhone, iPad or Android device, or some other up-and-coming platform, you’ll be able to enjoy Subiesport TV where and how you want! Then, when the first season is complete, we’ll send it off to the international broadcast market, so folks without speedy internet (around the world) can enjoy the series.

How you can help

Broadcast-level production quality is both ambitious and expensive, we know this. For the past year our team produced the show Driving Sports TV. We produced 13 episodes on a minimal budget - and it looked pretty good. When not filming Driving Sports, our team has also produced content for top car makers and action sports stars. Because of this, we’ve built an impressive collection of specialty rigs, cameras and skills. 

Why do we need your help?

For Subiesport TV we’re aiming higher. We want to close off roads, burn through tires, and take chances that we otherwise wouldn't be able to afford. We’re already committed to doing this as a six episode series one way or the other, so let’s make it something special. 

Your money will go towards travel, specialty equipment rentals (slow-motion cameras when necessary, for example), hiring extra hands for more complex shoots, music licensing and the many hours it will take to put together the full series.

To help you help us, we have a number of exclusive perks we’re making available just for our launch. Pick your level of support and you’ll get some great merch, as well as gratification that you’re backing what could be one of the greatest car shows ever made. You might even find yourself in a starring role, how many other shows can offer you that?

Talent behind the production

Our producer, Ryan Douthit, was the original founder and editor for Subiesport Magazine. Since leaving the publishing business in 2009 he has produced videos for Ford Racing, Subaru of America, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Rockstar Energy and many others. You've likely seen his work on ESPN and ABC.

Warwick Patterson is an award-winning action sports cinematographer with over a decade of experience in professional video production. The past couple years he has produced a very popular action series for a major car maker and is currently shooting the World Rally Championship for Eurovision. His first collaboration with Douthit was a promotional DVD filmed exclusively for Subiesport, released in 2005.

Chris Miller is an Emmy-nominated cinematographer with numerous feature films, music videos, TV shows and short features under his belt. He worked previously with Douthit, filming the US Rally Series from 2007 through 2008 and as the Director of Photography for Driving Sports TV.

Steve Arcenio is popular music video and social media producer based in Seattle, Wash. He's worked on projects for Ludacris, Ed Sheeran and Alicia Keys. His previous work with Douthit, "Taming the Serpent" has been viewed nearly 2-million times on YouTube. 

Select Season One Features
In development, specific episode details are subject to change based on location, vehicle availability and the how successful this Kickstarter campaign is!

  • Subaru BRZ vs BMW 1M hillclimb challenge on the Maryhill Loops Road (see photo below)
  • A group of amateur drivers learn to be rally drivers at the DirtFish Rally School, followed by a high-speed challenge on a specially designed rallycross course - with a twist.
  • AWD Track Battle: a classic rivalry, revisited for 2012.
  • Epic offroad adventure: Two cars, two days, no roads.

Where are we at right now?

On the week of September 18-24th we shot our first documentary featurette for the Pilot with grassroots rally team Noble Star Racing. That rally team drove 2,500 miles to compete (driving a Subaru 2.5RS) in the Olympus Rally in memory of their friend that perished in a fatal crash (Matthew Noble Marker of SubaRoots Rally Racing) at the same event a year earlier. It's just one of many incredible stories that deserves to be told.

Overall, things are moving ahead briskly. We have some small sponsors onboard, and we already completed one round of pledge support directly from the Subaru owner community - which helped us get started. 

$32,000 will fund the series because we're very efficient at what we do and we own a lot of our own equipment already. That said, we can certainly go bigger!

The $70,000 stretch goal!

If we can break $70,000 on this Kickstarter campaign, we'll commit to several key improvements to the series over the base funding level: 

First, we'll purchase a Sony FS700 camera system. This state-of-the-art broadcast camera will allow us 240fps slow-motion effects and will generally improve the look of the entire production. You'll get delicious slow-motion effects throughout the series. Plus, everything will look better.

Second, we'll rent some particularly special locations and incorporate aerial shots. We know some amazing roads (and tracks) that will allow us to push cars to their limits. However, those locations have use and insurance fees we need to cover.

Bonus videos!

Web shorts will supplement the broadcast show, like this video we produced on the West Coast Subaru Show - as featured on

Community supporters

“It’s awesome to have Subiesport back!” – Nick,

“The world is set right! Subiesport is back!” – Dan, Mach V

“I am genuinely excited to see Subiesport again!” – Tim Bailey, Cobb Tuning

“Subiesport was always the best source for Subaru enthusiasts, it’s fantastic that they are coming back” - AVO Turbo World

“A new Subiesport? I feel like an old friend has returned from a far away land! This is definitely Armin-Approved!” - Armin H. Ausejo Photography

“The Subie-fans have been waiting for some time to have the one of the best publication about their favorite cars come back and the wait is finally over. Welcome back, Subiesport!” – Yukio, Garrett Turbo

“I was stoked to hear that Subiesport was making a comeback. They were the only Subaru enthusiast magazine worth keeping in the shop crapper.” - Kartboy

“Finally! The sun will rise again. Get ready Subaru world! This will be a fast ride.” – Yujiro Otsuki, No Yuji No Party

“The darkness has passed! I am really excited to see Subiesport return!” – Ken Quale, USMB & Delta Cam

Risks and challenges

Even though this show is already in production and is being helmed by an experienced staff with a passion for the source material, there are some risks. Filming cars is dangerous stuff and any on-set injuries could set back production dates. Weather is also an issue. We often film rain or shine, but rain doesn't always yield the best results so poor or unpredictable weather can cause setbacks for specific episodes, which can cause delays across the board. Because our talent and equipment is all in-house, and we have access to numerous locations (as well as backup locations) for filming due to our years of experience doing productions just like this we should be able to flex to meet any challenge without sacrificing quality.

The first episode is already underway, but keep in mind that the first show always takes the longest to put together. Don't be alarmed if it takes a couple months before you see episode 1. This is the episode where we have to establish many visual and stylistic decisions and that takes extra time. We will also be filming for future episodes during this period.

Subaru of America is aware of this project, and we are on good terms with their PR and Marketing department heads, but they are not financially supporting it at this time. That may change in the future - which would give us a bump in budget, but given our past experience with their marketing agency, projects such as this are a challenge for them to embrace. In short, just like with the original Subiesport Magazine, it's up to enthusiasts like us to make this happen.

Regarding broadcast distribution: we already produce another series, Driving Sports TV, which just wrapped its first broadcast season we already have some experience in this area (Show is broadcast on TACH-TV in parts of the USA, and on Ignition in South Africa.) Our broadcast agent (John McLean Media) has agreed to represent Subiesport and present it at the annual MIPCOM conference, an annual event for broadcast programming. If we're successful in acquiring broadcast support for Season #1 that will go to fund Season #2 of the series. Even if we are unable to secure broadcast distribution, we will then focus on web and mobile delivery.

The official series web site is already live. As are the iTunes Podcast feed, YouTube Channel, Blip Channel and other points of distribution.

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    For less than the cost of a cup of coffee, you can be part of something much bigger than a cup of coffee. Plus! Get commercial-free streaming of the first season as new episodes are released on the official site (

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    Get a sticker set and access to HD digital downloads of the first six-episode season! Plus, commercial-free streaming.

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    All the above benefits, plus get a signed print of Miss Erica Leong with her 2004 Subaru WRX STI and Episode 1 on DVD!

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    Pledge $500 or more About $500 USD

    Get the shirt, stickers, signed print, digital downloads and you can have lunch with our producer (Ryan) and ask him anything you want: Talk about cars, video production, how to distribute video online, or how he really feels about the Star Wars Prequels (actually, don't.) He'll even pick up the tab. Lunch is limited to the greater Seattle area.

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    Pledge $1,000 or more About $1,000 USD

    Prove us wrong about corporate sponsors by supporting the series with your company (or personal) brand. This level gets your logo prominently displayed in an episode: on a banner, on a shirt, or... something (we'll discuss with you). Logo has to be TV appropriate, and will be visible for no less than 10 seconds in an episode. You'll also get a "thank you" in the end credits of the same episode and your company name (or personal name) will be added to the supporter page (with a link) at!

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    Pledge $1,800 or more About $1,800 USD

    Join us for 1 day on location during production and get your own cameo appearance in Subiesport TV! You'll have to provide transportation to-and-from the shoot, but we'll set you up with one night at the hotel, feed you and give you a first-hand experience you'll never forget!

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    Pledge $2,000 or more About $2,000 USD

    Learn to drive a real rally car and star in the show! For the Season Finale we are going to shoot a special episode at the Dirtfish Rally School in Snoqualmie, Washington, where we'll put real people (you) through a special rallycross school. On Day 1 you'll learn to drive from a real instructor in 300hp rally cars. Then, on Day 2, you'll face off against the other students and a guest driver in a very special competition. We'll film it all for the show! You are responsible for travel and lodging, and you'll have to sign a pile of waivers, but we'll take care of the rest. Filming February 26-28, 2013 (date may change when the final GRC schedule and Rally America schedules are announced - to accommodate our guest driver, you'll have to be flexible.) Must be 18+ to claim this reward, no prior experience necessary.

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    Pledge $4,000 or more About $4,000 USD

    We'll make you famous! (Well, kinda.) One of our producers will fly to your location anywhere in the continental US and spend a day filming you and your Subaru (on a mutually-agreed upon date and time). We'll then cut a nice video featuring you and your car - with the intention of making you look good. Real good. We'll then release the video to thousands of viewers as a Subiesport TV podcast webisode. Offer valid for personal or company off-the-lot stock, street modified, race, rally or hellaflush rides - pretty much anything Subaru or Subaru-powered. All domestic travel expenses for the producer are included in this pledge level.

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    Pledge $5,000 or more About $5,000 USD

    Co-Producer. Get all the glory, skip all the hard work. Your name will be listed as a co-producer for all six episodes of the first season. You will even get to see the rough cuts of shows way before they're released. Submit your own notes on the episodes before they air - we might even listen! (We probably wont.) You also get a shirt signed by the crew and stickers. Lots of stickers.

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    Pledge $10,000 About $10,000 USD

    Executive Producer. Be the big shot - on paper at least. We'll add your credit (your name, nothing goofy) to the start of every show in the first 6-episode series and we'll include your credit as the Executive Producer in our submission to IMDB. You will also get early access to rough cuts. And, like the co-producers we may or may not implement to your suggestions. You also get all the bonuses of the $250 package.

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