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The Rural Design Collective is a not-for-profit professional mentoring program which furthers the education and experience of residents of rural OR
The Rural Design Collective is a not-for-profit professional mentoring program which furthers the education and experience of residents of rural OR
34 backers pledged $2,130 to help bring this project to life.

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We are so excited - WE REACHED OUR FUNDING GOAL - the designated funds go to the mentees who have worked so hard all summer. Thanks to our wonderful and generous backers for making this possible! There are still a few days left in our fundraising campaign, so we are still encouraging donations. Any surplus funds will be used to continue our work and research on eBooks. Author James Simmons is already thinking about his next book! :-)

We will be updating more frequently over the coming weeks as we move into the production phase of our project. We have a lot to do - including printing and binding our custom-designed eBook, plus we have a Launch Party to prepare for, and a really cool art show is in the works that will coincide with the event. This show will be videocast with heavybubble in Philadelphia, who will be simultaneously exhibiting our Find Way show that was our big end-of-the-year art event last year!

I cannot thank our wonderful backers enough! You helped make this happen with your generosity! Thank you for paving the way for this project, and proving that anything is possible if you work hard and believe in your art!

FLOSS Manual CSS Remix

Christopher has been working on customizing his FLOSS Manuals stylesheet in SIGIL. He is focusing on issues specific to paged media, with a goal to make the book as visually interesting as possible without modifying the base HTML, staying true to the concept of separating style and content. As mentioned in an earlier blog post, his primary style elements are:

HTML Elements: h1, h2, h3, p, strong, code, ol, ul, li, blockquote, img

He encountered some technical considerations which has narrowed his font choices down to what works best in our current reality. His stylesheet now uses the fonts OCRA, Constantia, and Gentium - fonts that are readily available on the web and Windows Vista, respectively (we did find some useful instructions on how to install Windows Vista fonts on the Macintosh platform). At present, FLOSS Manuals and Booki do not appear to support custom stylesheets or the @font-face method, so we are hoping to achieve our desired look by combining our CSS/XHTML work in Sigil and processing it through PrinceXML. The experiment should be interesting, and will generate results that are more reader-friendly than the standard FLOSS Manuals output. One thing is for certain: we have learned a lot about what works and doesn't work in the state-of-the-art of font embedding!

Right now, we are reading up on CSS Properties supported by Prince 7.0. We will post our ePub -> PDF experiment soon, and add more content to An eBook Revolution / eBook Enlightenment by next Hacker Wednesday!

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Finalizing the Design

Greetings from #rdcHQ! The crew is finalizing the design with the goal to have a printed and bound version of our (e)Book for the RDC Launch Party this Labor Day Weekend when we demo our creations to our community ... and, most importantly, we need to wrap up this phase of our project to support the first revision of James Simmons wonderful book!

The first order of business was to consider the feedback from the mailing lists that we sent our layouts to (IAEP and FLOSS Manuals Discuss).

Feedback was in favor of Cover 3, with comments such as "I have always been a fan of decoration on both sides of a text - helps to distinguish them no matter which way they are stacked" ... Cover 4 was praised as "very effective, with the engaging and thoughtful image on the front, and more concrete image on back."

We are still considering which one to use. James has recommended that we finesse the title to reflect the cover selected. "E-book Enlightenment: Reading and Leading With One Laptop Per Child" supports the illustration of the reading boy, as the illustration is more reserved and introspective. The more dynamic visual of the flying book is more suited to the title, An eBook Revolution).

As the author states — "There is some precedent for changing a book to go with the cover art rather than changing the cover art to go with the book. F. Scott Fitzgerald did that with the Great Gatsby."

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Rural Design Collective Buzz!

The Rural Design Collective's Kickstarter project has generated some wonderful buzz on the Internet and in our local community:
video by

We are hopeful to make our goal - we have one more week and $550 to go! The designated funds go to support our mentees, who have worked so hard on the project! (Any extra will go towards continued work on eBooks) ... Thank you!

Our Kickstarter URL where anybody can donate is at <-- Spread the word!

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9 Days Left!

Please Support the Rural Design Collective's work on eBooks! $550 to go to meet our funding goal! ... please spread the word!