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Lazarus is a short horror film about gaming geeks, zombies, and a mad scientist. Filmed and produced using all local talent and locals.

The Pitch: Three film fanatics from Delaware are trying to "kickstart" their entrance into the film industry by combining three of the things they love - horror, zombies, and gaming.

The Story: Our writer and producer Lawton originally approached us about this idea about a year ago, knowing our love for movies and desire to break into the industry. Originally planning to get the project ready by August 1st in order to submit it to ChillerTVs Halloween Horror Nights festival, we ran into a few snags, including having most of our equipment stolen.

The Money: Now that we've gotten back on track, we need to raise money back up to replace some of our stolen equipment, as well as fund production costs. Our new goal is finish the film by the end of the year and we are looking either to submit it to a run of film festivals, or simply promote and sell the movie ourselves online - entirely independent.

We think it's best to be straightforward here, and tell you exactly what your money will be doing for us - possibly replacing our stolen camera (unless we get the money together for that before the deadline), funding some of the costs for supplies such as makeup, props, and industry tools, funding some of the costs for use of locations, and funding the majority of the costs for post-production.

So why should you pledge to our project? If you share the same dreams as us, and want to help us realize ours. Or because you're nice people... who knows.

The Plot: A group of gamers is playing their horror styled RPG game in their local gaming store when the clerk behind the counter recommends this really cool location he knows about that would be a perfect mood setting for their game - a creepy cabin in the woods they can rent for a night. They go for it and head out the next week to hold their game at the cabin only to discover something much more real, and just as horrible as their game. Hiding out in the cabin, it's all they can hope for to survive this living nightmare.

Director & Writer: Ian E. Muller

Writer & Producer: Lawton Hughes

Writer & Assistant Director: Dean Cromer

The Rest of the Crew: Are all local Delawareans, and we are still looking for more.

The Cast: Will be decided July 17th after an open casting call.

The Plan: We plan to film entirely in Delaware, specifically in the Dover-area, using all local talent for both cast and crew. We're budgeting as cheaply as possible, using gifts and our own finances for much of the production (but we've come to realize we just don't have enough). We also are doing this as cheaply as possible. We want to prove that you don't need to spend even $10,000 to make a good movie... you just need the talent and desire to do it.

As it stands, we are having auditions on July 17th, and we plan to start filming by early August at the latest. Once filming is underway, we should be in post-production by October at the very latest, though hopefully we'll have started by mid-September.

**DISCLAIMER** This will be updated frequently!


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