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Heat Control, 6.5 Hours Heat Time, Pre-Curved Fingers, Touchscreen, YKK Waterproof Zippers, Adjustable Cuffs, Goatskin Leather, Wr...
Heat Control, 6.5 Hours Heat Time, Pre-Curved Fingers, Touchscreen, YKK Waterproof Zippers, Adjustable Cuffs, Goatskin Leather, Wr...
Heat Control, 6.5 Hours Heat Time, Pre-Curved Fingers, Touchscreen, YKK Waterproof Zippers, Adjustable Cuffs, Goatskin Leather, Wr...
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    1. Ravean Team 7-time creator on


      Wanted to give everyone here a quick update. Final production samples on gloves have been approved. We have sent the initial deposit for the glove production to the factory to reserve production space. We are slotted to begin production at the end of September/ beginning of October. Our order was small, and this is an extremely busy time for the factories, so they pushed us out. However, we don't anticipate that effecting our delivery time to you. We are still on time and will do our best to deliver these as early as we possibly can. This has been a great campaign, and a smooth production process =) We appreciate everyone's support and patience!

      Thanks Again,

      Ravean Team

      PS- We still have a couple more hours on our Independence Week Blow Out Sale - Our DOWN 1.0 Jackets are being sold at $49. If you are interested, click on this link, we will be shutting down this sale soon:

    2. Missing avatar


      Can you give us an update?

    3. Ravean Team 7-time creator on

      @All - if you are having any trouble with the sizing send a note to

    4. Missing avatar

      Richard Max

      I have received reminders about my survey. I emailed you with some questions about sizing; received an acknowledgement but no substantive reply.

      According to your size chart I come up a medium - but I am on the cusp and generally find alarge better.

      The sizing chart seems very generous. Erik's comment below doesn't fill me with confidence either.

      What opportunity will there be to change our gloves if the sizing doesn't come up righ?



    5. Missing avatar

      Erik on

      Please fix the typos and redo the size chart. After the problems I had with the size chart for 1.0 and 2.0 gloves, I’m also hesitant about completing the survey. I ordered based on the size chart, and both of those ended up being at least one size too small. Please triple check those measurements.

    6. Missing avatar

      Julie Jones on

      I'm also looking to complete my survey, but am uneasy with the size guides that are given -
      partly due to the size chart having typos in it, and also because of the measurements themselves:
      The gloves I've bought are intended for my father who has a hand circumference of 22cm & length of 20cm. From what I can gather the M glove fingers might be slightly short for him (though this is slightly dependent upon what the actual measurements are), but, whilst the L are the right length they'll be a couple of cm too wide circumference wise. Which is likely to provide the best fit from a practical utility point of view please? (I'm nervous that the L might be cumbersome and less tactile as a result?)

    7. Missing avatar

      Emmanuel Cadieux on

      I'm about to send my survey. But there seems to be something wrong with the cm conversions on the size chart. Sometimes cm are not the same compare to the inches indicated. Which one should I use?

    8. Ravean Team 7-time creator on

      @Chris Lynch - Hey thanks for reaching out. I think you are referring to the 2.0 jackets and detachable gloves. It is a little confusing to discuss this topic here in the independent heated gloves campaign because it is a little irrelevant to this product. Send us a note at and we will talk you through our decision making process. Thanks!

    9. Missing avatar

      Chris Lynch on

      Correction. My apologies but the battery does fit. I think it was a case of me rushing and doing it with my head upside down and the jacket still on.
      I’m still very concerned about the potential for problems with the glove power connection however. As mentioned I couldn’t believe it was serious that the solution was “Adapter” (BIN# A2-122) to “Glove adapter for non standard to standard size” (BIN# AT3-404). Why would there even be a non standard size connector?
      The result makes this ridiculous rigid string of a plug and socket with 2 adapters in between. In fact there’s barely enough slack in the cables for it to be even possible.
      The only solution as I see it is to go direct from the jacket with a female socket and run a shot of cable to a micro usb male plug at the other end. Better still, make that the single adapter necessary.
      Could someone get back to me about this please, I actually ordered the latest Jacket, gloves, hood and battery as add-ons to my KS pledge for a Lightweight 80Gb Heated Jacket perk. Order no. 381. That should have all the info. required on what I order in total - and if I’m going to have the same problem with these gloves.
      Chris Lynch

    10. Missing avatar

      Chris Lynch on

      Having just received my jacket, and the gloves I bought with that having a micro sub input and the most ridiculous attempt at a double adapter solution which makes it basically useless - what the hell is wrong with commissioning a direct flexible adapter cable if required, not two cheap off the shelf modules chained together. I was hoping that the connection between these gloves and your jacket, might be better in this case.
      And while I’m here, what’s with the fact that the pocket for the battery on the jacket is way too small for the larger curved battery - it won’t fit no matter what I do.
      Such potential and yet these two crazy design decisions! Am I missing something? It’s just that’s how crazy it is that both problems even exist!

    11. Ravean Team 7-time creator on

      @Philippe van Nedervelde - it sounds like you need gloves if you want dexterity =)

    12. Philippe van Nedervelde

      “What activities are you planning to use these gloves for?” — Mostly downhill skiing. I don’t use poles (ski sticks), but I do want to manipulate my smartphone and action cams for starting and stopping video takes etc. Really torn between mittens (cuz my fingers always get painfully cold) and gloves with fingers...

    13. Ravean Team 7-time creator on


      Thank you so much for your support! This has been another really successful Kickstarter campaign and we have learned A LOT! We're excited to get started on this new project, and wanted to give you a heads up as to what you can expect the next couple weeks:

      March 23 - April 14: Kickstarter will begin processing credit cards. If there is a problem with your card, please make sure to edit your payment information inside of Kickstarter.

      April 25: We will send out the final Backerkit survey. Please make sure to fill out all your information, so we can get you the gloves you want. Then the schedule will follow as outlined on our campaign page.

      Once again, thank you for your support! We really appreciate it. If you have any concerns, please reach out to us at


      Ravean Heated Jackets & Gloves

    14. Ravean Team 7-time creator on

      @Philippe van Nedervelde- it is all about the activities you plan to use them for and the amount of dexterity you believe you need for those activities. If you think you need more dexterity, choose the gloves. If dexterity is not as important and warmth is the #1 goal here, mittens may be a better choice. What activities are you planning to use these gloves for?

    15. Philippe van Nedervelde

      How to choose between the mittens or fingers version? What factors should drive that decision?

    16. Ravean Team 7-time creator on

      @LimboMan yes, we believe the sizing chart is 100% accurate.

    17. Ravean Team 7-time creator on

      @Chae Ha @Grant Brugger Yes, they are just high quality. Hestra is a high quality brand used as an example.

    18. Grant Brugger on

      Not a hestra glove. They modeled theirs after the hestra glove and use it to compare quality of material and manufacturing

    19. Missing avatar

      Chae Ha on

      Did I read that these are Hestra gloves? If so, does there sizing chart apply?

    20. LimboMan

      I'm excited to be a part of another Ravean project. I do have concerns over the glove sizing after our experiences with the OG Jacket/Glove combo where even after following the sizing guide properly we wound up with gloves that were too small. We were then left to fend for ourselves for size swapping etc.

      Can you please validate the chart in this campaign is accurate? Otherwise I may be tempted to size-up again after our awful experiences from the past.

    21. Missing avatar


      @Erik When your body gets cold blood circulates to warm up your core first and extremities (hands & feet) last. Your blood returns from the back of your hands so if they are cold it signals to decrease the blood flow to those areas. By warming the back of your hands, it should increase circulation through your entire body.

    22. Missing avatar

      Erik on

      I’m a little disappointed to hear that the gloves will only heat the backs of the hands and fingers because my fingertips get the coldest. 1st gen gloves only had heat on the back, and they didn’t really work. The 2nd gen gloves heat around the fingers, which works better at dispersing the heat to the fingers. Why go back to just having the heating element on the back? I know these are thicker and better quality than gen 1 and 2, but is the heating element placement similar to or better than the 2nd gen gloves?

    23. Rubi on

      Just wanted to say I think you guys have a great product! Good luck for the future. We are about to launch our own product here soon. Let us know if you have any advice!

    24. Missing avatar

      Martin Swim on

      What is this 2.0 Jacket about? Did I miss a campaign? I think I have a 1.0 Jacket, but I am not sure. I would be interested in backing a 2.0 Jacket, but I don't know how to back the project and I can't find any info anywhere. I backed the 2.0 glove project so I am able to see updates for the gloves but I was surprised by the 2.0 Jacket mention.

    25. Ravean Team 7-time creator on

      *@Douglas McLean (1) without heat 0F

    26. Ravean Team 7-time creator on

      @Douglas McLean (1) without heat 5F (2) with high heat -20F. We have to run a SGS test to know the middle heat levels which will cost around 10K to do.

    27. Ravean Team 7-time creator on

      @Kyle Bringhurst - Back of hand and back of fingers. These are high-end, Hestra grade gloves. Easily by themselves can withstand sub-zero temps. Add the heat and they can reach -10 / -20F

    28. Ravean Team 7-time creator on

      @Bill Mitchell =) lol that is not a stupid question. It is Ray - vee - en

    29. Rohani

      @Douglas McLean, is comfort temp really a thing ? It's involving your personnal feeling and other equipments, your personnal blood distribution, body activity, the non measurable variations like direct sunlight/wind/speed/rain...
      The only accurate thing to know imo is how many degrees it can reach if activated in an ambiant 0 degrees.

    30. Douglas McLean

      Still waiting for some indication of what the lowest temperature the gloves are comfortable to: 1. Without any heat on; 2. With heat on low; 3. With heat on medium; and 4. With heat on high.

    31. Kyle Bringhurst

      Any update on the difference in temperature with the heating vs without? And will it only be on the backs of the hands or will the heating be more diverse?

    32. Brenda Boda Klenke

      So where's the info on the March 6 Blow Out sale??

    33. Missing avatar

      Bill Mitchell on

      thanks for the reply, ravean team. i have one more really stupid question: is it rave-an (like raven) or ra-vean (like ravine)? or is it like mr schrodinger's cat--both are correct so long as you don't ever actually say the name? sort of a quantum irresolution, which would be fine...

    34. Ravean Team 7-time creator on

      @Bill Mitchell - we will look into this but because of the insulation and the potential dangers of being connected to the wall at the same time, we created them so you would have to remove them. Batteries overheating while connected to the wall and in insulation is a really bad scenario. Better safe than sorry.

    35. Ravean Team 7-time creator on

      @Christopher- we were originally going to do that, but essentially we have to put two heating systems inside the gloves to make it work because the voltage requirements are different for independent batteries vs connecting to the jacket. The costs get really high also. So we settled with a single independent system that is only powered by the glove batteries. You can't connect the connector from the jacket to the gloves due to the voltage difference.

    36. Ravean Team 7-time creator on

      @Douglas McLean- I'll have our factory run the tests and get us back the information for each level.

    37. Missing avatar

      Bill Mitchell on

      hi--the men's down jacket is great, and i think you guys get it. two battery-related things i'd love to have on the gloves: a way to see remaining charge without having to remove the batteries, and being able to charge the batteries without having to remove them (external port or something?). looking forward to next winter!

    38. Missing avatar

      Stanley Goodspeed on

      Great product! I found this campaign through a youtube review…. What I like about it is that you can customize your settings according to your need.

    39. Missing avatar

      Christopher on

      @self that is "connect them to the jacket" obviously :)

    40. Missing avatar

      Christopher on

      Hey Bryce and team,
      I'm considering a pledge for a reward, but I had a quick question. This will extend to the Ravean 2.0 jacket with the new heated gloves in this project. I know the Ravean 2.0 jacket has universal connectors. If my battery died in my gloves, would I be able to connect them to the jack to squeeze some extra life out of the gloves? How efficient do you think that would be?

      Thanks in advance. I love everything you all do and these gloves look super cool.

    41. Douglas McLean

      Thank you for the responses.

      I noted the temperature guage in the description but it does not make it clear the portion of the temperature range that applies to the glove without turning the heat on and what temperature range applies using each of the 3 different heat settings.

      Could you provide a response that explains the comfort range for the glove: 1. Without any heat; 2. On the low heat setting; 3. On the medium heat setting; and 4. On the high heat setting?

    42. Ravean Team 7-time creator on

      @All- what are the features that stand out to you the most? Is it purely just the heating or are there are features about the product that stand out? Which ones?

    43. Ravean Team 7-time creator on

      @Douglas McLean - the spare batteries will be around $15 - 20 extra.

    44. Ravean Team 7-time creator on

      @Sergey Chapaev - we have lots of details about the battery near the top of the page. Please let us know what you are hoping to know.

    45. Ravean Team 7-time creator on

      @Douglas McLean - there a little temperature range icon we made on the page near the middle, but they will go close to -20F.

    46. Douglas McLean

      What temperature range are these gloves/mitts good for when the heating feature is not being used?

    47. Sergey Chapaev

      I would appreciate additional details on the battery, how it works and charges, etc. in a future update. Thank you!

    48. Missing avatar

      Daryl Lang

      Hi... I pledged on a lower tier in order to comment here and I’m considering going all out for 1 or 2 pairs but I need some answers first.

      1) I purchased some heated gloves from Hammacher... unfortunately they don’t work well in the -35 to -45 C temps I experience when going up north in Canada for business, if fact even -25 C they are cold... please check them out and tell me how yours is different and will it stand up to more extreme temps that I am talking about...…

      2) I also bought some handout gloves, Pro Version, also good to around -25 C but at -35 C and lower my hands basically freeze... they’re exterior material looks closer to yours, (unlike the heated Hammacher Gloves) would you say your outer material would also be better...?…

      3) While I’m freezing in both pairs of gloves, my body and legs are incredibly warm (the hands are the weak point that makes the experience unbearable, I wear -80 C Sorel boots so my feet are good :)... my jacket and legging material come from OROS apparel... they use a NASA space suit tested material called Solarcore aerogel...

      (I also heard that the Hydro electric people up north here also use this type of material for insulation for underground power lines)...

      bottom line is that Orosapparel made some Gloves but it wasn’t their specialty so it’s wasnt suitable for extreme weather (unlike their jacket where they have a video online of someone being sprayed with liquid nitrogen-321 F and yet stays +89 F inside the jacket )

      I mention this because maybe there’s a possibility that you can team up with these people or license their tech for your inner glove material ... combined with the heated tech maybe I’ll finally have something that will work in the extreme temps I have to endure (-35 to -50 C with windchill)

      4) do you feel your mitts will be warmer than your fingered Gloves, everything else being equal?

      4 questions, I need 4 good answers... let me know ...

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