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We will send you the game in a large professionally made and printed slipcase box (14 X 19cm / 5.51 X 7.48in) with foam wedges to protect your game, instruction booklet and goodies. 

Vous recevrez le jeu dans une boîte de 14 X 19cm, avec des cales en mousse à l'intérieur pour protéger son contenu : un manuel, une disquette et des cartes bonus. 

 Les personnes intéressées par Côté Gamers et parlant français peuvent se rendre directement sur  Notre boutique 

Côté Gamers is a french publishing house dedicated to video gaming and computing.

We launched our 2 first books in 2014 :
    •Castlevania Codex Majeur, which is a complete encyclopedia about the first 3 games on famicom/nes + Vampier Killer MSX + Akumajou Dracula X68000 + the adaptation of Castlevania on Amiga, CPC, C64. This book deal with about everything regarding these games, from art to zombies through castles, animals, influences, musics, errors, books etc.
    •Castlevania HG-101, an enhanced translation of the book from Hardcore Gaming 101.

Since then, Côté Gamers has published a variety of books and magazines in various collections.

We publish a massive 350 to 370 pages, full colors magazine about retrogaming but we focus on all the games than nobody never talk about, from computer games, to arcade through consoles. Our goal is to allow our reader to discover the vast history of video Games and not only to make them read things they already know or like. These magazines have massive articles about history, technology and culture…everything related to video game.

We also publish a big and heavy magazine about homebrews, demoscene and underground scene with articles about the last editions of homebrew games, music from underground artists like Paula Powered  who make music with Amiga, tutorial about programmation etc.

Our collections also include Fan Books that deal with one or more episodes of a specific series like Zelda, Rygar, Metroid or Ghosts’n Goblins. With this collection you know everything about your fav game, from differences between sprites on all available adaptations to walkthrough and memorabilia, trivia, bestiary, inventory etc.

We publish an encyclopedia about Shooters. The first one is about Shmup on SNES and the second will deal with PC-Engine.

Isn’t it enough ? Well… we also publish vintage: a collection about vintage ads and illustrations, Re-play:  a collection about famous games like metal Slug, a translation of the book from Unseen 64, Game Start:  a collection about the beginning of video game etc etc…

AND of course, we publish games ! We love homebrew, so, you can imagine what kind of games we‘ve already published ! Here is our catalog at the moment :

Bomb On Basic City Special Edition – Genesis/ Mega Drive

Revival Chase – PC Engine Super CD-ROM²

Escape 2042 – Atari ST

Knight’n More – ColecoVision

Muncher Mouse (released soon) – ColecoVision

Risks and challenges

The game is complete, if the campaign is founded, it will be published.

Le jeu est complet, si la campagne est financée, il sera publié.

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    Ratillery on a 3.5" floppy disk (720k), in box, with manual + 5 collector postcards + a special 3D "crazy card"!


    Le jeu en boîte sur une disquette 3.5" (720k) + notice + 5 cartes postales collector + une "incroyable" carte spéciale en 3D !

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