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Animal Control is a fun, over the top animal catching indie experience where you attempt to save animals from a terrible fate.

RatDog Games is a team of three people who have transferred our strong passion for playing games into a love of making them. Animal Control has been a long time coming and now that our team has been assembled we have been working night and day to make this dream a reality. 

We are now at a point where we are ready to open the game to the community. Animal Control is making its debut on Kickstarter for all to see. RatDog Games is ready to not only receive support from the community, but also let them help shape the game with us. 

You may note on the right side that we have included a reward to allow YOU the ability to help in creating Animal Control by designing your own animal to be included in the game! 

About Animal Control 

Animal Control is a casual game experience where you are catching animals. These animals are being thrown all over the place and you are the only animal control officer. . An evildoer is getting the satisfaction of throwing animals all over the place. You need to be the person to save them! This guy is pretty tricky, he's going to try and confuse you. You need to watch out for stuffed animals, which are bombs that he occasionally will toss your way. 

The game has two main game modes. One where we have implemented a three strike system for losing (each animal that you allow to fall of the screen or each bomb caught counts as a strike) and a 60 second free for all where you attempt to save as many animals as possible within that time period. Don't ever forget about your net though, these animals can get pretty heavy and if you fill it completely you will not be able to catch anymore! 

We are hoping for a simultaneous release on android as well as ios! 

How to Play

Allow for your finger to become the net, all you need to do is slide your finger across the animals on screen to catch them. Always remember to capture all the animals before they fall off screen and be sure to avoid all the bombs!

Watch our for the net meter at the bottom of the screen. Whenever it begins to fill up you need to shake your device in order to free the animals you have saved. Once your net is full you will not be able to capture anymore animals. Remember to shake your device frequently!

Why We Need Your Help!

Being an independent company we have many expenses which have suddenly come about. We have needed to purchase software, hardware for testing, and even some freelance help. 

All of this adds up rather quickly and every dime that we will receive from this kickstarter will be going back into the company and allowing us to buy devices to test on and provide funding for other miscellaneous expenses to help better our company. Without this support it will greatly delay our ability to port the game over to multiple platforms! 

Overall here at RatDog Games we want to do whatever is possible to better YOUR game experience.  

What If We Go Over Budget? 

If we are able to make it to 1,500 we will port the game over to the Blackberry Playbook.

Anything that we receive over that price will contribute towards us being able to get a booth at Pax East next year! Advertising a game is half the battle and being able to go to an event like this could be huge for our company.

Thank you for supporting us!


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