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Putting your ports in perfect order and protecting them from human error. Explore your Raspberry Pi's GPIO ports safely and easily.
Putting your ports in perfect order and protecting them from human error. Explore your Raspberry Pi's GPIO ports safely and easily.
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Work Complete! Pro Hats Shipped - 7 weeks ahead.

Posted by Alex Eames - RasPi.TV (Creator)

We had a split-shipment of the remaining RasPiO Pro Hats last week. We received 145 on Tuesday 31st May and the remaining 841 on Wednesday 1st June.

I've now tested all 986 of these boards and happily only 4 failed (0.4%). I'm happy that the manufacturing process has been optimised now and I have confidence in it.

Shipping Update

We shipped part 2 of the Beta rewards last week (1st June), and shipped 325 single RasPiO Pro Hat rewards (£12 level) on Monday 6th June.

Here's a photo of the £12 singles going out alongside the RasPiO Analog Zero super-early-bird rewards.

RasPiO Pro Hat £12 rewards (back 3 bags) + Analog Zero
RasPiO Pro Hat £12 rewards (back 3 bags) + Analog Zero

So Onto the Twins and Multi-packs 

For the rest of Monday (6th June), the 180 twin-packs were labelled and packed. On Tuesday morning (7th June), the 5-packs and 10-packs were prepared.

I'm just back from taking the final three mail sacks, which means...

We're Done Shipping RasPiO Pro Hat! 

Last Pro Hat shipment going out
Last Pro Hat shipment going out

That's 7 weeks before the end of July projection. 

Hardware is Hard

With all the steps involved, Chinese New Year and us going away at Easter, it couldn't have been done much faster. But we did suffer a 2-week delay when I rejected the first full manufacturing batch of 500 bare PCBs. They weren't good enough (silk-screen alignment was way off) and I had to specify a higher grade (IPC-III) in order to get them as I wanted.

Hardware is hard and things go wrong. This was the first time I've directly handled having a board manufactured and assembled. It's a much more complex process than producing a kit. I'll be honest and say that, at times, I found it really quite stressful. But I'm glad I did it and I'm grateful to you guys for helping to make it happen. I think my supplier and I have figured out how to work with each other now. But the main take-away lesson is "always specify everything and take nothing for granted".

RasPiO Pro Hat Instructions

You can find the GPIO Zero programming guide for use with the RasPiO Pro Hat here...

GPIO Zero with RasPiO Pro Hat instructions
GPIO Zero with RasPiO Pro Hat instructions


Pro Hat G+ Community

Don't forget there is a G+ community for the RasPiO Pro Hat. You an find that here...

If you need to ask questions or want to share what you're doing with the Pro Hat, it's the ideal place.

Thank you for backing the RasPiO Pro Hat. We're going to have a short break now and then get on with shipping the RasPiO Analog Zero rewards.

I will publish further updates if there is Pro Hat news or developments or if I have new projects to share with you.

All the best, and thanks for backing

Alex @raspitv 


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    1. Alex Eames - RasPi.TV 8-time creator on

      @Markus Interesting point to bear in mind for the future. Thanks. :)

    2. Markus Laire on

      ok, I meant that none of the reward levels had July estimated delivery, all had June or earlier. (I didn't notice that the chart had different information than reward levels.)

    3. Alex Eames - RasPi.TV 8-time creator on

      Yes 2 nuts and a standoff is correct. You can see here how they are intended to be used

    4. Axel Roest on

      Mine arrived yesterday in The Netherlands. Time to brush off that R-Pi and put it to good use!

    5. Missing avatar

      GordonW on

      Those asking about the standoff, have a look at at update 12, there is a description and photo of how it fits to the Pi.


    6. Missing avatar

      Tadeusz on

      Got mine today - thank you so much! Looking forward to trying it out on my return from holiday and then working out what the 2 nuts are for.

    7. Norman Dunbar on

      Yippee! Mine arrived today.

      Like David Gwynedd Harries below, I have two nuts and one standoff. Is this correct?

      Hopefully I'll get it mounted on a Pi soon, and have a play.


    8. David Gwynne Harries on

      Yeah! Mine arrived today. Can I check how many whit mounts there are in the package? I receive two nuts and only one peg. Should there have been two or do I have an extra nut?

    9. Alex Eames - RasPi.TV 8-time creator on

      @GordonW and @Geoff thank you :)

    10. Missing avatar

      GordonW on

      Congratulations Alex! Great comms throughout, and early completion, exactly what we've come to expect from you!
      Enjoy the break :)


    11. Alex Eames - RasPi.TV 8-time creator on

      @Markus Actually the non-early-bird shipping (and therefore overall project shipping) was targeted to be completed by the end of July. We have completed it on 7th June. 23 days of June left and 31 in July. So that's actually 54 days early. :)

      @Jamie & @Keith Thank you :)

    12. Geoff Riley on

      @Markus Laire: the shipping estimate was June through July... so the deadline was the end of July. Seven weeks early with ease.
      If you don't 'get it', google "Gantt Charts" for how it works.

    13. Markus Laire on

      Actually estimated shipping was June, so "just" 3 weeks before deadline. Still excellent. :)

    14. Jamie Whitehorn on

      Text book way to run a project and deliver a quality product, Alex :D

    15. Missing avatar

      Keith Ellis on

      Nice one, well done Alex.