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Putting your ports in perfect order and protecting them from human error. Explore your Raspberry Pi's GPIO ports safely and easily.
Putting your ports in perfect order and protecting them from human error. Explore your Raspberry Pi's GPIO ports safely and easily.
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New Project - Grab an Early-bird, Over half-way there on shipping, Standoff Added

Posted by Alex Eames - RasPi.TV (Creator)

New Project - RasPiO Analog Zero - Grab an Early-bird

Before we get into today's update, I wanted you to be among the first to know about my new project launched this morning. I always like to give previous backers an early heads-up so you have the best chance of snagging an early-bird (or super-early-bird).

RasPiO Analog Zero
RasPiO Analog Zero

Here's the project link

It's called the RasPiO Analog Zero and is a Pi Zero sized analog board that can be used (on any Pi) to read analog sensors, make a weather station, a voltmeter, a digital thermometer - and works very well and easily with GPIO Zero.

Please come and have a look and help spread the word (once you've snagged an early-bird if you want one)... 


Arrival Tweets

It's delightful to see Pro Hats have started arriving in European countries. Here are tweets from Holland, Belgium, France and UK...

Pro Hat 'arrival' Tweets
Pro Hat 'arrival' Tweets

Hopefully we'll see some "rest of world" tweets as well this week as the Pro Hats land further afield.

Experimenter's Kits Shipped

The £25 - Experimenter's kit reward level is now shipped. So we've now shipped 544 rewards, which is slightly over half-way. We're now waiting for the next batch of Pro Hats to arrive.

I spoke to China yesterday and they are just finishing up assembly and packing of the remaining RasPiO Pro Hats, which we hope to receive in the next week or so.

Once we receive them, we'll QC test them and then get them sent out to you as soon as we can. There will be updates as we hit major milestones. But I will also tweet progress from @raspitv if you want to stay in tune with the very latest progress.

If you haven't yet completed your address survey, please log into you KickStarter account and do that now.

Standoff Added

I forgot to mention this last week in my excitement that we'd started shipping. One of the things to come out of Beta testing was the comment that "it could do with a standoff". Unfortunately standoffs are quite expensive, but I managed to find one that could squeeze into the budget to make the Pro Hat a better product. The solution I settled on uses one nylon standoff and two nuts, like this...

Standoff usage suggestion
Standoff usage suggestion

One nut adjusts the standoff to the correct height (and prevents a large protrusion of threaded end) and the other secures it to the Pro Hat.

Removal by Wiggling

The RasPiO Pro Hat is a fairly tight fit on the 40-way header. When it comes to removal, it is better to 'wiggle' or 'rock' the board from side to side rather that just try to pull it off in one go. If you try to pull it straight off in one go you might bend the pins on your Pi. Rocking is gentler, easier and safer.

Thank you once again for backing RasPiO Pro Hat. Please come and check out the RasPiO Analog Zero and help us spread the word.

All the best

Alex @raspitv 

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    1. Alex Eames - RasPi.TV 8-time creator on

      @Steve thank you. It wasn't until someone asked me in the comments last week that I realised I should have mentioned it.

    2. Steve Goodenough on

      Thanks for the update and now I know I wasn't missing a standoff (the 2 nuts made me think it was)... The pic explains it beautifuly