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Putting your ports in perfect order and protecting them from human error. Explore your Raspberry Pi's GPIO ports safely and easily.
Putting your ports in perfect order and protecting them from human error. Explore your Raspberry Pi's GPIO ports safely and easily.
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Early-birds Shipped 2 Weeks Early, All Surveys Sent

Posted by Alex Eames - RasPi.TV (Creator)

First 500 Arrived

On Friday 13th May, the first 500 RasPiO Pro Hats arrived from China...

A box containing the first 500 Pro Hats
A box containing the first 500 Pro Hats I set about testing them. 

Manufacturing Trials Are Important

I was very anxious to see the failure rate. In round 1 manufacturing trials 13 from 60 boards failed. That was rather scary! But the problem was identified and improved upon. Round 2 had only 1 from 15 failures. At that point a thicker solder stencil and more rigorous visual inspection was agreed upon for production. As you can imagine, I didn't want to have a 20% failure rate. So I tested ~120 boards on Friday. This is how they are tested, in case you're interested...

It wasn't until #88 that I found a failure. I'd told the factory that a maximum of 1% was acceptable. I tested a few more on Saturday/Sunday and the last 200 on Monday. We had a grand total of 3 fails from 500. YAY! That's well under 1%

Early-birds Shipped

So while I was finishing the testing, my wife Mal packed 243 early-bird rewards into the padded envelopes we'd pre-prepared last week. I had hand-delivered 3 to Mike, Tim and Brian at Potton Pi and Pints on Saturday...

Mike "@recantha" Horne with his Pro Hat reward
Mike "@recantha" Horne with his Pro Hat reward

So the Early-birds are Shipped - What Next?

The early-birds were all shipped on Monday (a couple of weeks ahead of schedule). The next category to be shipped will be the £25 reward - Experimenter's kits. This category was surveyed last week and nearly everyone answered already. These will go out in the next few days. 

Assembly Commissioned

Now we will have to wait for the rest of the RasPiO Pro Hats to be assembled and shipped from China (and for the responses to the rest of the surveys). We are comfortably ahead of schedule and aim to get these out to you as soon as we can. It will probably be a couple of weeks before we receive them.

All Surveys Now Sent Out

All reward categories have now been surveyed. Please make sure you have completed your survey. Then we can have everything ready in advance of when the remaining Pro Hats arrive.

Pro Hat Arrival Tweets

Once you received your RasPiO Pro Hat please feel free to tweet a photo. It's always fascinating to see how quickly the postal service delivers around the world. 

Pro Hat Instructions

If you need or want instructions, you can find those here...

Pro Hat User Guide
Pro Hat User Guide 

Heads-Up - New Project Next Week

Next Tuesday (24th May), I'll be launching a new project. I'm aiming for 0900 BST kick-off. I'll send an update shortly after launching to give you all a fair chance of snapping up an early-bird.

Thank you once again for supporting the RasPiO Pro Hat project.

Alex @raspitv

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