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Putting your ports in perfect order and protecting them from human error. Explore your Raspberry Pi's GPIO ports safely and easily.
Putting your ports in perfect order and protecting them from human error. Explore your Raspberry Pi's GPIO ports safely and easily.
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Pro Hats Being Assembled, Experimenter's Kits Done, User Guide 1st Draft Preview

Posted by Alex Eames - RasPi.TV (Creator)

Dear RasPiO Pro Hat backers.

Thank you for backing the Pro Hat project.

It seems like time for an update. Some progress has been made, but I'm still waiting for the boards to arrive. Today's update will cover...

  • Production status
  • Progress on Experimenter's Kits
  • User guide progress
  • Surveys

Production Status

The RasPiO Pro Hat boards are being assembled this week and the first 500 should reach us some time next week for testing. If all goes well, we will start shipping the early-birds as soon as we reasonably can after that. We just don't know how long the testing will take, but we will test all of the boards initially to get a feel for any issues there may be.

Then we will feed this information back to the factory in case any further QC tests are required before they ship the remainder. If all is OK we will get them to send the rest.

We incurred a 10-day delay because I rejected the first batch of PCBs before assembly started. The silk-screen alignment was not good enough. This was a nuisance, but hasn't cost us too much time in the big picture.

Experimenter's Kits Ready

The Experimenter's kits are all kitted up and waiting for the Pro Hats to arrive...

RasPiO GPIO Zero Experimenter's Kits
RasPiO GPIO Zero Experimenter's Kits

User Guide Progress

I have a first draft of the RasPiO Pro Hat user guide, which tells you all you need to know to get started with the Pro Hat and GPIO Zero. It's 24 pages of mostly diagrams, explanations and code, meant to make it very easy to get started. Here's a little video 'flick-through' of the first draft.

Surveys For Other Reward Tiers

As soon as the Pro Hats are en-route to us from China I will start surveying the remaining reward tiers.

Google+ Community For Pro Hat

I've started a Google+ community for the RasPiO Pro Hat here... 

...feel free to come and join.

That's all for today. There will be further updates when there is something new to report.

Thank you once again for supporting the RasPiO Pro Hat project.

Alex  @raspitv

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    1. Anthony Goodhew on

      Looks great, Alex. You have been busy! I'll read it through this evening.

    2. Alex Eames - RasPi.TV 8-time creator on

      @Yaz - LOL, what a surprise ;p