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Limited Edition printing of a new 18-20 track RAS KASS project. 500 Vinyls and 1000 CDs to be pressed.
Limited Edition printing of a new 18-20 track RAS KASS project. 500 Vinyls and 1000 CDs to be pressed.
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279 backers pledged $13,126 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. John 'K-FLiP' Kirby on July 14, 2011

      just curious who i talk to about not receiving a package? it's been quite a while.. if someone could please e-mail me that'd be great... peace & respect!!

    2. Sankofa on February 22, 2011

      When rappers run out of reasons to rap.

    3. Missing avatar

      Mike Ashton on December 15, 2010

      still haven't received mine, don't think i'll ever get it. doubt i'll do something like this again..

    4. Missing avatar

      Hype on November 23, 2010

      Did anybody receive there cd and vinyl signed for the 135 package ? and the website listed with our names or sites are not up too weird thing is i saw ras kass remix of song with some body and i did it even bother to listen to it so i know i must be little irritated by this shit it's shame how some body else could fawk up somebody else business and the person don't even know about it

    5. Missing avatar

      Terrell Sanders on November 6, 2010

      Did anyone every get the ADIDAS Album on Vinyl? I thought that was what I was ordering but I only got the single? What gives?

    6. Missing avatar

      Hype on October 31, 2010

      I won't be doing this again this kickstarter or projects like this ! to correct that sentence in my last post !

    7. Missing avatar

      Hype on October 31, 2010

      It has been 3 to 4 weeks now and kickstarter never got my order right i sent email to ras kass at the bottom they sent me sorry but hope you like the other stuff. Than i sent posted here on comment page than i saw the front than sent email to "DonnieBo Sibley" t think ill do this again who knows how many people i got to buy this album by me spreading the word I mite be one person but you never who i brought to this little fundraiser lol *Good album* but not good in bringing the stuff to the table you forgot a dish Nigga wit the seasons in it !

    8. Missing avatar

      Hype on October 20, 2010

      I got my package but did not get what i ordered i ordered the 135 or more package and i did not get my cd signed ! So is this gonna get fixed or what ?

    9. Missing avatar

      Mike Ashton on October 12, 2010

      would really like to have that CD in my hands too, nothing been delivered yet though... :(

    10. Missing avatar

      DaveyD on October 4, 2010

      Just got my package today and it was well worth the wait. No hard feelings whatsoever with the delays. Everything inside is top notch. The cd's, Vinyls, shirts. Excellent stuff Ras. You really went above and beyond through this entire process, from the quality of the music and the artwork in the vinyls, tee's and cd's. Also keeping everyone informed with constant updates really made me feel apart of the project...
      Great stuff Ras!!! I really hope you do this again!

    11. Missing avatar

      deleted on September 30, 2010

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    12. Missing avatar

      Steven Herrera on September 23, 2010

      Got it! Love the look of the cd jacket & the ill vinyl! PEACE

    13. Christopher Stein on September 22, 2010

      I guess being fat is a hindrance when it comes to getting your order!

    14. Missing avatar

      kyle on September 22, 2010

      got my cd vinyl and shirt yesterday..adidas is fire good shit ras

    15. John Rogers on September 22, 2010

      Got my cd a couple of weeks ago,sorry I didn't post sooner!

    16. Missing avatar

      Fi3Ld on September 21, 2010

      Just received the package - DOPE!

    17. Ras Kass Creator on September 19, 2010

      The packages should be mostly all shipped out by the end of the week, I apologize for all of the delays, I hope that you are satisfied when you get your packages in the mail. Please drop a comment when you get your package!

    18. Missing avatar

      James Payton on September 17, 2010

      Yeah, I still haven't received mines either and no one is answering the email address now?

    19. Christopher Stein on September 15, 2010

      I still haven't received my order either.

    20. Missing avatar

      MarvelouZ on September 15, 2010

      Hello there, I still havent got my CD, any1 care to let me know sup?

    21. Missing avatar

      Derrick Powell on September 15, 2010



    22. Missing avatar

      deleted on September 12, 2010

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    23. Missing avatar

      Derrick Powell on September 4, 2010

      Just for the record, Derrick Powell, of New York said Ras Kass is a cocksucker. I disagreed but he said he'd beat Ras' ass like Game did.

      Derrick Powell isn't nice!

    24. Missing avatar

      Derrick Powell on September 3, 2010

      I didn't get my cd again today! Ras is a crook! HOW COME NONE OF YOU SHEEP ARE COMMENTING? OR GETTING MAD????

    25. Missing avatar

      Derrick Powell on September 3, 2010

      If you want to stop spinning your dreidels, take off your yarmulkes, and light the menorah, come to

      Great place to discuss rap! Including questions like: Why haven't I received my cd? Greatest rapper of all time. Greatest east coast album of all time, and much much more!

    26. Missing avatar

      Derrick Powell on September 3, 2010

      This dude saying two weeks...WE WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS! Send it NOW!

    27. Missing avatar

      Terrell Sanders on September 1, 2010

      Finally! I was afraid I was the only one worried, but what gives? I didn't support through kickstarter, but I pre-ordered on the site and still no CD! Nothing but excuses! What gives Ras?

    28. Missing avatar

      Derrick Powell on September 1, 2010

      How is no one upset about this????? How are they not being held accountable???

    29. Missing avatar

      Derrick Powell on September 1, 2010


    30. Missing avatar

      deleted on August 27, 2010

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    31. Missing avatar

      Ian Charles on August 19, 2010

      All positive info the past few days. Sorry to hear the manufacturer of the cd's screwed up, but great recovery. Thanks Ras Kass and Kris. Looking forward to my physical copy as I still play the downloaded version.

    32. Tom Cruz on August 18, 2010

      aiiight...the album is sick...literally not one skipable track....patiently waiten for that HRSMN album

    33. Verge Tibbs on August 18, 2010

      I don't remember if you all took my address yet. Let us know when you need that cause I really don't think I was ever asked for my shipping info.
      Glad that the CD is finally ready to go!

    34. Christopher Stein on August 18, 2010

      Hell yeah the cds are in! Thanks again to Kris for the communication and to Ras for putting out the best project in a long ass time. Peace

    35. Missing avatar

      Ian Charles on August 16, 2010

      Okay, I backed this project and didn't receive my physical cd yet.
      I ordered the vinyl of "Goldyen Chyld" on July 27th and I received that today (August 16th).

      Any status on the people receiving physical copies that backed this project? Not sure why people that may have ordered anything on release day may get this before the people that backed it. Now I did both, so are two different companies handling this process?

    36. Christopher Stein on August 11, 2010

      I agree with James we need an update, even though it was a great gesture with the free download.

    37. Missing avatar

      James Payton on August 11, 2010

      Any Updates on the CDs & Vinyl being shipped? Last Shout was 2 weeks ago?

    38. Missing avatar

      DaveyD on August 10, 2010

      So I've been banging this album since we got the release download and it's fantastic. Still waiting on the physical stuff but no worries. I really would like to see you do this again down the road. Great stuff Rassy.

    39. Jonathan Watson on August 5, 2010

      It's Aug 5th and I'm still waiting for my physical copy. I'm trying to hold out........what da deal?

    40. Missing avatar

      Kyle Votto on July 30, 2010

      Bangin album Ras

    41. Missing avatar

      David Abankwa on July 28, 2010

      PS: I just hope that I'm really going to get a physical copy as an international fan from Germany :-)

    42. Missing avatar

      David Abankwa on July 28, 2010

      Great job Razzy!! I'd do it again and again and again
      Dedicated artists deserve our backing and it's got to go straight to the source

    43. Missing avatar

      Kyle Ashton on July 27, 2010

      Album is great, well worth the wait.

    44. Ken Duncan Jr on July 27, 2010

      This album is amazing. I really liked the song featuring the HRSMN. You absolutely nailed the first verse of the song. Great job and keep up the good work.

    45. Ras Kass Creator on July 21, 2010

      Jamal, to buy the digital download you go to and click "Buy Now"

    46. Jamal Duncan on July 21, 2010

      I have been trying to by the digital download for the last 30 i retarded? where do you go?

    47. Chris Miller on July 15, 2010

      I don't give two shits about a delay....I need that joint man. Tired of hearing about Drake and others that can't do shit. I need hip hop like Joell Ortiz. I need hip hop like Paris. I need hip hop like RAS KASS...

      Get that joint out there.

    48. Ras Kass Creator on July 9, 2010

      I can see that there is some issues with the new pre-order page not being fair compared to what you guys pledged, and your rewards. As far as I can tell there is a mistake on the new pre-order page, because there is only one Vinyl, not 2 different ones. The deal with Kickstarter is that your shipping costs were included in your pledge, so people paid the same regardless of where it was shipping to. The new pre-order package includes a t-shirt, but it's price doesnt include shipping, for instance people who ordered internationally have to pay 26 USD for it. I see what you're saying about the 55 dollar preorderers paying more for the same stuff, which doesnt make sense, so I'll look into creating a fair solution to everyone.. I'll look into throwing in the new GC2 t-shirt.

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