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DemonWars: Reformation is an old-school tabletop RPG focused on fast set-up, engaging combat and open-ended non-combat action.
DemonWars: Reformation is an old-school tabletop RPG focused on fast set-up, engaging combat and open-ended non-combat action.
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Oh well...


So we didn't make it for DemonWars: Allheart, but I'll take it as a learning experience.

I'll look at the timing, both the time of year and the fact that it coincided with the deadline of another book, which pulled me away far too often during this month.

At the suggestion of many PM'ers, I'll also look at the funding goals. Simple economics tells me that to fund it at a lower level, I'm going to have to find ways to cut costs...if I can do that without compromising quality, great.

In any case, my heartfelt thanks to the 457 people who backed us, and to all the others who helped spread the word.

The good news, of course, is that DemonWars: Reformation is out there as a complete game already. So for those who jumped in after missing the first kickstarter, the game is available and ready to go.!/Gaming/c/5393282/offset=0&sort=normal

I would appreciate hearing your game stories...thinking maybe I'll get some videos of our game out there, but we'll see.

Again, thanks for the college try! I'm from New England...when we get buried by snow, we shovel and get back to work.


Only a week to go!


Okay, short and sweet: we've got only a WEEK to go for the game expansion, and we're halfway home:

Will the DemonWars RPG expand? I don't know at this point.

Should it expand? My whole gaming group would say, "Absolutely!" We're having more fun than we've had in many years (half the group has switched to knight), and we've been playing DemonWars for 2 years running now, with no intention of stopping or changing to another game.

ps. besides, I'd love to have Wil and/or Felicia read another novella for Audible!

I need you guys to spread the word...thanks in advance!

Chat tomorrow night, and a NICE review of Reformation!


I'll be doing a chat tomorrow (Friday, 2/6) night at 9pm EST over at RPGnet. We'll be talking DemonWars, of course, but any questions will be welcome (and suitably deflected if they're about what's next for Drizzt).

Also, a big shout out to Tommy and "The Most Unread blog on the Internet EVER" (I hope that's not true) for a very fair review of DemonWars: Reformation. This RPG is a labor of love - and yes, my group is still playing and having a blast, two years and running.

An excerpt from the review (but give Tommy a click - it was very generous of him to find this book and give it a good read):

"The Bob's House Rule sidebars are great stuff (Bob note: HA! I'm throwing that at my group, Tommy...I make them crazy!).

The sheer number of customizations for Monks almost feels like Monk, Fighter, Rogue, Wizard, and THEN you get into what else is possible by looking at the Rogue appendix (which covers four archetypes AND gets you dipping in other areas even more with the Packages).

The production values are great, with some gorgeous art that reminds me a lot of the better AD&D2e material...but there never seems to be any wasted space, as the writing is very concise, and the book does a great game of tackling metagame resource management in a way that feels much more "in character" and immersive as you're not spending "luck", but your own physical effort. Over-leverage yourself and that battle axe might just take your head off."

Yes, I am very proud of this RPG and the work many people have put into it.

I really hope we can expand it. Knights now, then so many possibilities (in no particular order: powries, rangers, Alfar, Jhesta Tu, Alpinadorans, the southern kingdoms...).

DemonWars: Allheart has two weeks to go, and I'm going to need a lot of help in getting there. You folks came through for me last time - spread the word!




We're about a third done and about a third funded for the DemonWars: Allheart kickstarter. Please help spread the word - we need your help!

Check it out here:

After some consideration, we made some changes to the Kickstarter.

First, the NOVELLA is no longer a stretch goal. If we fund, I'm doing it. The last one, "The Education of Brother Thaddius," went to, where it was read by Wil Wheaton.

Someone pointed out that our three biggest backer reward levels, THE BLACKSMITH OF AUVON-LEA, THE STEWARD OF AUVON-LEA, and THE CAPTAIN OF THE GUARD, all included an appearance by these characters in the novella...but since the novella was a stretch goal, someone backing us at this level wouldn't be guaranteed of a spot, since the novella wouldn't be guaranteed.

So yeah, the novella WILL be in the book if we fund, no stretch goal necessary. Who knows, maybe Wil will read it again and bring one of your characters to life.

Yeah, yeah, ‪#‎duh‬.

So, we also added a $5 level where you will get a PDF of the novella (and yes, if you go for the $15 level, you can get the novella, too, in digital form (PDF)).

Also, we've added additional Reformation Core Rule Books for $45/per for anyone at the Knight level or above, again as per feedback.

And finally, we've added a stretch goal where the Jousters will be able to design a banner, heraldry, working with us and an actual, you know, artist...




Okay, I said this was the beginning of the RPG, and here it is. As a birthday gift to me, Geno worked his butt off to get "DemonWars: Allheart," our second RPG product, live this fine day.

Check it out, I beg. If you can back us again, many thanks. If not, please spread the word - and for that, you'll have my gratitude as well.

We're still playing DemonWars in my group...two years and counting. The Allhearts have become favorites for 3 of the 7 current players (I'm still a monk guy!).

I promise you now that this book will adhere to the quality of the first, and so will the customer service. My name is on it, and I take that very seriously.

Thanks, sincerely,

Old Man Bob Salvatore

ps. For those who missed it, the novella of the first book, Reformation, became an audio book, read by Wil Wheaton! The collection - - also includes a DemonWars short story read by Wil and another one, "A Song for Sadye," read by Felicia Day.