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The mysterious suicide of a young woman forces her powerful father to capture and interrogate those he believes are responsible.

Amiss is an upcoming, independent feature film written and directed by Raoul Dyssell and Will Sonbuchner


A father, fueled with revenge by the sudden suicide of his daughter, captures and interrogates three people who had a direct impact on her life shortly before her death – her ex-boyfriend, her therapist and a complete stranger who claims not to know her – with the intent of punishing the one responsible. At the end, a shocking and unexpected truth is revealed.

Korean synopsis:

어린 안나의 갑작스러운 자살 이후에, 부패한 정치가인 안나의 아버지는 그녀의 죽음에 영향을 미쳤을 것으로 추측되는 세명의 사람, 즉 안나의 전 남자친구, 그녀의 치료사, 그리고 그녀를 전혀 모른다고 주장하는 낯선 사람을 체포하고 심문해서 그 책임을 묻고 원한을 갚으려 한다. 그 끝에는 뜻밖의 충격적인 진실이 밝혀진다.


Making a feature film is an enormous task that requires funding for many aspects of the production. In order to fulfill our vision and deliver an entertaining, thought-provoking film to the world, we need to meet a certain budget requirement that would allow us to achieve this goal. 

By supporting and donating towards Amiss, you are helping to ensure that this film achieves its ultimate creative potential.

Initial teaser poster for Amiss.
Initial teaser poster for Amiss.


After all the experience we, that is Raoul Dyssell and Will Sonbuchner, have gained as filmmakers over the past few years, we feel that we are ready to take the next step in our journey: a feature film.

Amiss is a passion project as well as an independent film we believe is within our abilities to produce. Set in the backdrop of Korea, it is an angle that has never been taken before in terms of its originality in the mystery genre. The story deals with the topical issues of suicide and conflicting cultural norms and the human emotions of love, anger, regret and forgiveness.  It is aimed to include different cultural aspects, conflicts and values of both Korean and Western culture, while still being a film that appeals to an international audience in its humanity and relevance.

With a more than capable production team and a capable group of talented actors, we aim to make a film that is both entertaining and socially relevant, and we believe this is a great opportunity for Korean and foreign filmmakers on what plans to be a very special production.


We have rounded up a superb group of extremely talented actors to do justice to the complex, multi-faceted characters of Amiss:



We would like to thank you again for investing your time in reading about our vision that is Amiss. If you support our film and want to see it made, any little bit helps. If you can't but still believe in its potential, please share our kickstarter page with your friends and family. Simple things like that go a long way. We sincerely appreciate it.


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