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A co-operative tabletop adventure that feels "like playing an old Super Nintendo game or NES game”. ~Edo’s Game Previews
A co-operative tabletop adventure that feels "like playing an old Super Nintendo game or NES game.” ~Edo’s Game Previews
A co-operative tabletop adventure that feels "like playing an old Super Nintendo game or NES game.” ~Edo’s Game Previews
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    1. Chris Garrett

      Great campaign from start to finish. Love this game.

    2. Regular People Gaming Creator on

      We're almost done with the Story Mode Book! All 27 Quests have been written and formatted in the book. Now we need to proof it and correct any errors we find before releasing it.

      We'll post an official Kickstarter Update once the Story Mode Book is available for download! You'll be getting an email link to it just like you did with the Art Book.

      Once we do that we will have Officially completed this Kickstarter Campaign! Thank you everyone!

      -Josh and Jordan

    3. Regular People Gaming Creator on

      Progress has been coming along well really well with the Story Mode Book! At the time of writing this I've got about 23/27 of the Quests in the book complete (minus proofing).

      Here is a sample from the tutorial:

      And a quest where you fight a Hard Mode Boss:

      I even did a test export of the PDF and uploaded it to CreateSpace and it was approved! I learned a lot from making the Artbook when it comes to formatting and sizes and such and it's really paying off. I remember spending literally months fighting with CreateSpace trying to get everything approved before and for it all to be accepted this time around is going to really streamline this process.

      Have a good one!


    4. Regular People Gaming Creator on

      So yeah, small delay with the story mode book due to Harvey. No worries! We are all safe. I've got power, water, and food (AC is another matter though haha).

      I work for my local city government so we've been working some long days to try and get things in order. I'm still planning on getting the Story Book Mode finished by October 1st, and I think we can still make that! But updates might be a little infrequent. I hope everyone made it through okay! It's exciting to get near the end of this project as we ponder what's next. Stay safe everyone.


    5. Regular People Gaming Creator on

      Here are some sneak previews of the Story Mode Book!
      Quest 15 - Fish for a Friend

      Quest 21 - Monster's Rule

      Quest 25 - Secret of the Ooze

      My goal is to have it 100% complete by October. I'm not sure I can hit that goal, but I'm sure as Pargon gonna try!

    6. Regular People Gaming Creator on

      Finally got the colors down correctly! There were a lot of color profile issues going on (most of them my fault T_T). But after months of going back and forth I removed the black borders on the art book. Every time CreateSpace would send us a proof, the cut would be WAY off, and it made the border look really uneven. On top of that, their auto detectors would detect it as BLANK space. So I've removed the borders and the book actually looks much better for it!

      I'm waiting for the Amazon and CreateSpace eStore's to come to life before making an official update for it, but that should be in a few days. I'll also be sending out updated versions of the PDFs to all you backers because the old one has quite a few typos in it!


    7. Regular People Gaming Creator on

      So the art book has been 100% finished, proofed, approved, and all that good stuff - but the printer can't seem to get the colors down right!
      The last 4 proofs we've received have all been too "yellow". There isn't enough Magenta in the print so skin tones come out looking lacking color and depth. It's agonizing going back and forth every few days waiting for a new proof or email to come through, but it's getting there! We really want to have physical versions of the art book available!

      Here is an example of what's happening right now:

      Even this one the one on the right is a little off. I'm not sure we'll do a physical version of the Story Mode Book after this several month long headache...

      Is anyone interested in a physical copy of the Story Book Mode (once it's complete)?

    8. Regular People Gaming Creator on

      OH MY GOODNESS my arch-nemesis the Art Book has been quite the struggle. For some reason every time I submitted the book it would get rejected, so I would try different bleed and margin settings, and then when I finally get it approved I would find another typo and then have to start the process over. And then THIS time I accidentally set the book to Black and White instead of Color! Did somebody cast a Confusion spell on me!?

      I'll be posting an updated version of it and a neat thing about Createspace is that we can autopublish the book to Kindle! How neat is that!

      Also we've made some progress on the Story Mode Book as well. I've found a formula that works really well for creating a structure to give the players a reason to go on an adventure. Now we need to start thinking about our NEXT project...


    9. Regular People Gaming Creator on

      What a battle this has been; I got the physical art book in, and found over 20 typos. It's a lot easier for me to check for these on a physical book, for some reasons my eyes gloss over them on a screen. But the book looks lovely! I'm kind of shocked at how accurate the colors are - I daresay they are actually more accurate than the game itself! These last few weeks have been just me struggling to get the document approved yet again, but it was just approved. I've got another physical copy coming in the mail, and if THAT one okay, then I'll let you know when you can order a physical copy from the website. We've also gotten a little work done on the Story Mode book! It's going to have a few new illustrations in it, and we've written out a few scenarios. Have a good one! -Josh

    10. Regular People Gaming Creator on

      Finally got the PDF approved on CreateSpace! The proof will arrive this week and then if we are happy with it we will set up a store on our website where you can order a physical copy! We've made a few changes to the PDF (nothing major, just found a few typos and spacing issues - whoops!) and will resend the art book PDF to backers once we are 100% finished with it. Thanks!

    11. Regular People Gaming Creator on

      Yeah, I super jinxed it. Artbook tomorrow? Sorry for the delay!


    12. Regular People Gaming Creator on

      Art Book will be released tomorrow evening!

      ...Unless something goes horribly wrong between now and then.

    13. Regular People Gaming Creator on

      Here are some new spreads that were not in the shared Art Book:

      Making the Art (Preparing the files for coloring):

      Updated Qalor Spread:


    14. Regular People Gaming Creator on

      If you would like to print out some tuckboxes for the levels, backer Cris Jesse has helped us with the layout. Thanks Cris!

      Check them out here:

    15. Regular People Gaming Creator on

      Going to post the artbook for everyone's review later tonight!

    16. Regular People Gaming Creator on

      Thanks JetSpike, I'll be sending out an update once I get a new PDF saved.

      I've been spending all my time on the art book and hoping to get it at 100% before really diving into the Story Mode PDF. Sadly there hasn't been much progress on it other than spitballing ideas with Jordan.

      Currently we have some fun gameplay modes we're tossing around, like a Versus style Battle Arena (1 on 1 game where each player draws 2 characters and a loot from each level), a monster rush mode (fight a bunch of jelly monsters in a row), and a story about guiding a Siryn back to the sea.

    17. Missing avatar

      JetSpike on

      I'm not sure I'm up for proofreading the whole thing, but I'd be happy to glance through it.

      Any news on the story mode pdf?

    18. Regular People Gaming Creator on

      Going to post a preview PDF of what we have in the Artbook later this week. Would anyone be interested in helping us proofread it? It always helps to have another pair of eyes on things!

      It's also starting to turn from an Artbook to more of a Design Works book! We planned to have about 60 pages of content but it's currently sitting at 96 pages! And I still have to do the Graphic Design section and include our tutorial for making digital art! Thanks for stopping by and have a good one!

    19. Regular People Gaming Creator on

      New update coming soon - we'll be sharing a bunch of pictures from our PAX South adventures!

    20. Regular People Gaming Creator on

      We're at PAX South in San Antonio! Will we get to meet some of you there?

    21. Regular People Gaming Creator on

      We have a new banner now! We got to try it out this weekend at Dragon's Lair and we'll be using it at PAX South! Check it out here:

    22. Regular People Gaming Creator on

      Oh Steve that would be a lot of fun! I love spooky levels in video games; Mickey Mania, Ducktales, and I love horror games. Maybe a graveyard or something? I wonder what level (1, 2 or 3) it would be? Probably not 2, because there is already a bunch of Undead stuff already in the Caves...

    23. Steve G

      Still loving this game. Could go with classic monsters level. Vampire, mummy, werewolf, ghost, witch, demon - kind of a halloween level. �

    24. Regular People Gaming Creator on

      When I get stuck working on something *ahem (art book formatting), I jump to other ideas to get my brain going. Right now I'm writing down ideas for a HYPOTHETICAL Random Encounters 2.

      What kind of levels or areas would you like to see in Random Encounters? More than anything I'd like to do a pirate-themed ocean level...

    25. Katrina Hennessy

      Finally had a chance to play during the Thanksgiving break. My son (16) liked the look of it and he and a friend played a two person game on Friday while I was working. They came away a little disappointed but then we had a chance to play a four person game on Saturday. My son had obviously been thinking about it and we managed to select a fairly well balanced party. Following his advise we tended to min/max these characters and we made it all the way through and had fun along the way. It is in the list of games to play again. :-)

    26. Regular People Gaming Creator on

      Shout outs to our friend Steven Crowe who drew Lorewing the Ancient (the Level 3 Familiar)! He is having a Kickstarter for a comic book called The Vigil. Feel free to check it out here:

    27. Lance Perro

      Feel free to share it. I thought it was pretty awesome too because he's never expressed anything like that before. It was a random statement after our random encounters ;)

    28. Regular People Gaming Creator on

      Lance that is the sweetest thing we've ever heard!! Thank you for sharing that. Do you mind if we share that online (like our Facebook)?

    29. Lance Perro

      I played this game (many times) with my 5-year old son over the weekend. In the first play through we lost to the dragon boss of level 3. Afterwards, my son asked me if he can borrow the game when he gets old because he wanted to play it with his son too. I'd say that was a successful first play.

      Also, the next morning he asked me to play again because he kept dreaming about the dragon all night. A new gamer has emerged. Thanks RPG.

    30. Missing avatar

      Stephane Bouchard

      Played a few games already and I found that " Lake the Merciless " is a powerful...if not one of the most powerful character in the game, once you've juice him up with a few boosters...looking forward to discovering other combo's.....

    31. Missing avatar

      Stephane Bouchard

      Got mine last week in Quebec Canada ! Thanks for a great campaign !

    32. Lance Perro

      I just received my copy in western Canada yesterday. It must have taken the scenic route ;)
      Looking forward to playing my first game this weekend.

    33. Regular People Gaming Creator on

      It seems that Random Encounters is reaching the far corners of the earth! Is there anyone still waiting for their copy?

    34. Tim Ware

      Random Encounters has landed in Middle-Earth :)
      My first "wow" was the game box - beautiful artwork and a sturdy box!
      Have thoroughly explored the components which are also AMAZING! And explained a bit about how combat works to my 5 year old. Looking to leap into our first game one night after work this week :)
      Top work gentlemen! Your efforts are much appreciated and I'm still so floored at how you've dropped yourself in the proverbial deep end, and taught yourself to draw and create this visual masterpiece. *hats off*
      Cheers heaps from New Zealand!

    35. Regular People Gaming Creator on

      Thank you Diane! Considering how much of a pain it was to create that rulebook I'm glad it came out well, haha! Good luck on your many adventures!

    36. Diane L on

      Got my much anticipated copy of the game today in the UK and everything looks great, from the artwork and components to the well laid out, quality rulebook. Looking forward now to many happy hours of adventuring with the various (and varied) characters and confronting those pesky Random Encounters. Congratulations Josh and Jordan on achieving your dream. All your hard work these past few years really has been worth it. Well done!

    37. Regular People Gaming Creator on

      Great to see all these games arriving around the world! If you are in the Bryan/College Station area in Texas then come see us this weekend at the Brazos Comic Con!

    38. Tom Wuyts on

      Everything seems to be packaged fine, except I seem to be missing a single agility token (the green ones, there were supposed to be 12 of those right?)

    39. Tom Wuyts on

      Whoot, Just got mine (in Belgium) :)

    40. Helen

      Woo hoo, my copy has arrived in Sheffield in the UK! Can't wait to play it!

    41. Missing avatar

      LNewt on

      Still waiting here, but hopefully not too much longer look forward to finally playing it

    42. Tim Hewitt on

      It's arrived in Nottingham, England.

      On Halloween! !

      I'm trying to unbox it and check the contents but there's regular knocks at the door - "trick or treat!!"

    43. L Warble

      Dangling an interesting game in front of the kids to get them to do work isn't bribery; it's just payment, right?
      'Look what came in the mail this week, kids...'

    44. Missing avatar

      meeba on

      Just picked up my copy from the post office. Oh my jelly! Excited!

    45. Regular People Gaming Creator on

      That's great Mezezzo! The backing was really more of a happy accident. I think the rough side of the backing is actually a bit of residue from the printing process. Over time it will start to wear out, but it will take a good deal of playing for that to wear down. In the prototype copy the factory sent us we thought it was an error! But it was REALLY thick on that copy. Try not to shuffle the characters too much if you want to keep that backing. Hope you enjoy the game!

    46. Mezezzo

      My copy just arrived in the UK today, good packing and no damage.

      Game looks great, all components feel high quality, pre punched and the cards are in easy release packing. I love the rough feel surface on the back of the character cards, i assume to stop them moving around the table by accident.

      Not played a game yet but looking forward to next weekend when i will have time. :-D

    47. Missing avatar

      LNewt on

      Has anybody from the UK received their copy yet?

    48. Ron peters

      No not linking from anywhere. I get declined due to poor structure, spam and I forget what else it says. I am no Pulitzer winner, but I know how to type a few paragraphs.

    49. Daniel Tennison on

      Just got my copy. I'm so excited. Gonna play it tonight with my sister and brothers.

    50. Regular People Gaming Creator on

      @Ron Hmmm that is very strange. Is your post linking elsewhere? It's possible that it's auto-flagging an outside link.

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