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A tripod that works with Android and iPhone cases. The Pocket Tripod is a card-size tripod for your phone that can adjust to any angle.
A tripod that works with Android and iPhone cases. The Pocket Tripod is a card-size tripod for your phone that can adjust to any angle.
5,887 backers pledged $178,649 to help bring this project to life.

Production Complete!

Posted by Geometrical Inc. & Rambod Radmard (Creator)

Dear Backers, 
Thank you for your continued patience as we prepare your rewards. Since our last update, we’ve been producing components and assembling them non-stop.


Production speed 

We were experiencing a bottleneck in speed with producing the Adapter components, causing part shortages for the assembly line which resulted in delays. To fix that, we immediately began making a second set of molds for the Adapters, which became ready two weeks ago and increased the output to approximately 1000 tripods per day. Production of the inventory for our Kickstarter backers completed yesterday. Packaging is also in full swing. However, work will be on hold until the end of next week, due to a one-week national holiday in China.

Preparation for shipping

We expect to start shipping by October 16th approximately. We will post an update and send an email a few days in advance to remind you to finalize your reward selection and shipping address by Oct 12th. We won’t be able to make any changes after that because our fulfilment centers will need a few days to prepare the shipments (print shipping labels, pick & pack items, etc.) and won’t be able to make any changes after we submit the ship-list.
If you’ve pre-ordered any extra add-ons in BackerKit, your credit card will be charged for those items after Oct 6th. If the card that you’ve provided at the time of answering the survey is no longer valid, you will receive an automated email to let you know to update it.

iPhone X and iPhone 8/8+

If you plan on upgrading to the new iPhones, please update your size selection based on the following recommended sizes. (Safe for screen protectors) 

Bare iPhone 8        7.5 mm Pocket Tripod PRO
Bare iPhone 8+      8.0 mm Pocket Tripod PRO
Bare iPhone X        8.0 mm Pocket Tripod PRO

If you will be using a case, please add the case’s thickness to the sizes recommended above. If you don’t know your case’s thickness yet, you can measure it later using the included Fit Card and order the appropriate Adapters. 

Also, we recommend these sizes for the following devices: 

Bare iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black       7.5 mm Pocket Tripod PRO
Bare Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+     8.0 mm Pocket Tripod PRO
Bare Samsung Note8                   8.5 mm Pocket Tripod PRO 

Adapter Discounts for Backers 

We know you’ve waited a long time to get your rewards, and we’re infinitely grateful for your patience. So we want to thank you by extending our Kickstarter pricing on Adapters for one whole year after you’ve received your reward ($2 instead of $5). After we ship, we will send you an email with a unique discount code.

Natural disaster victims 

If you’ve been affected by the recent hurricanes or earthquake, we hope that you are safe. Please let us know if you need us to hold your shipment until you’re ready. Otherwise, you can tell us to ship it to a new address on BackerKit.

Changes to your details

We’ll be keeping BackerKit open until October 12th, for anyone who needs to make changes to their address, or size/color selection.
Update my details on BackerKit->


Contrary to what some commenters may suggest, our policy has always been to offer hassle-free cancellations and refunds for anyone who chooses not to wait for the PRO version. If you need to cancel, simply let us know by emailing our support team, and we’ll take care of it for you right away.   

As always, thank you for your continued support. We’re excited to start shipping the Pocket Tripod PRO. We’ll be keeping you updated as we complete each milestone.
Your friends at Geometrical

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    1. Missing avatar

      Shun on

      Still have not received mine in Hong Kong. Please update on shipping.

    2. Eduardo Pons on

      No shipping or tracking now. Too...
      Backer 6,026

    3. Denée Gillin on

      I still haven’t received mine or notification of shipping. This is disappointing #disheartenedaustralianbacker

    4. Missing avatar

      Tony Gee on

      Still to receive mine in the we get a Redfin day if its a no show after such an extended period of time?

    5. Missing avatar

      Shun on

      Still have not received mine in Hong Kong. Please update on shipping.

    6. Missing avatar

      vinnie woo on

      Hi! I've received it (in singapore) thank you so much! It's been a long journey. But it's a fine product. Those extra adaptors will be of huge help!

    7. Missing avatar

      Tony Gee on

      Still to receive mine in the Uk....

    8. Samori Cummings

      Backer #4986, still have not received mine

    9. Mauro Rezende on

      @creator: Any updates on shipping?

    10. Missing avatar

      Pedro on

      Just received mine today in Portugal. I still don't believe that it's really here. Good construction, good package. It's sad the absence of communication.

    11. Paul Massieu Arvizu on

      Still waiting as well @Mexico. Will I get this for Xmas? I still owe his 2016 present to my brother!!!

    12. Wind Koh

      I'm still waiting... Any update?

    13. Daniel Tan on

      Hey guys, I just want to inform you. The pocket tripod pro just arrives today. So exciting! Changing the adapter can be so addicting.. you've been warned!!!

      Thank you to everyone in Geometrical for your hard work. The quality of this finished product is awesome. Great job!

    14. Missing avatar

      jlim on

      I'm in Michigan. Just received mine yesterday. Ordered a 9.5mm and 8.5mm for iPhone 6s+ and iPhone 7. Both are with cases. And both fit well. Though it was an extremely long wait, I'm glad this was fulfilled finally and what appears to be a very well packaged and designed product.

      Folks are complaining and demanding money back etc. keep in mind, this is Kickstarter. If you want something that is a 100% certainly, buy from a traditional channel. Stop whining a product is delayed. Again, Kickstarter .. no guarantee.

    15. Vanella Mead on

      got mine today, its great. i just need to order a different sized adaptor for my new phone :)

    16. Esther Jordan See

      I have not received my reward at this time its now early december and im still waiting

    17. Mohammed on

      A Update please . I know you guys were having issues mass producing but 2 months to get everything ? at least start shipping the ones that are ready ...

    18. Joakim Nyström on

      Almost 2 month since last update (which was about the completion of the production). Guys, if you are f#cking us over I'd at least appreciate you'd post a Rick Ashleys video, so we know for sure.

    19. Missing avatar

      vinnie woo on

      Will appreciate an update (Even if it's still production in progress or packing etc). Thank you so much.

    20. Missing avatar

      Geoffrey Matthews on

      Australia here - where is it??
      Its end November here long way past end Sept?

    21. Rusty Painter on

      This is ridiculous! You are making a freaking piece of plastic!! Actually, I'm convinced that you aren't making anything!! I think you're counting on people forgetting that they backed this project! I hope y'all have a Merry Christmas with all the money you stole from people!!

    22. Missing avatar

      Pedro on

      Are you sending these? Can you tell me that and if afirmative, send me the tracking number? Pretty please, with sugar on top...

    23. Robyn Drothler on

      This is absurd. When will this shop?

    24. Missing avatar

      Ben Truong on

      I was charged for this last month, yet no shipping update. When will this be shipped, never???

    25. AG Umbrella on

      It's November already and I have not received anything :( I reached out via backerkit and they send me back here. I don't know what to expect

    26. Missing avatar

      PAUL VEAR on

      It would be nice to here something. I think we have all waited long enough to see it through. But come on give us some news even it’s a further delay- just keep us informed.

    27. Missing avatar

      Tim S

      I contacted the creator and they provided me a refund within 20 minutes of asking. They were friendly about it. Based on the communication I received, you'd have to read through the comments to figure out where they are at; didn't sound like they know when this project will begin fulfillment.

      @ Simon Granville - they refunded me without any problems whatsoever

    28. Missing avatar

      Simon Granville

      @Tim S - there I no invoking of KS terms - that is people just posting crap because someone once said they could post that crap ad get a refund.

      More importantly - @Geometrical Inc. is the thing you really need to respond to, 39 days after you said production was complete, a question about MOUS dimensions? You don't think it is important to address the multiple questions regarding whether you are actually going to ship this thing?

    29. Daniel Tan on

      How can I know if you are getting problem sending to me? The last update is about re-confirm the shipping address and I have done that. Until now there are not updates, emails or anything from you, saying that you have send or tried to send the product.

    30. Geometrical Inc. & Rambod Radmard 2-time creator on

      @David Crabbe, we don't have MOUS's measurements at the moment, but will reach out to them after we ship the rewards to obtain samples and post the measurements.

    31. Missing avatar

      Tim S

      October 16 has come and gone and still no update. This is illustrative of the failure many projects have on KS: lack of communication. I'm convinced it's the #1 cause of discontent. A month ago, the creator showed us pictures of boxes of pocket tripods (they're probably empty, and was likely a throwaway from the creator to keep the noise of discontent level down) but nothing since then. It's suspicious to me. I'm leaning towards this being a failed project at this point and am going to see if I can invoke KS terms for a refund. Their lack of updates to their supporters is really disrespectful.

    32. Josh Raymond on

      I'm not particularly concerned about my commitment to this project. Not very expensive. Seems to be a real thing etc etc. However it is always concerning in all these sorts of projects that no-one can be bothered to post an update? I mean, no-one? How is it that there is only a handful of "official updates and news posts" while people continually appear frustrated and concerned in the thread? People who have laid down actual cash. How is there detail over a month ago about the production and postage yet nothing to add subsequently. This is not a great endorsement for either this product or kickstarter in general.

    33. Missing avatar

      Pedro on

      Well, a few comments below I said I wasn't expecting this update. That was 38 (THIRTY EIGHT!!!!) days ago!!!! Are you fucking kidding? Send that shit! I don't care anymore, just send it!

    34. Missing avatar

      Shane Grant on

      Can we get another update please? We are in November and I doubt you started shipping mid October when you thought you would. At this point your backers deserve a weekly update. Please give us something more than silence, even if you have to tell us (obviously) there’s more delays.

    35. Missing avatar

      Simon Granville

      Have you done anything since the last update over a month ago? This is a piece f plastic - chuck it in an envelope and post it out for god's sake. Why is it so bloody hard?

    36. Chester on

      Please advise if you have shipped my item with the additional adapter that I ordered?

    37. Rusty Painter on

      I'm pretty sure I, know the answer, but I'll ask, anyway...

      It's October 23. Have you started shopping yet?

    38. Missing avatar

      Don Fuchs on

      When will you send these out to us? I have not yet received it. Thanks.

    39. Joe Lippeatt on

      You have boxes and boxes of completed kits but still won't mail them out. I don't get it. Its a year past your original shipping date. Why do you continue to refuse to send them out? Poorly run projects like these are why legit Kickstarter projects struggle to get backers.

    40. David Crabbe on

      Do you have measurements to suit the the MOUS case (another popular crowd-funded project)? I have an iPhone 6S but i bet other backers will have also backed the MOUS case for their various devices.

      I've updated my fit to the largest you support as a catch all precaution.

    41. Geometrical Inc. & Rambod Radmard 2-time creator on

      @Wilfred, you are most welcome. For the iPhone 7 Plus, if you're using it bare and if it's a jet black color we recommend the 7.5 mm Pocket Tripod PRO, because the glossy finish makes it very grippy and difficult to insert and remove. Otherwise if you have the standard aluminum finish, the recommended 7.0 mm model will still work fine, but the 7.5 mm will give you an easier time.

    42. Geometrical Inc. & Rambod Radmard 2-time creator on

      @Robert claude, thank you so much, we really appreciate you being so understanding.

    43. Geometrical Inc. & Rambod Radmard 2-time creator on

      @Simon Granville, no you are getting the PRO, not the 2016 model. The 2016 model was already shipped out in October of 2016 to backers who chose not to wait for the PRO.

    44. Missing avatar

      Richard Gorey on

      I had given up on this as after so long I thought it was a total scam

    45. Wilfred on

      Thanks for the clarification! Btw can you provide size recommendations for the iPhone 7+?

    46. Missing avatar

      rob cass on

      The scam continues.... more delays... NO KIDDING.....

      Totally destroyed my faith in Kickstarter, NEVER AGAIN, I hope my grandkids still use smartphones

    47. Missing avatar

      Robert claude on

      Thanks for this new informations.
      I like your idea and I will wait again until the parts will be done as you expect.
      October is not so far now ;-)

    48. Missing avatar

      Simon Granville

      For clarity we are getting the 2016 model yes? 2016? At least we can flex our choice to include the iPhone X.

    49. Geometrical Inc. & Rambod Radmard 2-time creator on

      @Wilfred, yes indeed! The 2016 model (shown in the Kickstarter video) became available last October as planned. Everyone who chose to wait is getting the PRO.