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A tripod that works with Android and iPhone cases. The Pocket Tripod is a card-size tripod for your phone that can adjust to any angle.
A tripod that works with Android and iPhone cases. The Pocket Tripod is a card-size tripod for your phone that can adjust to any angle.
5,887 backers pledged $178,649 to help bring this project to life.

Production Update

Posted by Geometrical Inc. & Rambod Radmard (Creator)

Dear backers,  

Thank you for your patience and for giving us the opportunity to make the best product possible. We do realize that there was a gap between this and our last update, but we did not have any concrete details from our manufacturer until now. 

The adjustments and debugging of the molds were scheduled to be complete by March 10th, but our manufacturer took longer than expected. They actually had to go through four additional rounds of adjustments to get the parts fitting just right. This was due to an accidental damage to a component’s mold, which forced them to remake it. 

Last week we received their latest samples. After close examination, we’ve determined that most components are ready for production, with only a small number requiring minor corrections, which are scheduled to be ready by the end of next week.




In the meantime, we’ve also been busy getting everything else prepared so to compress the time required for production and packaging. The Fit Cards that will be included in each package are ready.



Even these tiny boxes for holding adapters for anyone who’s ordered extras.



Also, the carbon fiber skeletons that get embedded in the legs of the tripod are prepped for production.



Changes to your details

We’ll be keeping BackerKit open until we start shipping, for anyone who needs to make changes to their address, or size/color selection.

Update my details ->


About the Pocket Tripod PRO’s fit 

The Pocket Tripod PRO’s soft-touch openings give them a stronger grip compared to our 2016 model. With that in mind, the sizes recommended on our device guide are still correct, but will give you a tight fit. If you prefer a more relaxed fit, or for less strain on your screen protector, we recommend switching to the next larger size. If you have any trouble with the fit once you receive your reward, please contact our support team, who will be happy to find a solution for you.



Contrary to what some commenters may suggest, our policy has always been to offer hassle-free cancellations and refunds for anyone who chooses not to wait. If you need to cancel, please email our support team, and they’ll take care of it for you right away.


As always, thank you for your continued support. We’re excited to get the rewards shipped as soon as possible. We’ll be keeping you updated as we complete each milestone.

Your friends at Geometrical



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    1. Missing avatar

      Shane Grant on

      Can we get an update please?

    2. Paul Bines on

      A month on from the last update and still no information about when the drafted thing will actually ship. I've more-or-less written this thing off - if it ever actually arrives, I'll be happy-ish.

    3. Missing avatar

      Simon Granville

      I have switched to the Standeazy instead of this. Very disappointed in this project - eight months late and I don't expect shipment until the new iPhone is launched so I will maybe get to use this for a few days. I will be unsubscribing to further updates from this company once the unit is delivered.

    4. Rusty Painter on

      At this point, I'm writing this up as a donation to some Chinese sweatshop. If I ever see my product, it will be a happy surprise.

      I predict another "update" letting us know that shipping will happen the day Jesus returns...

    5. Andi Roberts on

      So based on this update, product of the final pieces started to be manufactured about 10 days or so ago. Therefore I assume, some shipping is due right about now. A new update would be appreciated, before the salt starts piling up too high here!

    6. Missing avatar

      Dave on

      Any shipping update? I originally was hoping to use this for videos on "big trip fall 2016" end of this month is "honeymoon road trip 2017" which it would be awesome to have tripod for! Hope shipping is eminent. If you get close to release of iphone8 your fit may get outdated.

    7. Missing avatar

      Pedro on

      1 month to go on vacation and no pocket tripod. Incredible. There will be no procuct. Period. What a bunch of scammers, these and Kickstarter also!

    8. Missing avatar

      Lunarena on

      Please add the new phones that have since launched into the sizing chart. As folks have commented, i have too have moved on to a new phone since your survey launch.

    9. Mohd Luqman on

      yay finally.. Cant wait

    10. Dirk K. Janssen on

      Thank you for this most informative update, but please grap yourself a dictionary a look for the german words "lahme Ausrede"...

      I am with @Marke McCracken, I backed Snaps too without getting anything and within the next weeks I will get a new mobile and hope the tripod will suit, if ever I get it...

    11. Drew Parrott on

      Thanks for the update guys. Here's hoping everything goes well.

    12. Marke McCracken on

      Long time coming but no product. I was a backer of Znaps too. They kept telling us how great things were going but come to find out they are long gone charlie with $3M... since backing this I have changed phones hopefully it will arrive and still be usable.... however my enthusiasm for the product has long since passed.

    13. Paul Taylor

      I can't up the size to the next one as you want me to copy and paste the device text.... Apple-iPhone-6S (7.0mm) but I use it Naked/No Case with a tempered glass screen protector.... I can't change the size.

      Can you do this???

    14. Missing avatar

      rob cass on

      how many times do we have to say it,
      Make a commitment,

    15. Josef Jelinek on

      Are you going to ship it at least this month? If you can't certainly confirm that then give me my money back.

    16. Missing avatar

      Shane Grant on

      All that information and it does'nt even say when they expect to ship?


    17. Sam Schlam on

      What is the delivery timeline?

    18. Jesper Ohlsson on

      Thanks for the update. As usual very thorough. I do need to express my suggestion for the importance that sometimes it's better to update with "we have no more updates at the moment" rather than just keep quiet. Every good communicator know this, and it's also the best thing to do to keep rumours away.

      I also do need to ask about an estimated delivery time frame? And since the phone I am currently using, has less time to stay alive compared to the original delivery time I also look forward for some info letting me now that I can reach out for a free adapter when I do change my phone. At this moment my measurements will be the same, but probably not during autumn. And I really did not wait all this time and put money in somethings I could only use for some months.

      I guess you could easily understand this and of course it has nothing to do with the product. I am really looking forward to it. I just want to extend the life span of the tripod.

      Best regards Jesper

    19. Missing avatar

      Pedro on

      I still don't understand why you didn't give us an update. With all the complains, a simple: "We're here, having problems with the molds, get to you as soon as we have more updates" would be enough or it is just me?!? Also, it seems from this update that we will not get the product in the next month, so... is there any date for this to ship or not?

    20. Missing avatar

      KJ Sipkema on

      Awesome! Thank you so much for this update. As Spencer Hall mentioned, the time table regarding the shipments has moved to the end of may?

    21. Missing avatar

      Spencer Hall on

      So what's the updated time table now? Not shipping til 2nd week of May?

    22. Mark Menzynski on

      finally an update