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A tripod that works with Android and iPhone cases. The Pocket Tripod is a card-size tripod for your phone that can adjust to any angle.
A tripod that works with Android and iPhone cases. The Pocket Tripod is a card-size tripod for your phone that can adjust to any angle.
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Pocket Tripod PRO - First Production Samples

Posted by Geometrical Inc. & Rambod Radmard (Creator)

We're super happy to finally get our hands on the first samples of the Pocket Tripod PRO, since its tooling began less than 3 months ago. Have a look at the video below for a close-up look. 


Rework and Adjustments

Our manufacturer has performed their first trial run, and sent us the samples last week. Overall, the components are very well made but do require further fine-tuning for correct fit and function. Creating tools for plastic injection molding is an iterative process.  

All of the adjustments are straightforward, and our manufacturer already has experience doing them from the original Pocket Tripod. The profile of the carbon fiber skeleton also needs to be modified to improve the flow of plastic, as well as to adjust for the shrinkage.

New expected ship date

Our initial plan was to manufacture all of our inventory before the Chinese New Year and have them sent to us for packaging and shipping. But our manufacturer needs more time to make the necessary adjustments to the mold. At the same time, our carbon fiber supplier will be remaking the skeletons. Our new expected ship date is April 28th. Here's how far we've come, and what's still left to do. Click the image below to enlarge. 



Big thanks to everyone who's answered the BackerKit surveys. If you haven't received it yet, please let our support staff know. We'll keep the surveys open until the end of March so that you can update your selection or address if you move or change your device. We realize that waiting for our new ship date may not be an option for some of our backers. That's why we have a no questions asked refund policy. Simply contact our support staff, and we will be more than happy to assist you. (  

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to manufacture the best product that we can.

Warm regards,
Your friends at Geometrical

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    1. Richard Foo on

      How to apply for refund?

    2. Richard Foo on

      I have not received?

    3. Missing avatar

      Robert claude on

      From France
      I do not received anything yet also.

    4. Ashley on

      Has anyone received theirs yet? I haven't received mine yet...

    5. Edris Yung on

      I'm guessing no one has received theirs yet?

    6. Jeff Peterson

      Has shipping started?

    7. Carolynne Sayk on

      So hoping to receive my Pocket Tri-pod before I go away mid-May. Anxiously waiting in Toronto, ON.

    8. Missing avatar

      Deborah Fine on

      I have not received my Pocket Tri-pod as of yet. It is April 26 th. Where is it?

    9. Gary Todd on

      Your timeline shows the shipment should be at fulfillment centres this Fri (Apr 28th). Is this still the case - as others have said, an update would be appropriate at this time. Thanks in advance.

    10. Missing avatar

      Marc Mühlberg on

      still looking forward getting my tripod ;-) would appreciate an update

    11. Missing avatar

      Keith Lim on

      This seems to be delayed and delayed. Can you please give an update of what's going on?

    12. Justine Guest on

      With April 28th coming up, I was hoping to login and find an update. How are things going? Will we be seeing the tripods soon?

      I hope no news is good news :)

    13. Mauro Rezende on

      Any news? Last update is from February!

    14. Missing avatar

      anthony on

      give us an update please, if its shipping this month we'd like to know

    15. Missing avatar

      Christopher von Eitzen on

      What's the status of this? I've not had an update in months. Seems like it is taking ages now. Please let us know! ;)

    16. André Bergman on

      Guys. Whats going on? Are you still expecting April 28th as the ship date?

    17. Missing avatar

      Anthony Planz on

      ....takes far too long.

    18. Missing avatar

      Shun on

      Can we please have an update

    19. Missing avatar

      kifkif on

      More than 1 month 1/2 and no update from you. Pretty bullshit uh !

    20. Missing avatar

      David Miller on

      I'm willing to wait. This has no equal. I'm particular stoked after watching the YouTube video above.

    21. CM on


      I have two battery cases -

      The Incipion which specs are :
      Depth 0.65 inches (16.51 mm)

      And the Mophy


      therefore ... will you guys have something for that? As lots of people are buying thick cases that they may be battery or for "waterproof" those cases are thick!

    22. Rusty Painter on

      HOLY CRAP!!! This is a joke. I'm pretty sure this is a scam. How long could it possibly take to make a freaking piece of plastic???? I will NEVER back one of your projects again.

    23. Missing avatar

      Rochie on

      Already ask for a refund. this is totally ridiculous. another 3 months delay from the last promise delivery date is unacceptable. so much for a tripod. I already changed phone twice since I backed this project. I guess kickstarter is not for me. this is my first time backing up a project here and this is what i get. SMH

    24. Mandy Li on

      It's way past due. Really disappointed in this kick starter experience. And it was really troublesome to do the measurement and submit the size. More pain than gain, well actually no gain because I still haven't receive it yet.

    25. Joao Mendes on

      Ok, thank you but, no thank you... time to get that sweet money back...

    26. Missing avatar

      Manik Sarkar on

      I'm done. I'm applying for a refund. If the tripod turns out to be this incredible thing I'll just buy one retail.

    27. Karin Wilcox on

      This is ridiculous. Were closing in on a year since launch. Why take pre-orders if you've not even started fulfilling your kickstarter orders?

    28. Patrick Carlos on

      I am absolutely disappointed to see this already being offered as a pre-order in certain websites like iPhone Life for $19.95 when your original kickstarter supporters haven't even gotten theirs. What's the use of backing someone right from the beginning when everyone else gets a chance to buy it pretty much at the same time? We made this happen and yet you treat us just like any other customer

    29. Missing avatar

      Simon Granville

      Sorry but generally being first for discounts is different from doing something about getting a product with a potentially four month life rather than nine months.

    30. Geometrical Inc. & Rambod Radmard 2-time creator on

      @rob cass, @sergio, we have a no questions asked refund policy. Simply contact our support staff, and we will be more than happy to assist you. (

    31. Geometrical Inc. & Rambod Radmard 2-time creator on

      @Toru Tsutsumi, the delivery date is set for the end of April 2017.

    32. Geometrical Inc. & Rambod Radmard 2-time creator on

      @Simon Granville, generally our Kickstarter backers are among the first to have access to special discounts.

    33. Geometrical Inc. & Rambod Radmard 2-time creator on

      @Wilfred, we're betting on the Pocket Tripod PRO. But regardless of the dimension of the iPhone 8, we'll be ready for it.

    34. Geometrical Inc. & Rambod Radmard 2-time creator on

      @Kenneth Pinto, We're glad you like them! Thanks for the kind words. We will certainly make every effort to ship before our promised date.

    35. Missing avatar

      rob cass on

      this is the worst Kickstarter experience ever!

      Please let us all know how we get our money back!!!!

      BS followed by BS SCAM SCAM SCAM

    36. Missing avatar

      sergio on

      i want my money back ! this is not fair !! you have said 3 or four different shipping dates ! and now another 3 months !!!! this very sad !

    37. Missing avatar

      Andrew Bailey on

      Yet another kickstarter product I bought into with over extended delivery dates. 6 months over this time. Great.

    38. Toru Tsutsumi

      It is not said that creators are January 27, 2017. Perhaps it will be 2018.

    39. Missing avatar

      Simon Granville

      This is quite disappointing. I am generally supportive of creators experiencing delays but six months on a product that was an evolution of your prior product rather than a revolution. I hope backers will get some form of discount on replacement parts if they change phones in September having only used the current parts for four months rather than nine months as planned.

    40. Pascal on

      Are you kidding me?
      4 days after the planned delayed shipping date you inform us that it's going to take another 3!!! Months to ship the product?!
      Maybe I'll need to buy some other tripod instead ... :(

    41. Wilfred on

      I wonder which will ship first in 2017, the Pocket Tripod or the the iPhone X?

    42. Kenneth Pinto on

      The samples look great! To avoid disappointment, I'm just going to assume that shipping will happen in July.