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The Feature Length Rally Documentary. Featuring action, stories and passion from around the world.
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Matt Johnston

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Press On Regardless

First of all. Here is a selection of extremely slow rally cars set to emotional music. I don't really see how that could not be a winner.

I am on the phone all day, and prepping for a shoot tomorrow but wanted to get something else out the night before the big finish.

I had originally intended to make a post the last few days of the campaign called "Press On Regardless" no matter where we stood. POR, the name of an American rally event, and world championship round that took place in Michigan in the 70's, has also become a uniform rally term.

It means that no matter what, you must finish. You Press On Regardless. If you roll your car - flip it back over and finish. Lose a wheel? Drag it 3 wheeled to the finish. Hit a deer? Competitor block the road? Steering breaks? Run out of cash? Trailer gets a flat? Minnesota D.O.T confiscates your rig and trailer? so on and so on and so on. That's rally.

I sometimes tell people that rally is the best life training you can get. You learn logistics, marketing, self management, how to be (relatively) calm under pressure and most of all, how to Press On Regardless.

I felt I had to POR last week, with over 27k left to go on the Kickstarter campaign. I made the choice to continue shooting through Oregon. Renting helicopters with my own cash. Bringing expensive high speed cameras into the field and hoping that I could make it count, and I hope I did. Today and yesterday have been great. Thanks to so many people for their support, all of you.

We have 10k to go, in 20 hours. I think we're going to not only make it, but surpass my goal. Lets press on.

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