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The Feature Length Rally Documentary. Featuring action, stories and passion from around the world.
The Feature Length Rally Documentary. Featuring action, stories and passion from around the world.
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1 Week Left - Here is some production stills

Here are a few stills from the first few shoots - From my phone. Can we raise nearly $30,000 in 7 days? I don't see why not.

If your reading this in your e-mail, you should visit the page to see the photos.

Sketchy ladder antics. Rigging 600ft of hi tech cable in sub zero f (literally) temps. We ran through the entire day, sunrise to sunset without going inside. Stuff froze.

Chemical hand warmers. Trying to keep the dual lipo batteries on one of my custom helicopters warm. It worked for a while, but it was sub zero and eventually the cold took it's toll with reduced flight time. No worries, we still got some awesome shots in the winter light.

Red Scarlet and modified Dynamic Perception slider at the pre 100 Acre Wood rally test. M-Sport technicians work on Ken's car.

Post Sno*Drift rally B-roll acquisition. I've got a thing for b-roll. I've driven past this house a few times on the way out to a few of the Saturday Sno*Drift stages. While I was setting up for this shot a backwards driving Michigander told me taking pictures of ugly houses was dumb, and so was I.

RED Scarlet on a stack of Ford WRC wheels. No battery and no lens. I had to run and just left it for a bit. Taped up because people recognized the camera and I don't need that kind of attention - unless it's from pretty girls (which it never is, they don't care about cameras)

I drove down to 100 Acre Wood rally. So I brought EVERYTHING.

Inside a castle (seriously) in Guanajuato Mexico. Great view. Great enchiladas and a really really slippery floor.

Fireside chat with Chris D. Chris and his wife let me snooze it up on their couch for the 2 days we shot in New Hampshire back in January. Super nice people, and Sarah (Chris' wife) made real good burrito/enchilada things. I got harassed by a cat at night.

Charging some Canon batteries from a suspect power outlet in front of M-Sport's service area. RED sits and waits. I ran one camera in each hand for a while, till my arms got tired.


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