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The Feature Length Rally Documentary. Featuring action, stories and passion from around the world.
The Feature Length Rally Documentary. Featuring action, stories and passion from around the world.
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What's The Story?


Amongst the many many messages offering tons of support, a few people have sent me messages asking for more details on the story as well. Fair enough. When I put together the teaser it was based on content from 3 shoots. One with Chris D testing for Sno*Drift Rally, one with Ken Block testing for 100AW rally, and the third from World Rally Mexico. My goal was to capture enough content to build a great looking teaser that could convince all you people that this project is something worth backing. But, 3 weekend shoots is not enough to build a comprehensive story for such an involving sport. Plus, it IS just a "teaser".

Anyway, so what is the story? As mentioned in the Kickstarter campaign the story is:

The goal of this film is to show the personal challenges and stories of each driver as they each try their hardest to compete in such a challenging sport. As well as showcase both the front, and behind the scenes action that makes the motorsport world turn.

But let me elaborate. I was a rally driver for about 7 years. I tried my absolute hardest to "climb the ladder" so to speak, and even entered the Fiesta Sporting Trophy, part of the WRC in 2006. But ran out of cash before I could put together a program. From 2003-06 and then again in 08,09 I competed in the US and Canadian championships, and even won a Gp2 National Championship in Rally America in 2005. That period of my life has some of the craziest stories ever - and some of mine are pretty weak compared to the thousands of other rally drivers, co-drivers and crew around the world that are in the same position.

In the time I was driving I drove the rally car to events over 1,000 miles round trip at least once. I had brakes fail on my van at least 6 times. I was searched at the border at least twice. Had the car fall off the trailer once, had the van towed once, slept on the pavement outside Montreal and even crossed the same border 6 times in one night. 

You might note that all of those are before we got to the rally. I've melted motors, melted gearboxes, almost hit a moose, "found" oil in the middle of the road in Maine, seen at least 6 naked boobies, and 2 butts on stage plus a whole bunch of competition mumbo jumbo.

Adding Motul RBF 600 - by the case - to my 1989 Ford Econoline in 2004. Tinfoil in 3 of the 4 brake lines to slow the leaking.

But that's just me, I only did a max of 6 events in one year. Every driver I have ever met has the same stories. Rally beats you down over and over again but you still come back, and if your one of the few that is trying to make a serious go of it - it's a whole different ball game. It is easier, and cheaper to have a wicked Cocaine habit. I'm positive.

So that's what this film is about. It's about people, and their stories. The story is not about the cars or the competition as much as it is about the people involved to make the stories happen. My original goal when I started brainstorming this film was to make something that would do rally justice, which means it must be a high level film from the look and feel, but also a film that your wife would want to watch too. Keep in mind this is very early production for ESTD, and as a documentary it will evolve and grow with the stories that happen around us.

I'm a huge fan of British Top Gear. I'm sure you are too. I love watching every episode, but interestingly enough - so does my wife. She is not interested in cars at all, she could care less. But Top Gear succeeds so well because they also tell such a great (often humorous) story.

I intend to tell the global story of rally, through the characters that are involved, through a great looking, entertaining film. You can back it immensely for cheaper than a 6 pack of mediocre 3% beer. I'd really love if you would..


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    1. Marc Riesenberg on April 24, 2012

      Dangit, I thought my wife was extra cool for watching TG with me. Hope we make it to the goal! I've sent this on to all my racing buddies and all the motorsport fans I know.

    2. Missing avatar

      Matt Alexander on April 24, 2012

      Wow! That literally gave me goosebumps. I've only been crewing for a few years, and never internationally. But that still hit home. Failures on stage and on the way to or from events. I wish I could single handedly back you, but I've pledged what I can. I probably won't be at any more national events this year, but if either of the ZipTie Rally cars are, I won't be far away.... feel free to ask for anything.

    3. Nick Gingrow on April 24, 2012

      I'm super excited about this, I've hooked my girl into Top Gear too and hopefully she'll love your movie too. I hope you meet your goal!