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We're growing food made from local rain, local compost, & local sunshine. Your support helps us buy tools, a shed & rain barrels!
362 backers pledged $15,344 to help bring this project to life.

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Final Kickstarter Reward Update

Posted by Raleigh City Farm (Creator)

Hello Kickstarters -- Lots of great news to share with you!

You've probably seen this announcement on Facebook and Twitter, but in case you haven't...our friends at @GreenAmerica are hosting a National “People and Planet Award” for Green Businesses … and we’re a finalist!!!  Your vote could help us win a huge honor and $5K!

Click here, then consider clicking the box for Raleigh City Farm!  Three businesses can win, and there is another Raleigh business up for the award, too!  Consider clicking for them, too!

Doesn't that make you Dig Where You Live? HURRY! VOTING ENDS AT 5PM September 4th!

In other news…
We've made sales to the following local restaurants, check out their delicious creations next time you are out and about!

Market Restaurant
Capital Club 16

Oak City Cycling helps us with bicycle deliveries!

The Summer Farm Stands were fun and exciting! 


Last, but not least, our final rewards are finished!

Check out this cool design by Hillary and print by Woodard Printing for our $25 and up donors. These vines are for a brand new sandwich sign for the farm. One side is a combination of all of your names and the other side is a chalkboard sign for our farm stand! Zoom in to see your name! 

For our $250 and up donors, Hillary made this amazing print. These delicate works of art have been hand-delivered.  Last, but not least, here is beautiful sign designed by Brandi that will adorn our shed. Laser engraving courtesy of local store Mort’s Trophies


Thanks to all for your generosity and support!  We are very glad the we now have lasting displays of your generosity on the farm!  This whole endeavor is a success because of you!  Hope to see you on the farm soon! 

Special thanks again to:

Brandi for Website Logo Shoutout and Tote Bag Desig
Jon for tool engraving
Chelsea for ceramic vege row markers
Holt for video updates and pictures
Hillary for vine design and beet print
Woodard Printing for vine print
Mort’s Trophies for shed sign

Annelies Gentiles for creative support

... and to in-kind supply donations from:

The City of Raleigh for compost and woodchips

Nature's Green-Releaf for compost

The Indy Weekly for Recycled Newspapers

Park View Manor for Storage and Meeting Space

Peace College for Storage and Maintenance

Thank you!  Dig Where You Live!

The Raleigh City Farm Team



Coming together!

Posted by Raleigh City Farm (Creator)

Hello Kickstarter Backers!

We've been working hard on your rewards and they are turning out beautifully!  Here's an update on what we've finished so far: 

The SPECIAL KICKSTARTER SHOUTOUT on the website reward for all of our backers is now complete!  Click here and be sure to move your cursor over it!  It takes a few seconds to load, but it is well worth it!  You can also click the download link and have a copy for yourself!

Thanks to graphic designer extraordinaire, Brandi, for her wonderful creation; and to tech guru, Dante, for his behind-the-scenes work!


Local artist, Jon, lends his steady hand to burn your names into our new tools for adults and children.  Co-founder, Laurel, shoots beautiful photographs of each tool that we are emailing you over the next few days.  The tools have already been quite useful.  Thank you!

Tote bags

Brandi also designed the logo for our bag.  Local screen printer artist, Adam, hard at work applying the design to the bag.  Volunteer, Lisa, prepares finished bags for delivery.  You should already have received your bag in the mail.  If you have not, please send us a message through kickstarter.

Vegetable rows

Local artist, Chelsea, during the next stages of creation.

  • Dipping
  • Glazing
  • Oxide painting
  • Ready for firing
  • Waxing

Local photographer and videographer, Holt, takes pictures of the finished markers.  We will be emailing you the pictures over the next few days.

Special thanks to local artist and creative visionary, Annelies, for her support, creativity and enthusiasm throughout this project; her inspired contributions are evident in the Kickstarter video and in the amazing variety of rewards to you!

Want to volunteer?  Please join us!  Here's our volunteer workday calendar.  More days, more times, and kids welcome!

Again, we've been thinking of you and your generosity as our farm takes shape.  We want to give you our heartfelt thanks for backing us and the urban farm movement.  It is because of you that ideas like this succeed.

More news about rewards and farm updates coming soon!

Growing well

Posted by Raleigh City Farm (Creator)

Hello Kickstarter Backers!

Things are growing well on the farm.  We had a wonderful workday this Saturday— transplanting seedlings and building a raised bed. 

The neighborhood was also abuzz with activity with Art on the Porch and the Annual Run For Our Heroes race.  We just love being part of this community! 

One of our volunteers had a brilliant idea to repurpose the discarded water cups from the race as containers for our tender transplants.  Alright!


We had a slight delay getting started on your rewards, but we want to let you know they are coming soon, and they are turning out beautifully! 

Here is one of our artists, Chelsea, hard at work on the vegetable row markers:

  • Wedging clay—getting rid of air bubbles
  • Feeding wedged clay through the slab roller
  • Cutting the markers
  • Stamping close-up
  • Working hard!

Next steps: finish drying, fire, glaze with beautiful color, and fire again!  

Other talented local artists are creating the rest of the rewards.  We will keep you posted, send you progress pics, and get the final versions to you as soon as possible!

Lastly, we’ve been thinking of you and your generosity as our farm takes shape.  We want to give you our heartfelt thanks for backing us and the urban farm movement.  It is because of you that ideas like this succeed. 

Want to know more?  Check out our latest blog.

Like Chelsea's work?  See other examples her beautiful creations here.

Many thanks, and we’ll be in touch again very soon!

The Raleigh City Farm Team

Thank you!

Posted by Raleigh City Farm (Creator)


Thank you very much for the kickstart!  We are so appreciative of the love and support you all have shown us.

You ranged from neighbors down the street to people in the United Kingdom, Australia and Turkey! 

Over the next few weeks, we'll be fulfilling rewards and will likely be sending you an email asking for additional information.  Please be on the lookout.

Thanks also for spreading the word about the importance of urban farming.  We hope to see the movement "grow!"  

The Raleigh City Farm Team

PS. Our total is $15,344.  Wow!

"Dirt Makes Me Smile!"

Posted by Raleigh City Farm (Creator)

Says a volunteer! 

This week, Wolfpack Environmental Student Association (WESA) stopped by the farm on their annual alley cat bicycle event. 

Over 50 riders in creative outfits hopped off their bikes to arrange rows of cardboard and shovel dirt.  Great teamwork!

                                                                          Many hands made light work. 

Local restaurants and businesses offer storefront space to help us raise $1,000 by the end of this weekend!  Special thanks to volunteers who helped make that happen.

Coming soon … Water!

  • Onsite water spigot being installed right now!
  • Rain barrel array conversation getting underway with collaboration from NC Cooperative Extension Services, Hobby Properties and City of Raleigh Stormwater Utility Division.

 GO RALEIGH!  We’ll see you out and about for First Friday!