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from simple to cinematic – 8 customizable watchfaces for the legendary Pebble smartwatch.
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Posted by Rajendra (Creator)


Now that the campaign is over, it's time to get to work. Between now and this summer I will complete all 8 watchfaces with complications. I'll be working on them 1 bit at a time, steadily fleshing out all the details. Here's a little perspective on the journey up to now, followed by my current roadmap.

This Journey

When Pebble announced they were closing their doors I thought my plan for making these watchfaces was completely doomed. Yet, as of today Simplication has had 2,333 installs on the Pebble Appstore; Google Analytics shows that the Kickstarter campaign had 2,581 “users"; and Kickstarter shows 1,161 video plays. It's a modest niche but, thanks to you I'm inspired to go ahead with bringing these watchfaces to life.

I'll continue to post more detailed announcements and behind the scenes updates on Kickstarter. I'll also be making mini updates on twitter as features are released. If you're interested in the mini updates (or have friends interested in following this journey tell them to) follow me on twitter.


My plan is to release all of the watchfaces in a "freemium" model with the basic design available to everybody. Complications and other settings will only be unlocked for Kickstarter backers and people who pay through KiezelPay.

The order of development for the series will be:

  • Simplication
  • 1 Hand
  • Fingers of Time
  • UPtime
  • Hungry
  • Sidealog
  • Babyface
  • Moonbird

Over the next two months, I plan to refactor my framework and do some more thorough testing with KiezelPay and the new complications. I'll be incrementally adding features to the public previews of Simplication and 1 Hand. When the Kickstarter surveys go out I'll lock off the complications for premium users only. I'm aiming for that to happen in April. The rest of the faces will be released with complications only available to premium users from the start. Fingers of Time will be released shortly after the surveys are out, allowing for some time to troubleshoot any issues you might have with unlocking.

The premium settings and complications I'm planning on including for Simplication, 1 Hand, and Fingers of Time are: color, minute markers, alternate typefaces or "fingers," battery level, date, and up to 4 timezones. For 1 Hand there will also be controls to set the size of the hour number and minute hand. These faces will also have a 12 and 24 hour support for all users.

If possible, I would like to add more complications like weather and health, but that won't be a priority for now. If there is enough interest in these complications, I may add them after all 8 faces are released. I'd be interested to know what you would like to see, so please send me a message or post a comment to let me know.

Thanks again,

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