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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Sun, November 20 2016 11:00 PM UTC +00:00
pledged of £320,000pledged of £320,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Sun, November 20 2016 11:00 PM UTC +00:00

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      Alexandra Smith on

      Here's an idea...why don't you continue to make the "Germaine's Youtube Channel" videos, and get people to pay monthly to receive the videos. The cost of making them would be a lot less, people would continue to get their fix of Wolves, and slowly the money could bulid up so that maybe after a year or two you could make another series.

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      Patricia Cochlan on

      I wanted this to happen. I wanted it so bad! :-( Maybe if we try again in 2017 after the garbage fire of 2016 is over, it will get better....? Guys?

    3. Missing avatar

      Michelle Boath on

      I have never been so disappointed not to have my credit card charged. If you do decide to try again I will definitely pledge again. The world needs more wolves! xxx

    4. Missing avatar

      Catherine Gee on

      So sorry the goal wasn't reached this time. I only heard about it at the last minute - can you try again with more publicity and we all share the hell out of it? I'm sure everyone on here would pledge the same again if you sent an update, so you're starting off with £200k instead of nothing, only another £130k to go, which sounds totally do-able. We need some GOOD NEWS after the Brexit and Trump debacles xx

    5. Missing avatar

      Nicola Wray on

      Beyond gutted. I've lost many friends from all the badgering I've done and quite frankly not one of the buggers pledged so screw em!! Please find a way. Then find me, as I'd love to help in some small way (although I can't promise I'd resort to cleaning toilets but.... you get the picture). You have hit me right in the feels with these 2 series of genius and I'm not sure tomorrow is worth living without the glimmer of hope that was series 3 (don't tell my husband and kids that bit - that's between us). Why not try pitching it to the telly people again, use the same cast, same locations and sod it! - use the same bloody title but tell them it's a reality show - those telly-types love a reality series ffs!! Anyway.... I'll be here waiting chanting to myself (it works for Edina). Much love x

    6. Missing avatar

      Kali Jennings on

      So devastated this hasn't worked for you. Retweeted, shared, everything ... If you find a way to get this done I'll be first in the queue for watching, despite some equally devastated members of my family fighting for pole position. Heart emoticons (wouldn't let me do them) for all of you. You are brilliant!

    7. Missing avatar

      Steve King on

      Really really sorry this hasn't worked out. But hopefully this is NOT the end of Raised By Wolves! Hopefully something will turn up!
      Good luck to you all. I feel oddly proud to have been a small part of this, even though it didn't work this time. xxx

    8. Missing avatar

      Geoff Caulton on

      Good things always prevail in the end. I promise you something positive will come of this.
      Are the people who wouldn't back a third series the same people who wouldn't approve Lisa Potts for the George Cross?
      I have never been to Birmingham.

    9. Missing avatar

      David McKeith on

      Very sad that we didn't reach the target funding and hope you can find another route.

    10. Missing avatar

      Melissa Hyland on

      I've just got back after a weekend away and read the sad news. I'm gutted that Raised by Wolves didn't make its goal, but hope that it will find a way back onto our screens one day. You are amazing and I look forward to what you'll be creating next.

    11. Missing avatar

      Anonymous on

      I’m really sorry this project did not succeed. I can only imagine all the hard work that must have been put in by the Raised by Wolves team.
      I’ve just been reading all the positive comments urging Raised by Wolves to continue.
      If & when, all TV angles have been exhausted, what do people think about a graphic novel? Like TV it is a visual medium, but cheaper.
      Having said that, I’m sure with enough time to raise the necessary funds, the project would have succeeded.

    12. Missing avatar

      Jenny Urquhart on

      Poo pants ... maybe scratchcards is the answer?

    13. Missing avatar

      Alex Marshall on

      Absolutely gutted this didn't happen. Keep fighting. UP THE WOLVES!

    14. Missing avatar

      Sarah James on

      Gutted babs. Tell everyone I loved them. Hope you make it back onto the telly very soon anyway. Up the Wolves.

    15. Missing avatar

      Neil Sollom on

      This old white man is gutted you didn't get your funding for your wonderful comedy. Have already emailed Lord Sugar and will continue to try other entrepreneurs in an effort to get you a backer. The programme is comedy gold and the actors superb so don't give up! Keep fighting for support and writing for more series.

    16. Missing avatar

      Lois Moss on

      Gutted this didn't get enough funding. Please do try again, the world needs more excellent comedy like this.

    17. Missing avatar

      Andrew Croft on

      So sad. Actually - completely bloody infuriating. Please keep trying! You'd think that with all the money that these new intertron TV channels can spend on dragon-based, steel-bra'd wank fodder or old white, middle class men driving global-warming penile extensions around; somebody might cough up a few quid to bring genuinely hysterical but classy writing to the screen. I'll be there for the next push!

    18. Missing avatar

      Lesley Henshaw on

      Really sorry the project didn't make it - this time! So close... But please don't give up - we need you and your comedy to keep us sane and remind us there's still a fight to be fought - and won. Take care.

    19. Missing avatar

      Peter Jenkins on

      So sorry this didnt make it. I increased my backing to the max I could have afforded if it had gone ahead and really wanted it to happen. I only heard about the project, late in the day, after Caitlin was on 'Richard Herring's' podcast...... I hope you try again you try again if so, are there any other ways to publicize the project?

    20. Missing avatar

      Lauren Beasley on

      Best of three? I'm sure we can make this happen. I'm no Aretha but i did the ol' math and if each of us backers pledged 500 pounds we can make an entire series! Then we can sell that series to some fancy pants tv company and make a profit. Split that profit by the number of backers and we'll all be eating battenberg from the packet, just as Germaine would have wanted.

    21. Missing avatar

      Claire Partridge on

      I love this show!! The line, " but a good vocabulary does not look good in short shorts," is an all time great & frequently repeated in my household.

      My husbands family are from a nearby area and I like to think Raised by Wolves is an educational documentary (I wouldn't tell them that though.)

      Please keep going, your writing & the characters are truly epic.

    22. Missing avatar

      Melanie Green on

      It's a real Bas@"d that the target wasn't reached. Still, fight on you (and we) must. The word no is not taken well when The Green wants something to happen. We all loved watching wolves and especially where Della's love life was going. So hitch up your pants and carry the F on!!!!' �✊��

    23. Missing avatar

      Denise Pennington on

      Absolutely gutted. Just hoping another channel pick it up. We cant give in.

    24. Missing avatar

      Jane Lofthouse on

      So sorry this project didn't get the funding it deserved. A project that's all about the underdog isn't going to attract those with money I guess. It's a shame because we all need a laugh in these troubled times. I am Daniella Blake?
      Thanks Babs xxxxxx

    25. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth Carman on

      Yes, please keep trying. I have only watched the first season as I haven't found the second season streaming in the U.S. yet. I watched it with a childhood friend of mine and we both agreed that this show is a 2010s version of our own 1980s teen years. One of the best shows out there.

    26. Missing avatar

      Gemma on

      Please don't give up. Please keep trying. Your show is brilliant; it's vital for girls (and boys!) to see television with strong, funny female characters. Up the wolves!

    27. Missing avatar

      Jen Becker on

      Please try again, there has to be someone who will support making funny, well-written tv with good parts for women that people actually want to watch. We deserve a break from soaps, reality tv and serial killers.

    28. Missing avatar

      Neil le Flohic on

      Do sad it didn't make it this time... Please don't give it up x

    29. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Weeks on

      This is as disappointing as a Leicester's league form...It was great to see such a fresh comedy come from the Midlands and with such a wonderful cast of young actors and a couple of "old veterans" lol!
      Count on me to keep flying the flag here in Toronto and I'll totally back another campaign. This is too much, I'm off for a wank!

    30. Missing avatar

      Ruth Melville on

      Loved the show, funny, smart, brilliantly written and acted. I hope you don't give up!

    31. Missing avatar

      Katy Onione on

      Gutted :( Can we not just try again? And make the campaign longer?! Was looking forward to my swimming gear mildew ball bag, not as much as the campaign being sucessful mind! There HAS to be a way!! #upthewolves x

    32. Reuben Massiah on

      I love this show & I'm so disappointed the target was not reached but please don't give up. I know I'd love to fund a final webisode or a web series of the show. I'll always be a backer of bringing back The Wolves!

    33. Missing avatar

      Alexandra Smith on

      I've lost all faith in 'democracy' recently. I think we need a Raised By Wolves dictatorship! Don't give up. Please, don't give up.

    34. Missing avatar

      MaryAnn Kresen on

      Brexit, Trump, now this. Horrible events do come in threes. Will eagerly await Plan B. In the interim, any chance to outright buy merchandise / mementos? Seriously.

    35. Missing avatar

      Mary on

      Hey Babs, The fight isn't over. If you can't handle cheese.... There are more avenues for production. Amazon, Netflix, HBO....The BBC may have gone running scared, but there are more women with a voice who say, "Make That Third Series!". C'mon Della! We need you now more than ever!

    36. Missing avatar

      Annie Hanbury on

      So sorry it didn't work. But don't let this be the end, PLEASE!!

    37. David Sekules on

      Sorry we didn't make it. Please don't give up! The world doesn't deserve more Della, but it needs her now more than ever before...

      Chin up, Bab!

    38. Julie Bot on

      I am fucking devastated.
      Please do not give up! Call Netflix, call Amazon, call Hulu, hell try the CBC here in Toronto. That is where I first saw Wolves.
      The world needs more Wolves.

    39. Missing avatar

      Terry Mills on

      I think I need a big Toblerone...

    40. Missing avatar

      Theresa Evans on

      Aaaargh!!! Bugger!! Totally pissed we couldn't do this. But us Wolves are made of sterner stuff, like bread and dripping sandwiches. Chin up, chest out! we live to fight another day! Good Luck babs, it'll be alright!!!! Xxxx

    41. Missing avatar

      Kat Miller on

      Please don't give up! There must be another way. There's so much love out there for Raised By Wolves and the world needs cheering up. �

    42. Missing avatar

      David Witteveen on

      Sorry we didn't make it. But Della, Germaine, Aretha and the rest of the clan Garry will live on in our hearts, and our DVD collections. Thanks for bringing them to us.

    43. Missing avatar

      Jeannette Pomeroy on

      is it possible to try to raise the funds again? It is too depressing that such a wonderful comedy, with brilliant actors, writers and all the other talented people who help create such a brilliantly funny show, will be unable to create their magic again. So so sad. :(

    44. Missing avatar

      Rachel Goble on

      So sorry it didn't happen! Don't give up. We still love you! ❤️�

    45. Missing avatar

      Mark Cunliffe on

      I am so sorry this didn't prove successful, but you guys must concentrate on the fact that you achieved so much for something that the country doesn't have a history of doing. You are the innovators! Just like all women *nods* Please don't give up, the world needs the Wolves! Massive hugs x

    46. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth Morris on

      We love this family and YOU for bringing them to us. Regroup, have a cider, and then tell us what's next!

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