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New collection of Rain Skirts! Wear over anything to stay dry on filthy days. ...  Lots of colours! Proudly made in UK. Fits in handbag
New collection of Rain Skirts! Wear over anything to stay dry on filthy days. ... Lots of colours! Proudly made in UK. Fits in handbag
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    1. Missing avatar

      Claire L on

      Mine has arrived. Looks great. Thanks.

    2. Filthy Weather 2-time creator on

      Hi Marsha,

      am adoring your engagement with our work. Until this recent £45 development we at Filthy Weather have been known for some fabulously warm, natural fibre skirts. My personal favourite is the moleskin lined canvas and Ali's the tweed..... these are madly expensive and challenging as a business model (although high end stores here in UK have them). At Christmas we decided to have a big sale, start Kickstarter and initiate this 'Slam On' project to fund the 'affordable' collection.
      Our sale has proved popular! And I should try to forward a link you to our site, as you might just find it interesting! ? .....
      We did explore attachable linings, but we know that would be the biggest faff. Personally I sometimes double up... moleskin and canvas for sheer delight, warmth and comfort and at the waterproof layer on top for rain protection. That is purely a personal comment and not sales schpeel! ;o)

      PS Marsha, can you offer any advice as to how we can get under the noses of NYC'ers? Just last night I was wracking my brains for who I knew in USA..... !

    3. Marsha Tyszler

      Thanks, that’s great! I was just thinking that you can even line the skirt with flannel or other warm materials for winter rain. We have many storms before the weather freezes here in NYC — to warm for snow, yet bitter cold during rain. The extra layer would be very welcome. Even better, the lining could attach/detach so the skirt could accommodate each season. That would be sweet!

    4. Filthy Weather 2-time creator on

      Hi Marsha,

      I am delighted you asked about the wheelchair and scooter side of things!
      The skirts are perfect for sitting in as they keep the bottom dry. We learned this from carriage drivers... they didn't like how their jackets would drip behind them and make their seats/bottoms wet.
      When we considered this for mobility scooter users, we felt the problem would be similar and that the skirts have the lovely advantage of moving with its users... they stand up, the skirt stands up- no faffing with over blankets that can get tangled!
      I am so pleased you have highlighted this advantage. It is an important one and needs to be highlighted.

      With best wishes, and many thanks, from Marnie

    5. Marsha Tyszler

      Is your rain skirt good for disabled people in wheelchairs and scooters? I would think it would work more or less, but could you have some disabled people test it (or maybe you could try from a seated position in a decent rain shower for a while) and let us know? If the rain skirt works for this use-case, you could save the laps of millions of wheelchair/scooter users worldwide whose laps and feet always get wet no matter what kind of umbrella, poncho, or lap cover is being used — a design to channel water away from the lap seems brilliant if it would work (and maybe you could eventually revise the design to include the entire body with an optional attachable stylish top). Let me know if my lap will be a bit drier in the near future, lol.